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Posted: 2017-12-07 13:07

Nunu lacks much utility to be in higher ranks however he is a tank and is good at securing objectives with Consume. Hecarim just got buffed this patch and I think it makes him viable at high level play again. People just haven't realized yet. Kha'Zix kind of fell down because of the meta shift. Carry junglers are not as favourable now. Shyvana is a hidden strong champion because she is good at bullying tanks. Warwick is just a good champ with good bulk at insane mobility. 

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Maokai is not ok imo top lane as he lacks the strength to hold his lane. He is bound to lose the lane because he can no longer farm with saplings (no dmg on impact) and his W no longer scales with enemy % hp. He is a godlike junlger not a good top lane as I see him losing to many meta picks. Do not put Sion there, he is fine but his entire damage can be you feel like adding strong top laners, consider Camille, Fiora, Kled, Jax, Gragas.

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They are not weak but aren t in the preferred lists, Kled is only S tier on Arcseconds tier list, Renekton has below 55% winrate as of today. This is just a general collected tier list, if you play a champ with above 65% winrate, then spam it, if enemy picks a champ that you counter with another and leads to snowball, do it. (For example my Quinn into Darius, or I pick Pantheon as a first pick if I don t know my matchup).

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Fervor of the Battle is uncontestedly the best and most reliable keystone for Shyvana. Courage of the Colossus gives you nothing pre-lvl 6 and inbetween your ults, and even with your ult up odds are pretty high that a lot of the times you won't even hit anyone with your ult. A lot of the times you can't really dive into their team safely as well anyway, and Courage of the Colossus doesn't unlike Fervor help you shred their frontline either. If you want to play with CotC, pick something else than Shyv with reliable CC.

As for which mastery points that are better in each tree..

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Riven is in a really good spot from a couple of patches ago. Jungle tanks, damage top, and no nerfs to her, same is as was with Fiora a few months back. But you really need to be good with her as all of the champs mentioned. I know there are better streamers and youtubers, bet these 8 make also recommandations, and it s just a minority in the statistics. Elise was daring to be included but had to for an AP jungler, or Nidalee was other option. Zed has really good Snowball potential had to pick him over Talon. Twisted Fate is better since Taliyah got nerfed, and now he performs better if you play safe and your team let s you roam. Maokai is one of the best tanks still, his E nerf hit him in Jungle and Top but will be considered strong still, Sion will eventually replace him as an underrated champ.

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A lot of these champs fell because of the meta shift (Graves, Ivern,Jax,Lee Sin,Nidalee,Rengar) they simply aren't tanks so they are not the best in this meta. Dr. Mundo however just got a decent buff and he has moved up several tiers. Olaf in general can be a tank but he is just in the shadow of some others champions that do his job better. I like to think Skarner is a hidden OP. He was picked in Korea a few times as a curveball pick and he performed well. Vi also received buffs this latest patch and I expect to see her more often in Solo queue.

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