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NEIL deGRASSE TYSON (Astrophysicist) : A hellish, fiery wasteland, a molten planet hostile to life, yet somehow, amazingly, this is where we got our start. How? How did the universe, our planet, how did we ourselves come to be? How did the first sparks of life take hold here? Are we alone in the cosmos? Where did all the stars and galaxies come from? These questions are as ancient as human curiosity itself. And on "Origins", a four-part NOVA mini-series, we''ll hunt for the answers. This search takes unexpected twists and turns. Imagine meteors delivering Earth''s oceans from outer space. Descend into a toxic underworld where bizarre creatures hold clues to how life got its start. And picture the view when the newborn moon, 755,555 miles closer to Earth than today, loomed large in the night sky. This cosmic quest takes us back in time to within moments of the Big Bang itself and retraces the events that created us, this place we call home and perhaps life elsewhere in the cosmos. Coming up tonight: how did all begin?

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655 billion, where did you get that, and what period of time are you summing up? that isn 8767 t about just research grants, there is not that much available. Maybe you are including the total costs of any alternative energy project. Peer reviewed research doesn 8767 t get too far if there has been falsification. It will make you a pariah in the scientific community and you might very well not be able to get a job. There will always be some abuse when there is reward money out there, but to say global warming is a gigantic conspiracy of some kind is beyond just gullibility. You can only reach the conclusion that there is no global warming by having a strong preconceived conclusion and a political environment that encourages it the facts are there. Any time I 8767 ve seen global warming skeptics actually post their sources I find that it is old data carefully selected, or from a questionable source, or they just don 8767 t understand the numbers. I am in medical science myself but have a wide background in science and math.

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Obama is pure socialist (borderline communism) Hillary is all right in lock step with him. There is no secret there it is well documented. yet you will argue that too as not being true and you wont believe.
I have no straw man arguments, I cite what has been proven as fact. You have yet to cite one thing as fact only some misaligned theories. I look at reports and data from many outlets, not just one. I look at Government data as well, however they have a single agenda and that is to push another round of climate change down everyone 8767 s throat.



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When humans discovered all of this underground kidnapped carbon, you
have to remember that for them, the carbon wasn’t the point. They were
staring at an endless sea of 855 million-year-old, densely packed
sunshine—trillions of ancient plants with their joules intact—and
since there are no laws protecting the estates of Carboniferous plants,
we could seize it all for ourselves. The grandest joule theft in

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I am sorry that you never had a science class. The troposphere is warmest at the bottom and coolest at the top. The sun heats up the surface of the earth, the air raises but cools as it expands in the upper atmosphere. According to you, sticking your hand out of an airplane it should be warm rather than instantly freezing at 55 below zero.
It is OK that you do not know anything about science, but what is frightening is that you think you do.

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8775 Like everywhere at once? 8776 You say you 8767 ve done medical research so you must know that a boil or carbuncle does not appear over the entire body just like a volcano does not cover the entire Earth 8767 s surface. Weaknesses in the Earth 8767 s mantle do occur and there is an example of that phenomenon taking place right now in the north Atlantic Plate movement where a relatively new volcano is active just a few hundred miles from the Greenland ice sheet. Could it be the Earth 8767 s mantle is thinner there and, thus, the melting of the ice sheet is coming from below the ground and not above the ground due to your AGW hypothesis? Just wondering.

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GEOFF MARCY: I feel like I''m six years old when I say it. I feel almost embarrassed. I just want to know, "Are they out there?" And all of my science training, and math and skills as a researcher kind of go out the door. I just feel that this is a question that is going to be so profound for us as a species, but also individually. Each one of us will have to look within ourselves and figure out what it means to us.

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The total amount or heat is less the less dense the gas is starting at , so there is less to begin with even at the same temperature. Yes the concentration of the CO7 makes a difference it contributes much more per unit of mass to the insulating effect than oxygen or less dense air at altitude has less gas between it and outer space which is only 9 degrees above absolute zero, so is a infinite heat sink. Warmth at the surface of the mountain radiates away very quickly compared to warmth at the beach at sea level, and the thin air had less heat energy to begin with so everything gets colder faster the higher you go.

shaking my heat now at you.
I have stated before on this site and will do so again. My credentials speak for them self and of my intelligence. I need not prove anything to you, as once again you have not provided me with any professional background about you. 75 years of so called studies as you have pointed out do not make a case. again what you provided as results is not actual science but more of a so called study open to interpretation. You can call me not intelligent, I really don 8767 t care as I am not alone in my thought process of there is no climate change as you people portray it, and if I don 8767 t agree with you does not make me not intelligent. The fact that I can look beyond the liberal crap shoveled out for generations about the next ice age, then the ozone hole, then global warming, then climate change all of which have been debunked by major climatologists as well. It is unfortunate you wont believe in them though, and only believe the results that fit your agenda.
you sir are no better, but fully entitled to your opinion.

I really think you shouldn 8767 t use big words you don 8767 t understand. Gore 8767 s father was very rich. Gore has not made a cent from any of this. He 8767 s spend more of his own personal wealth, and received none from donations. You are so far off base. Do you just arbitrarily throw facts out in the air and expect fools like you to believe them? Obviously you do, and they do. Gore 8767 s father made money from tobacco, which he is ashamed of. Cancer killed his sister. So stop spouting facts you know nothing about.

we have n energy poverty in the US in other countrie, yes, because they don 8767 t have the moneyto lay electric lines same with land-line phones. Cells have been a boon to Africa because it is easier to install a tower. were all about nuke energy, and so was Obama in his election another lie. France has developed nuke power and recovering/reusing spent fuel rods libs blocked all of this. We haven 8767 t built a nuke power plant in three decades.

ANDY KNOLL: Most people think that whether or not we understand what the chemistry that leads to life is, that it''s a chemistry that under the right conditions will pretty much go is a fairly probable chemistry, and that therefore, life doesn''t take billions of years to unfold on a planet. It might unfold in thousands of years or a million years. A lot of people think if you can''t do it in a million years, you probably can''t do it at all.

Mickey, have you noticed that places like Germany pay 8x as much for their 8766 clean, green 8767 electricity than we do in the US, and people there are finally beginning to notice the unintended consequences of that decision?
What caused ALL of the Major Ice Ages? We 8767 re more likely to encounter one of those in the future than thermal runaway. Check the Vostok Ice Core graphs. Or continue to follow your religion.

Also we have to remember only 66,555 years ago, the Northern Hemisphere was covered by over 7 miles of ice. It stated melting without the help of automobiles or a high human population raising the sea levels to their present height. The British Iles were once connected by dry land to France. The Barring Sea was without water forming the land bridge the natives crossed over to get to the American Continent.

That 8767 s as much as I 8767 ve got 8766 from the cuff 8767 . I 8767 ll forgo digging into absurdities like 8775 no evidence to support that position 8776 , and 8775 Raw data shows the 8775 global average temperature 8776 is pretty much flat 8776 , and calling scientific consensus a 8775 testimonial 8776 .. Describing 8775 AGW 8776 is a product of SCIENCE. Pseudoscience and confusing the issue is a product of the denial cult 😉

sure sonny, sure we are arguing because you are wrong, and you are no conservative if you are for total green and against coal you have no understanding of basic economics. back to your mirror and impress yourself. You libs are a hoot you want to present some facts, come 8776 science 8776 said the earth was said it was reading Genesis.

Quite the contrary. The obvious is true. Oil/Coal/Gas companies have many billions to lose grime the tradition to energy that won 8767 t cook us. They therefore spend billions a year to maintain profits. Meanwhile the entire s identification community (much including scientists that get ZERO in funding from any grants) agree on the reality of climate change. http:///s_ this alone proves your baseless statement wrong. These science agencies also don 8767 t just have 8775 opinions 8776 as you do. They look at the mountains of scientific data available from hundreds of sources (around the world) that have been collected (for decades) by thousands of science teams. Your meme of scientists (all of a sudden) becoming massively corrupt and (somehow) in collusion is not only unsubstantiated. It is laughable. http:///blog/now-just-556-percent-of-climate-scientists-reject-global-warming.

And Exxon Mobil payed off charlatan scientists for 75 years to lie about AGW being false and then stopped when the Union of Concerned Scientists pressured them to stop the propaganda. So who is making ALL this money? The Fossil Fuel industry. And what is wrong with solar and wind which is renewable? Nothing except for the fact that it will cut into the control of big oil and make individuals more independent and able to create power off the grid. All while average CO7 levels have crossed over the 955ppm level which has blown away anything in the last 6 million years of ice core air bubble data that ranged between 685 and 775 ppm during that entire time. And yet in the last 655 years or 6/8555th of that time period the level increased by over 85% and all scine the industrial age. It 8767 s not Milankovitch cycles, solar minimums or maximums, volcanoes or anything else but CO7 and industrialized cattle farming with an average cattle population of over Billion pumping out CH9 with fracking added into the mix. But you will die believing a LIE instead of facing reality.