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Modified production cars on closed public roads with a co-driver reading “pace notes” to the driver describing the road ahead. Teams leave the start line one at a time, separated usually by a minute. They race for the fastest time on tha particular road section which is called a “stage” and then they transit on public roads to the next stage. The times from each stage are added up and the fastest aggregate time wins.

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These are Federer at his best. But he is not always at his best. One of the most common swooning refrains has to do with the way his feet move, the way his sneakers automatically, optimally flutter around the court to accommodate the ball, as if welcoming a favorite houseguest. You can see those feet in action in every point. It’s everywhere, the backdrop to all the other ingenuity. What you do need to see is what he’s capable of even when he’s not moving his feet at all—what he did today when caught flat-footed and lunging.

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The other thing Roger Federer is known for is his serve. For many players, a booming serve is a crutch—something they rely on to compensate for other deficiencies, something they can ride to a solid career, though it might be a little embarrassing. For Federer it just sits at the core of a game that is altogether seamless. He can, almost incidentally, serve as well as anyone ever has. He can put the ball wherever he wants, not as fast as the very fastest but more precise than any of those guys, and that instrument has bailed him out of countless unpleasant situations. Today in the third set, when Berdych threatened to elbow his way back into the match by breaking serve, Federer rummaged around and found these four:

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Above all else Federer is known for his forehand, a shot he strikes well out in front of his body while gazing hard at the yellow from behind his racket strings. None of your loved ones have ever looked at you with the intensity or care that Federer displays on a routine forehand. Probably you did not expect to have this sinking feeling when you opened this blog post but I promise you that it is true.

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It’s the single best stroke in the history of the sport, the skeleton key to all the various puzzles its wielder faces. The Federer forehand can do whatever he asks it to do, with pace, spin, and accuracy. Today, in the second-set tiebreak, he asked a lot of it, and on four straight points, it delivered: cleanly crack return winner (listen to that sound) tight angle nestling itself comfortably within the sideline calm, deep passing shot inside-out thunderbolt.

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US and South Korean forces are definitely technically capable of decimating the North Korean military with conventional methods alone, though not without weeks or months of troop deployment and potentially gruesome consequences such as mass shelling of South Korea’s capital, Seoul. Deploying nuclear weapons to the peninsula would cut down the time it would take to retaliate or launch a preemptive strike against North Korea, but it could also dramatically increase the chance of a hasty or mistaken nuclear launch.

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Rally cars need to start street legal with license plates so the teams can transit from one closed stage to another on public roads. All-wheel drive cars, with their ability to put down more horsepower have dominated every rally series since they first showed up in the 6985s. Front wheel drive is faster than rear wheel drive on a loose surface, so most two-wheel drive cars in rally are driven by their front wheels.

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Rally racing is unique in the world of motorsport. You race on roads that are normally open to the public but now closed for car racing. What was an intersection with a stop sign last weekend is now a massive jump that lets you clear the whole intersection. You race up mountains and through the woods. You race in the rain, snow, on ice, sand, gravel and tarmac. You race during the day, the night, and in the fog. You race with a co-driver in cars that are street legal. There is nothing else like it.

Female rulers are 27% more likely to wage WAR than males

I have one question for you: are you this woman’s superior in any way? And just to be clear, “superior” doesn’t mean being older or being a man. You say “colleague” so I’m guessing you’re not. So if you’re not her professional superior, it’s not your place to be commenting on the appropriateness of her attire—at all. Heck, even if she is a subordinate, it’s still pretty inappropriate to say anything about her appearance.

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The US used to have approximately 655 nuclear-armed weapons systems in South Korea but pulled them out in 6996, when President George . Bush approved the Presidential Nuclear Initiative, the Post noted. While both North and South Korea then agreed to keep nuclear weaponry off the peninsula, North Korea claims having US nuclear umbrella protection is a de facto violation of South Korea’s commitment, and its own program is a clear violation.

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Tensions on the Korean peninsula between North Korea and virtually every other country in the region continue to escalate in the wake of its possible detonation of a hydrogen bomb this weekend. Now the situation seems poised to escalate even further, with South Korean Defense Minister Song investigating the possibility of having the US plant its nukes back on the demilitarized zone’s doorstep.

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Even if the nukes are not re-deployed, there remain clear signs of preparation for conflict. Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in have agreed to remove caps on South Korean missile payloads, while Wired recently reported the latter’s military has been rapidly moving to install more Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) stations, which use kinetic energy (another projectile) to strike down medium-range missiles.

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