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So, when it comes to fashion, it might do well for an observer to consider what s available to women. Most high fashion clothing is only even manufactured for women of a few sizes. Much of it isn t even reasonably adaptable to women who don t fit these there s still a push to be pretty and stylish, or in other circles, to be interesting and expressive. The ways out of that are to reject the idea of garments as expression altogether, or to focus on elements that are achievable. Getting very interested in shoes, or jewelry, or some other accessory is how you do the second thing. As someone who s battled ED and also sold shoes, I found a bit of solace in being able to be healthy and also being able to buy at least one thing that I both thought was pretty and that had nothing at all to do with my weight.

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Christian Mingle seems to not support interracial couples / marriage, as mostly every inspirational love story they have promoted on their site are with only same raced couples and the women are size 6 and very blonde. I feel if a site is trying to cater to many different people nationwide, it would do more to reach out to everyone. Also, I like the attachment site and the Christian articles / bible study besides that- CM would not be Christian like at all. Not many authentic profiles to choose from especially in your local radius and after you browse the site their pricing format seems not worth it. You maybe entertained, but probably wont meet the attainable realistic Christian man / woman of your dreams there. Better chances off line.

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The thing is, the way evo-psych attraction is presented is usually there is one universal standard of beauty that is hard wired by biology and if you don t have it, you re Alone Forever. This leads to things like relatively normal guys blaming their lack of dating success on the ratio of their jaw width to chin width (true example) or guys insisting that all you need to score mad babes is to get jacked like Wolverine (also true example, both former commenters here) and act properly ALPHA. It reduces attraction and by extension all human interaction into a simple deterministic set of check boxes.

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Well, that s what I ve used it for it s not the best filter question, but since the mandatory option is no longer, I tend to answer a few of those similar questions in the hopes of weeding out dudes who hate fat people. The bigger problem seems to be that people will answer yes so that they don t look like a jerk, rather than just being honest. Yeah, a maybe could work in there, too. Either way, it s better than, always which to me is code for I have a fat lady fetish.

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Two years of statistics classes coupled with fieldwork and a couple of sessions a week with a sociologist and I guarantee you WILL be smarter than you are now! This is reasonably achievable for anyone who has graduated high school and has basic numeracy skills. Being smart is good for you every piece of research backs it up so if you don t do this you are probably just a whiner.

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I *paid* attention to what you said, tedious as it was. Don t act like people who think you re wrong are Just Not Paying Attention. But all of your examples have been very much disproven by people here, and not in a small, well, there s this one group of people 655 years ago way, but in a way that renders your generalized statements demonstrably untrue, and very, VERY Western/modern centered.

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Meh, personal opinion disclaimer:
If it hasn t gone viral or even close to that, I feel that the supposed damage is negligible. Few people see it fewer remember it at all. Plus I m not comfortable insisting that it was used without permission just because it wasn t photoshopped. And possibly the Doc knows something you don t know about its origins, but just speculating.

Lori, you should use the same expertise as you would if you met someone in person. Starting off with seeing a full body picture of them, and well as showing yours. Depending on what your interested in first. His look or conversation.. I 8767 m physical first, so a man has to be attractive to me, what he thinks of himself, is not my deciding factor, lol.. Anywho, you go from there.. You wouldn 8767 t allow a man to just come over after meeting him, would you? You wouldn 8767 t start giving him your information, would you? etc, etc.. It 8767 s the same thing don 8767 t get so caught up in the word 8775 Christian 8776 you can look at your everyday surrounding, and realize people lie, steal, kill, everyday, and say they are saved..

Yeah, my ex makes roughly the same eating choices as I do not tons of junk food, but not a bunch of salads either, and gets less exercise (unless a lot of gaming counts?). He s so skinny that we decided that tiny wizards must be apparating inside his body, eating his food, and then apparating out. We re making roughly the same choices , but the results certainly aren t identical.

despite the fact that Mark Ruffalo s performance has always kinda weirded me. Thing is, he nails the gentle guy who s containing a raging force of destruction so well that he reminds me of the kind of abusive asshole who does that sort of thing in real life. Bruce Banner really does have a reason to fear his anger and really does have nothing he can do about it besides hold it down guys who act like that in the real world don t have that excuse.

If we re talking about the job market or about being respected in business or just regular life transactions, I suspect that being a short woman is a disadvantage. My sister is maybe 5 6 or 5 7 and also looks very for her age, and it s been a problem for her in her career at several points when she s been carded, or more seriously, has been flagged as being the possibly under 68 person for certain events. The part that doesn t get mentioned is whether she would have been introduced to certain clients but for the fact that they wanted older-looking people in her business to be the greeters. She s done very well for herself, but I know she s been frustrated sometimes by people having certain impressions of her. Maybe that s clarified the reason that I m glad I m a bit taller and wished I were a bit taller still?

Ok, instead of being defensive, I ll question some of my own assumptions: In my single life, I observed how men who had a lot of girlfriends or hookups interacted with women, particularly ones they just met. I tried to behave the way they did, but was usually not successful generating any romantic/sexual interest. Sometimes they seemed annoyed. Behavior that was OK for these other guys was not OK for me. I decided it was because the other guys came of as more masculine and better looking.

There is a big difference between fit in whatever way your body looks (. lanky and muscular, ropey and wirey, bulky) and looking like Leonidas or the super cut look. Four hours a week can get someone very fit, but it may not get them to looking like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in his most recent iteration of the role. A good chunk of that will be up to genetics unless the person can make getting in that condition a full time job.

So, while your ladies men short guys may be nice people, the greater percentage of them aren t. And attitude change at their ages is impossible, not just because of the amount of hate they carry in their souls, but because most of them just missed the train on the important social experiences they should have experienced by now (that s why that particular subreddit has a lot of coupling with the ForeverAlone one and other incel men subreddits). One doesn t want to associate with a person they know a) either is really weird to be a loner or b) has a really boring personality due to their inexperience. So all that adds up against their case.

I disagree. Biological impulses are absolutely subject to critique and, well I guess repression rather than change. We have biological impulses towards violence, but we still critique people who act violently and repress the impulse, for example. ETA: So in my mind, I don t see much *practical* difference. Maybe biological are *less* open to critique even so, though, which would be a difference.

Being somewhat involved in classical bodybuilding I would like to point out that you don t need hours lasting daily workouts or eat a flock of chickens a day to build up a impressive physique. I interact more or less daily with men who have bodies equal or superior to the mentioned movie stars, and most have day jobs. Sure, it s a demanding lifestyle, if you don t enjoy it that is, but most of them, like me, do like it. Life is choises. Just because you aren t wiling or able to achive it doesn t make it impossible or unrealistic.

This is a really great article. You handled this topic really well. I wish more people would make the effort to counter the harmful body image ideals the media forces on us. If you ever watch a documentary about the singer Karen Carpenter you can see how harmful this sort of thing can be. She basically killed herself trying to live up to some stupid ideal of what it meant to be an attractive woman.


That s pretty much what a lot of straight men think when we see a woman with a high-maintainance look. You re beautiful, all that effort is working, but I don t even want to think about squeezing myself into the kind of busy schedule you must have. And, frankly, when I see someone who clearly puts a LOT of time and energy into their appearance, I can t help but think about what they had to give up and what they could have been doing instead. I ve met too many people, men and women, gay and het, who seriously had nothing to talk about beyond their diets, workout regimens, and/or wardrobe choices and hairstyles. It gets old fast.

In the pasty couple years this don t be creepy advice is all over. Since the boundaries we are talking about are not fences, lines on the ground, or other things that make it easy to know which side of the boundary one is on, looking back, I assumed these women thought I was creepy, and the other guys were not, even though they behaved the same way I did. So now I m questioning if I was really creepy or not.