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It''s so hard to explain but I think I was so fed up of living this way and I finally thought that if I went out in the world again what else could hurt me as I was already hurt enough. I can now go out my front door although it''s still hard, and I still watch to see if people can see me, I block those feelings out.

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It 8767 s hard getting over a break up, and/or realizing it just won 8767 t work out. I 8767 m going through that right now So, every time you think of this person, replace it with a thought of what you will do with the next person you go out with. Make mental plans, do anything, but don 8767 t think of the other person. If you are religious, then every time you think of that person, start praying. It 8767 s hard at first, but if you let your mind control your thoughts, then it will drive you insane!! Read, or listen to 8775 The Power of Now 8776 by Eckhart Tolle. He gives you the tools you need to help you take control of your thoughts. I didn 8767 t realize how powerful my thoughts were, and how they were driving me nuts! One of the secrets is stop and listen to the mind as it talks, and it will go away

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I don 8767 t want to sound like a mean person, as I am sure you have reasons for posting this information. But most of us who have lived with a N for a long time, whether we are still engaged of recovered, don 8767 t need to focus on how the N feels. We spent years and years brainwashed into believing it was all about them and our needs being neglected. This is just like a hook back into their evil so-called hearts and I for one, am not biting.

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SA has come one along way since 6999. At the time it wasn’t a well-documented condition. My Doctor''s knowledge of Social Anxiety was basic. He told me I would grow out of it, but that a twelve-week anxiety management course would help me to control the symptoms. Now attending a group was normally my idea of a nightmare. But I decided to go and stick with it just so I could go back and say to the doctor ‘look, I did what you said but I’m still not right’.

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To Anonymous Male,

How old are you and what s your star sign?

I agree with complimenting her and building her up, because when people ask me what I m up to it does feel like an interview, especially if at that very moment nothing exciting is planned.

I would compliment her, make her feel safe, your interest is signalled by complimenting her but not in a full on way, and then you can drop in that you re single and see how her eyes, face, voice reacts to that.

Then take it from there.. clearly you can t ask her for a date as it stands without the above going on first..

Good luck

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So June is all about regaining my strenght, finding out who i became after this experience! I feel thankful and grateful for the amazing friends i have, for my life, for my family, i can do this and you can to!! Before reading this site i remember thinking if there is an easier way to get through a break up, im gonna find it and put it into practice, i did and cant wait to see what awaits in July and August ahhhhh, Summer how delightful..

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I feel that there is a lot more definition to my life at present. I feel that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and the work that I have done has given me a healthier range of options to my life, rather that just sitting in my house feeling sorry for myself. The fact that I am starting to feel more confident in myself and in how I interact with people has simply put changed my life completely.

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Last night he started self-harming after we had a debate about a harmless topic, and we didn 8767 t 655% agree about the topic. He told me that it 8767 s OK, as he 8767 s hitting himself instead of hitting me. Without really realising what I was doing, my hand reached for the door and unlocked it. He broke up with me, and shouted at me to shut up every time I tried to speak. I agreed to the break-up. He looked totally shocked- it was obviously just a bluff. Then the insults came, about how if I 8767 d been a better person this could 8767 ve been great.

ECT is available on the NHS in Britain (although the waiting list is very long) and is used to treat excessive blushing with permanent results. This option is usually considered to be a a last resort since there are many potential side effects. It is more appropriate for sufferers who have tried all the other non-invasive options with no success, or suffer from the associated medical condition of severe facial blushing (Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema) in conjunction with their blushing phobia. This surgery should only ever be considered after seeking proper medical advice.

Don 8767 t do it. I 8767 m am in your exact situation and I just realized it will never change. I 8767 ve been with my ex for 8 years thinking that it will pass. But it never does. He 8767 s the sweetest thing ever at times but then he calls me stupid, dumb, slut, and bitches. I used to think it was my fault and i changed for him and tried to do everything he asked and be the person he wanted me to be to make him happy. It wasn 8767 t enough, for no reason reason he puts me down when i ask a question calls me dumb when I 8767 m slow at certain things. He calls me a piece of shit. Then he always apologizes afterwards and buys expensive gifts and takes me out and tell me he loves me and when everything is perfect , He hurts me again, threaten me again and treat me like shit. The cycle starts to get old after a while. I know it 8767 ll be hard but you can break free from him. Somebody is out there for you.

Another friend of mine gets flushed through alcohol and, again, it never once crosses my mind that she looks negative in any way. This also proved to be a turning point for me. If I don''t judge their appearance negatively and I am critical in what I am looking for, they why on earth would anybody judge me for looking a little flushed. Nobody really cares at all. It is no big deal to anybody , my blushing did not disappear overnight, but it started to come under my control. I began to think differently when I was out. I actually challenged my brain to "bring it on - go on give me a real good one" and you know they lost their sting somehow. The more I wanted them to come and enjoy the lovely warm feeling (imagery of a beach here!!) the more they eluded me. Typical.

SAUK has two rooms, #lounge and #sauk. While both rooms aim to provide a supportive environment for SA sufferers to chat and socialise the tone of the rooms and the rules* for each vary. In #lounge there may be swearing or topics of an adult/contentious nature, while #sauk gives priority to SA discussions in a milder "family friendly" atmosphere.

Dear Ms Mirror

Thanks so much for your prompt reply your insightful points and your caring. I read your reply many times and feeling so close to you. Yes, I totally agree with your points for his son and don t buy this story. You are right, this guy has a shady character and not sincere at all. He is hiding something whatever he is not mine, then let him out of my sight. Hopefully I can get rid of him from my mind as soon as possbile. The piont is I don t know how many frogs that I will kiss before I meet my real prince. I fed up with those games, I doulbt if something wrong with myself for how to value people and for what I really want. I am somehow confused. Thanks again, Ms Mirror. I will keep following your wise advice on this web. Take care.

At home things were not much better. I''d had a lot of problems with my dad over the years, and I used to blush terribly when he spoke to me. It really comes to something when you can''t even converse with a parent without blushing. I felt like I was dying inside when this happened. I was also dreadfully phobic around my mums niece, who I''d actually know since I was a baby. She babysat me as a child and knew me all my life. She was very attractive though, so I suppose I developed a bit of a crush on her. I blushed so badly in her presence that I eventually dreaded her calling at the house. Unfortunately for me, one day she turned to me and said "why do you always go red when I talk to you? It''s annoying me" This remark cut me to the bone and I felt so humiliated. She''d suffered years of depression in her past, and I somehow thought she''d understand my poured more fuel onto my SA fire and just made my problem with blushingeven worse.

Even though the silence probably left you at best confused, and at worst, diving into your deepest insecurities for answers, an survey found that you''ve also likely been the ghost yourself at some point. The survey shows that 76 percent of women and 88 percent of men have both ghosted and been ghosted, while 79 percent of women and 67 percent of men admit to ghosting (but not being ghosted on).

My boyfriend saids I always say shit to piss him off and he saids I do it on purpose I can say or ask him anything and he saids I 8767 m rud no matter how sweet I 8767 m being well we got into a fight and I started packing my clothes to leave and he grabed my arm really hard a pushed me down. This is the 8rd time he also saids that I make him want to smash my face I be worried about these threats.

I have a boyfriend of 7 6/7 years. He calls me dumb fucking bitch, stupid idoit, cunt, you name it he 8767 s called me it. I have no self-esteem anymore. He makes me feel like I am completely stupid all the tim. He 8767 s chewed on me so many time the worst part is he cheated on me while I was 9 months pregnant with his child. He tells me if I leave him I will just mooch off my family and be a shity mother and that I cannot make it on my own. Our child is now 8 months old and I am so unhappy and miserable it 8767 s no way to live. I have another child who is 65 and does not need to be around it. I have been hoping things will get better but it 8767 s not. I need strength to get threw this and have enough courage to leave him.

Long story short when we were talking things out and about to get back together he denied me to her that we will never getting back together and how I had a boyfriend and that he only likes her. He even begged her to see him and they did. She said they almost did it but she stopped coz he thought that she was being stupid. I was glad thats what happened because I 8767 d be more hurt. She even showed me all the screen shots and so I was furious again and told him how fucked he was and send him the screen shots and still he denied. I send hime essays of rants and how it made me feel and all he could say was 8775 srry 8776 not even a full sentence.

Tell us about the progress you have made. What successes have you had? I can safely say that these tapes are the best purchase I have ever made. My life has turned around as a result. I am not totally ''cured'' but I can recognise that my thoughts and beliefs are often totally irrational and unrealistic and take positive steps to address this. I am much more accepting of myself and my abilities and I value myself much more.

While I said all of this to him, I cried and and did not look at him once. I just wanted to say my peace without seeing his face because I knew it would just make it even that more difficult. After I was finished, I looked at him and saw tears in his eyes. Never in my life have I seen him cry for anything. I remember he told me he didn 8767 t even cry for his father 8767 s funeral, that he never cries, and doesn 8767 t remember the last time he did. And to see him in tears makes me realize that I touched his heart and that I still meant so much to him, regardless of the circumstances. It also made me realize that he is human we are human and there are just some things that you cannot control. We left on that note and gave each other a long hug and wished each other the best as we embraced each other for the last time. I hugged him tight, for I knew this was the last time I would be able to. He got out of my car and then I drove off, looking back at him in the rearview mirror for one last time.

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