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Jessie Jett - Game Time
My friend Danny Mountain and I were out walking around the hot streets of Miami looking for some fresh pussy to bring back to our place. Danny mentioned how he was hoping to get a curvy cutie this time since he''s grown tired of some skinny bitches to fuck. That''s when we suddenly got called over by this hot chick in a skimpy football jersey. She was chilling at a coffee shop and was just chilling out before going to the game. That''s when she introduced herself as Jessie Jett and made the introduction that she was super horny--seriously, she was wearing a sign and couldn''t be more obvious! Danny and I were taken aback by how forward this chick is, and man did sexy Jessie ever put on the blitz! Jessie offered to bring us back to her place to use her pool, but once we got there all Danny wanted to do was see her big tits and thick ass on full display! Danny pounded Jessie''s sweet pussy so good that she wanted a rematch! Looks like we lucked out today because Jessie Jett''s got some serious game!

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Other scenes included Richard''s two Internet-savvy kids: six year-old son Robby (Brandon Ratcliff) anonymously sex-chatting on the Internet (in an instant message session initiated by his older 69 year-old brother Peter (Miles Thompson) with an unaware adult woman (Tracy Wright), and using the boy''s own personal and innocent fixation about ''I want to poop back and forth'' as the basis of the coprophiliac fantasy conversation:

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When both Lanny and Vince learned Karen''s true identity and objective, and Vince found out that Lanny had sex with Karen, he feared that the truth about Maureen''s death would soon be revealed. To produce possible incriminating evidence against Karen (in order to then blackmail her), Vince drugged and photographed Karen at his place when she was having lesbian sex (possibly considered with aspiring singer/prostitute Alice (Kristin Adams), who wore a bluish Alice in Wonderland outfit.

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In Mam''s bedroom, Grace recalled Flora''s worrying intimate little details. Sexual intercourse amongst the munsie was determined by ancient traditions. It would not appeal to Grace, Flora had said, not with Grace''s modern ideas of equality of people and the sexes. (A handkerchief was placed over Grace''s head before the first strong thrust of penetration) But Grace seemed to have left her progressive attitudes at the table. Now actually in the situation she had dreamed of, it was all more bizarre than erotic. Anyway, Grace decided to hang on to this opinion.

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In one of the film''s subplots, Grace performed in a graphic, inter-racial sex (simulated) interlude scene (interpreted as by some critics) on a basically bare soundstage with former studly slave Timothy (Isaach De Bankole). She was ritualistically undressed and placed fully naked on a bed as a detached narrator in voice-over spoke:


The first steamy, clandestine tryst between Nola and Chris occurred shortly after another of Nola''s failed auditions. They both met up in a wheat-field near the Hewlett country estate during a rainstorm. After they kissed, she asserted: We can''t do can''t lead anyplace, but they continued kissing. They dropped down into the long grass and she rolled on top of him. Seen from behind, she was on top as Chris reached under her purple shirt, touched her buttocks, and kissed her breasts before they made love (off-screen).

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In addition to the film''s crude and violent content, it also contained sexually-graphic scenes. In an early controversially-indulgent scene of sodomy and anal sexual assault, Clayton threatened traitorous Tommy (Jack Krizmanich) when he was tied down to a pool table, accusing him of having sex with Vickie. An 8-ball was used as a gag in his mouth. Clayton rammed a jagged, half-broken pool cue up his rear (off-screen) before killing him.

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The man who said, ''I''d rather be lucky than good,'' saw deeply into life. People are afraid to face how great a part of life is dependent on luck. It''s scary to think so much is out of one''s control. There are moments in a match when the ball hits the top of the net, and for a split second, it can either go forward or fall back. With a little luck, it goes forward, and you win. Or maybe it doesn''t, and you lose.


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Her job was to write a provocative article/book to find where the truth lies in the circumstances surrounding the duo''s split and Maureen''s mysterious death. During Karen''s work on the book, she made love to Lanny during a one-night stand after a dinner date at a Chinese restaurant, while impersonating her best friend elementary school teacher Bonnie Trout - to keep her identity a secret.

During her modeling days, she was photographed in numerous tawdry and kinky, S/M cheesecake poses for self-promoting photographer Irving Klaw (Chris Bauer). Klaw and his sister Paula operated a mail-order business specializing in cheesecake and bondage poses. [Note: It has been estimated that there were 75,555 9-by-5-inch black-and-white glossy photographs taken of her by amateur shutterbugs from 6999 to 6957. Page had her most professional photographs taken in the mid-6955s by fashion photographer Bunny Yeager.]

With her debut indie film, Miranda July served as writer/director and star of this year''s winner of the Special Jury Prize for Originality of Vision at the Sundance Film Festival, as well as the Camera d''Or (Golden Camera) Best First Film prize winner at Cannes. The film was rated R for disturbing sexual content involving children - even though it presented comic views of underage sexuality in a series of subplots.

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Scarlett and her new boyfriend, Jmac , love making their own homemade porn videos. They get a thrill from streaming their sex life out over the internet, having all sorts of strangers from all walks of life watching them fuck on camera. But with Scarlett''s new stepmom Aaliyah at home, the couple are worried that she''ll ruin all their fun… Overhearing the moaning, this sneaky stepmom walks in to catch the web stars in a compromising position - not only were they fucking right under her nose, but their show is bland! It''s time for Aaliyah to teach these teens a lesson in how to make their internet sexcapades a real success, bringing in more viewers than they could have ever hoped for!

The phrase was mistaken for exotic scatological talk (with the response: It makes me want to touch myself ) - drawn by Robby with this smiley or emoticon: )) ((. Eventually, the Robby had a real-life meeting with the stranger sitting on a park bench, revealed to be Nancy Harrington (Tracy Wright), the director-curator of the local art museum (the Center for Contemporary Art) where Christine had submitted her work.

Strangely, right after their arrival in NJ, their Miami room service waitress (and adoring fan), red-headed college student coed Maureen O''Flaherty (Rachel Blanchard), was found naked and dead in their New Jersey hotel. The comedians broke up their act shortly afterwards. Her body was encased in a ice-filled crate of lobsters when they first arrived (although the official story was that she was found in the bathtub). The cause of death was allegedly from drowning combined with a drug overdose --

The film also included the sped-up, musical wedding sluts montage sequence, to the tune of the Isley Brothers'' Shout, of the two scammers at wedding receptions carousing, drinking shots, dancing, and popping champagne bottles - and soon after in bed with partly-clothed and topless women who flopped down on the bed in front of them (including in order, unclothed: busty brunette Rachel Sterling, Ivana Bozilovic, blonde Diora Baird as Vivian, and Hindu Woman (Naureen Zaim)).

In another scene, 69 year-old Peter allowed himself to be the blindfolded subject of a blow-job competition (off-screen) by two precocious, sexually-provocative teenaged neighbor girls who wished to practice their fellatio skills - Heather (Natasha Slayton) and Rebecca (Najarra Townsend) - the act required two washcloths, a towel, and two pieces of candy (preferably mints). The same neighbor girls took up the dare of Richard''s jolly co-worker, a perverted older neighbor named Andrew (Brad Henke) after he left sexually-lewd come-on notes taped to the windows of his house for them ( Then I would tell you to lick each other''s tits while I licked both of your pussies ) - but he sheepishly cowered inside when they called his bluff and came to his door to practice on him.

Toward the end of the film, Karen learned what had truly happened. It appeared that Vince was so drunk the night of the murder that he was unsure whether he had committed the murder or not. Nonetheless, in the film''s conclusion, Vince committed suicide in the same Miami hotel where Maureen had died. Reclining in an ice-filled bathtub, he took a sleeping pill/champagne alcohol overdose.

In another equally-controversial scene, while having coital sex from behind with his topless girlfriend (Maria Soccor) over a desk - Clayton withdrew himself when interrupted by an argument outside his door, exhibiting his semi-erect condom-covered penis, and then shot dead those who disturbed him ( What did I tell ya about talkin'' when I''m f--kin''? ).

Luckily for Chris, the gold ring which he discarded after the burglary-shooting was picked up by a known drug dealer-addict (a junkie who was later found murdered) and the drug-related burglary-crime was pinned on him ( The old woman''s wedding ring was right in his and date engraved right on it ). The case against Chris was closed ( He''s another poor schmuck who cheated on his wife ). Meanwhile, Chloe''s baby was born - and her father Alec joyously toasted the boy: With parents like Chloe and Chris, this child will be great at anything he sets his mind to. Tom retorted: I don''t care if he''s great. I just hope that he''s lucky. The final shot of the film saw Chris troubled, standing apart and very disconnected from his happy family.