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I just want your advice hi my name is ruby and I will be 75 March 79 and I need to know why I should have a quinceanera I mean it 8767 s not that I don 8767 t want one its just that isn 8767 t the whole point of turning 65 is to grow up and start dating having fun with your friends go out with your boyfriend but my parents are so strict that they won 8767 t let me go out even if I turn 65 give me some good a** advice

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hi, im 69.
i know your a mother and your first daughter left with her boyfriend but i mean were in the age when girls start dating. my quinceanera is in 7 months i have been with my boyfriend for 6 year and 9 months now. my parents have met him, talked to him and bonded with him. he 8767 s going to be my chambelan i think it would be nice for every girl to go thru something like this on her day.

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Do you think you are the only soon-to-be Quinceanera with small boobs? Do you think you are the only soon-to-be Quinceanera with a particular type of body? Of course not, girl! Everyone deals with their own issues, specially at this age when your body is yet developing. A good seamstress/designer will be able to make a dress to fit you like a glove, another option is to purchase a corset that way you can make it as small or as big as you want 🙂

12-month Step-by-Step Quinceañera Planning List

Why don 8767 t you plan your Quinceaneras together? That way no one gets left behind! With this we don 8767 t mean have it the same day, simply take care of most of the planning together, help each other out, share ideas! Download the XV planning guide http:///quinceanera-planning-guide/ and this weekend try to check out all the things both of you already took care of, then you help her take care of one thing from her list and she does the same for you.

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im 68 turning 69 in september and im already researching the history of quinceaneras and stuff like that but the only thing is that im cuban, not mexican and im christian instead of catholic and i was just wondering if i had to have a church service at all. also, i was wondering if theres a guy that i would i guess be coupled with like those in the court and how they would be addressed. lastly, is the changing of the shoe still common, and is it more of religious or symbolic thing?

When having a Quince court of 79 members things can get complicated there are many things beforehand that need to be plan and executed, for example:
Dance rehearsals: who will you include in the waltz and in the baile sorpresa, coming up with a choreography for 85 people (counting you!), deciding and spending money on your outfits, everyone 8767 s schedule to meet for rehearsals.
Church rehearsals
If you 8767 re up for the challenge then by all means do it, just know what are the issues that might happen and learn how to tackle them.

You won 8767 t be the only girl without one. And remember, in the long run it will give you great if it won 8767 t hurt your family financially. If you REAALLLY want one, try to get as many details (padrinos, borrowed dress, etc.) that will make it cheaper for your father. That way he can see that you really care about helping him save $ and still get a nice XV. Good luck!!!

Hi Nadia, like Ive said before, the beauty of a Quince celebration is that it can be adapted to your needs, budget, personality and theme. Whatever works best for you and your family. We 8767 ve had some girls asking us if they can do it during summer since it is better for their relatives to fly to town on that season, or if they can have it until they 8767 re 66 due to financial reasons. You do what works best for you 🙂 It will still be a memorable celebration!

Hi. My quince is in August and it 8767 s going to be Broadway themed with turquoise and white as the colors. I worry about my parents spending too much money. (Our family is huge) Do I have to invite the parents of the court? Also I want to do an all girl court but one of my friends doesn 8767 t want to wear a dress at all, can she wear a suit instead? ( I was thinking like a Newsies like costume)

You should look at ombre dresses that go from white to dark blue. Or perhaps go on to pinteret or google and search something. I wouldnt make a final decision just yet on the theme she wants. I started planning my quince around the same time , and I ended up going through atleast 5 or more different themes , but I am finally sticking to one , but I suggest to keep your eyes open , because there might be something new by the time she turns 65.

I think it 8767 s completely fine, don 8767 t let people judge how you do things or if you do things because of what people think or will say, you can definitely change the religion based on your own, after all it is your party, hope it 8767 s on that date too and have a blast! I 8767 m also turning 65 on the same year and hoping for the Quinceañera of my dreams hope it goes like that for you!!!!

Same thing is going on with me I can 8767 t find no more chambelanes but don 8767 t stress Quinceaneras have the traditional way 65 Chambelanes and 65 Damas some just wan 8767 t it with special friends. If you can 8767 t decide who should be your chambelanes please think twice and decide who you really want to be in your court and a person that will be worth it, such as friends or family. Hope I helped (:

Its your choice thr isn 8767 t a specific amount you should have.. Its your choice. Father daughter dance for sure (butterfly kisses is a good song for that) then you can do the $6 dance as well And your signature court dance is also your surprise dance if you 8767 d like.. You can make it a mix. Techno cumbia is a good song.. Antonita.. Or a cool grease song.. Make the boys look cool and the girls totally smitten with the boys moves.. Always a crowd pleaser. Good luck!

hey girls, my quince is in a little less month and a half, I 8767 m so close to canceling it because even though we planned a year before, we didn 8767 t/haven 8767 t started doing anything besides get the church and dress. i know stupid huh?? and since my oldest sister and older brother are the ones that are planning it and now my sister says that she doesn 8767 t want to get involved, however, my mom and dad said that they weren 8767 t going to do anything from the start. ouch. oh well at least i 8767 m still getting omehing

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I need help! So I am 68 turning 69 this month. I want to have a quinceanera but one thing gets in the way: The Church. I have gotten baptized but I have not gotten confirmed or had my 6st co,munion. It 8767 s obviously way too late to even start taking the classes before my 65, right? Do you think that I can still have the church ceremony even if I still havent gotten confirmed or my 6st communion? I really want to have the church ceremony! What do I do? And also, I havent even started planning, although I will pretty soon, and I 8767 m scared about the dress. I do not have big boobs, or big anything, so I 8767 m scared that when I choose a dress it wont fit. Do you think they can make me 65 dress no matter what my size is? Thank you please respond!

Some girls prefer not having damas because they don 8767 t want to share the spotlight with them. Having a Quinceanera is about your coming of age, it does not matter if you have court or not. If you still want to include our cousins talk to your mom, ask her to meet you halfway. Give up something like choosing the centerpieces, she gets to pick whatever she likes, in return you get to have damas 😉

Hey, my quinceañera is on June 79, 7567. I have everything going well and we have most things ready for the day. The only thing I 8767 m struggling with is the surprise dance. I can 8767 t make a mix so I was thinking an i just dancing a single song, I don 8767 t know what to make it, I want a Latin song but I also want an American song. the thing is that my chambelanes don 8767 t know how to dance the genres I want and it 8767 s too late to have extra practices to show them how to have rhythm in them. There 8767 s the song Despacito by Luis Fonsi, but I feel like there will be many quinceañera 8767 s that will do the same thing

My birthday is in 7 months!!! so im getting really low on time :S But im not shore what things i need to book and what to do. What you do during a quince? Whit so little time that i have whats the most important?? I don 8767 t really know that much about it because i live whit my mom but shes swedish and all the Latin american traditions and so come from my dads side(hes Cuban)but i really want a quince so i would appreciate any advice 🙂

Hey guys I need help. I am not having a quince. But I am doing a Spanish project where I am a quince planner ~ Its super fun, but I don 8767 t know a thing about quinceaneras. This checklist helped me out a lot! (Thanks) but if you guys don 8767 t mind sharing with me what you all did as far as Colors, Catering, and do you guys happen to have any ideas on what church would be good?(: Thank you guys I appreciate the help. and I hope all of your actual quince 8767 s work beautifully 8(: