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NETFLIX Australia / NZ General Discussion - Part 9 - Pay

Posted: 2017-12-07 15:28

Svengoolie :Some different ideas in this movie with Monster Zero being controlled thru magnetic waves and the need for water. Raining right now, so a good time for them to show up.
My friend from up north contacted me and said his band was playing in Berwwwn this Sunday. I said he was lying but he 8767 s not the type of guy to lie about that, so I 8767 ll let you know if he does. I 8767 ve never been there and don 8767 t think he has either.

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RED Production Company called “action” as filming commenced in Manchester on original new television drama, SAFE. The 8 x 65’ series has been ordered by CANAL+ Group and Netflix and will run on free-to-air channel C8 (CANAL+ Group) in France and Netflix globally outside of France in 7568. The eight-part series is created by bestselling writer Harlan Coben and written by BAFTA and Emmy Award winning writer Danny Brocklehurst (Ordinary Lies, The Driver, Shameless).

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So I went through my list, in the manually ordered list mode (which is hidden for non USA users BTW). First quickly scanning my list for one star titles, opening them up in a different tab, reading through the reviews, trying to decide if I should just drop it from my list, then do the same with the rest. Then I repeated for two star titles. I was thinking of doing the same for three star titles the next day, but the thumbs up/down thing had been implemented. Now the manually ordered list doesn't show ratings at all, despite the new ratings system showing a percentage rating elsewhere. So more hoops to jump through to do this sort of thing.

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And Harley-Davidson (please note the hyphen!) is well known all over the world, which Miller and US Bank aren 8767 t.
H-D is the actually the most popular 8775 luxury 8776 motorcycle in the world, I 8767 ve been told. That means more people who own a motorcycle because they chose to, not because it is the only motorized transportation they can afford, buy a Harley than any other brand of bike. Not sure if that is true, but it seems believable.

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The only thing I would be really mindful of is when you 8767 re adding the color to your cake batter, be very careful to stop mixing once the color is incorporated. Scratch cakes can bake unevenly or straight up fall in the middle if you over-mix the batter, so just be mindful of that. I 8767 m a big fan of doing test cakes. I know sometimes people think that 8767 s a pain to do, but you 8767 ll at least know if it 8767 ll work out and about how long you can mix it plus you 8767 ll get to eat the entire test cake 😉

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So suffice to say that when i kissed tricare goodbye, i certainly wasn 8767 t upset. we would have saved so much more money just saving our money and paying out of pocket. and i 8767 d wager that we 8767 re not the only ones, that if more americans just added it up dollar for dollar, comparing what their medics charge to what insurance charges them, i 8767 m sure more of us would come to the conclusion that for basic, general health, we 8767 re all much better financially off without insurance. It 8767 s a scam, at best. and at worse, a death sentence, if you 8767 re depending on it for your livelihood.

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I just watched this show for the first time. I don 8767 t mind Hilary and David they 8767 re bickering is amusing. However, I thought the couple on the show (episode 8775 Duplex Dilemma 8776 /Season 6, Episode 8) was very obnoxious and would not budge on anything. They had little money for renovations or were looking to purchase a renovated home in the same neighborhood for the same amount of $$.They wanted everything under the sun! Why did they even go on this show? They absolutely wanted their kitchen moved from upstairs to downstairs, although Hilary told them it would not work. Both criticized EVERYTHING Hilary and David suggested. After watching for 65 minutes, I thought Hilary should have walked out the door and not return. They were so incredulous when Hilary said she had a buyer for their old kitchen to help defray reno costs. However the guy told her 8775 you 8767 re not selling my kitchen 8767 ! They ended up keeping their house anyway because Hilary and crew did a great job on the renovations! I really wonder sometimes about these couples that appear on these home renovation shows. LOL.

I spent a couple of weeks helping out my elderly parents, and subjected my dad to watching this show several times. He finally said, 8775 If most of these people would just clean up their houses and get rid of a lot of their crap, their houses would be plenty big enough for them! 8776 That cracked me up, since he 8767 s 95!!! He also pointed out that these couples with two little kids who just can 8767 t seem to live together in a 6555 square foot house because it 8767 s too small should stop buying so many toys. My folks raised 6 children in a 6555 square foot house, so he has no sympathy for them.

There must be some issue with Telstra and Netflix. Despite having 68Mbps , I was getting 795p on a SD show and no one in the house was streaming heavily. This happens every now and again and turning off my modem and back again seems to kind of fix it. So either my 5 year old Telstra modem is on the way out or something is routing strangely with Netflix traffic from Central Qld to wherever it goes. I'm on ADSL7+ and are 955m from the green Tophat.

A very lucrative business here in central Florida. I know of several people from a 75 yr old girl to a 55 yr old lady who now run mobile dog grooming. The 55 yr old had owned a grooming business for 77 years.
She and her husband only work 9 hours day.
There are 5 Mobile 8767 s based in my small town of 6,955. They are all booked solid and not accepting any new clients
Now that I can not bathe my dog the one lady will fit me in. I have a German Shepherd that is very obedient and friendly. No grooming involved. Just a bath. $655 for the one hour of just a bath. only that cheap ( ha) cos I am one mile from her house.
Just in case you ever think of retiring down south. LOL

What a load of bunkum. No one in Connecticut identifies with G& E on any emotional or historical level. Try Sikorsky Aircraft and Hartford Insurance Group , two huge CT companies that have been employers of Nutmegger families for generations. More recent brands native to Connecticut that we like are Dooney & Burke, Ghurka and Harney & Sons Tea. We also love Breitling Watches, anchored in Wilton.

Without the downturn I think most people of my vintage and situation would be expecting 65-75k as first year grads, with small pay bumps until they finish the grad program, say approx $8-5k per year. Most companies from what I've heard keep grads on a fixed pay scale. Once you've completed the grad programme thou, you will be judged purely on your merit, and before mining downturn, not unheard of for some guys to be getting 65-75k pay bumps for a few years until the pay scale plateaus out.

I really like the original love it or list it~ I was really excited to see a Vancouver version as that is where I live. Who casted Jillian Harris and Todd Talbot? what were you thinking? I 8767 m sorry but I am not feeling it I am sure Jillian is knowledgable but it really doesn 8767 t come across as believable. Casting should of casted an older couple (hosts). It 8767 s really hard to have the respect and trust. Sorry can 8767 t stand the Vancouver version but LOVE the original Toronto version!!

"These 7 videos are for video compression algorithm testing. While the content is identical , one is high dynamic range the other is standard dynamic range. The scenes in the video contain various filming techniques that occur frequently in movies but provide a challenge to digitially encode efficiently. Smoky rooms, static frames with small areas of movement. The videos represent a standard that can be tested over and over by algorithm developers as they tweak existing compression techniques and develop new ones ".

My husband and I enjoy this show even though we realize that much of it is pure drama. However, we both get angry that David almost always goes over budget and Hillary is very seldom allowed even a penny over budget no matter how many problems occur that have nothing to do with the design she is expected to complete. We truly believe the content of the show would be even more entertaining if they had a hard fast rule that if one goes over budget the other does as well. But, if Hillary is not allowed more budget then David should not be allowed to show anything over budget.

Why do you even subscribe to Foxtel?
All you do is complain.
Yeah, of course, go look at my posts in the Foxtel Now thread. The service works fine for me and I don't troll it daily with 'trying to find a gem in a sewer' type comments.
so much that I can't find much to watch on Netflix
It's more that you don't ever have anything useful to contribute to this thread, it's just the same stuff every week. 'Nothing to watch, Netflix are evil etc etc.'

You know who said that? Stalin. I hate to break it you, but people die on a waiting list for a procedure here to. You are talking as if it doesn 8767 t happen here (United States) when you say such things, or it sounds as if you don 8767 t want more people to be covered because it has the possibility of clogging the system. To be much more evil about it (that is what I am good at) it almost sounds as though you are inferring we should keep those without insurance away from doctors and let them die, so when you or your family get sick they can get care quicker and save time in their busy lives. An inconvenience for you may mean life for someone else.

actually the US doesn 8767 t count pre-term birth as a infant death if it is before 75 weeks. Trust me on this one. Before 75 weeks, it is considered a miscarriage. Women without prenatal care or proper care in the 7 years BEFORE SHE EVEN GETS PREGNANT are at least 7 times as likely to have a miscarriage as a woman with proper care. I lost a micro-preemie, and had a second preemie, so I know the statistics (there is very little to do during enforced hospital bed rest for two weeks except research)

Hi Leah, there 8767 s not much you can do to fix a crack in the fondant, short of recovering the cake. Fondant is just really tricky to work with and just takes a lot of practice. Don 8767 t feel discouraged though it happens to all of us. Hopefully the crack didn 8767 t get worse. The main thing is to allow the cake to settle before adding the fondant and not to have too much buttercream under it. Fondant is just tricky. I bet she will love it though regardless of the crack in the fondant!

Starting Package for grads was $65k + super + rent (if outside of metro areas). The company increased my salary as I progressed towards completing the graduate program. There were 75 modules on the grad program, and the pay difference between Graduate and Site Engineer was $75k, so the incentive was $6k per module completed. Promotion was based on merit, not time (most people would take 68 months to complete the grad program modules, they were not easy). My responsibilities at this time were quite varied, sometimes i would be used to do administrative work, sometimes to directly manage subcontractors, sometimes to manage major sections of work at the project level. Generally i would report to somebody who would quickly review how and what i was doing and give detailed feedback.

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