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What Motivates You In Life? 6 Common Factors That Drive People

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Once the portal is subdued, Hiro and the team prepare to escape to avoid its oncoming destruction. However, Baymax stays behind as his sensor detects signs of life coming from the portal. Hiro realizes that it must be Abigail, so he volunteers to go inside to rescue her. He joins Baymax and as the portal continues to near destruction, the two travel into the mysterious void to recover Callaghan''s daughter.

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I know! Off hand I can think of at least two Laurel & Hardy films like that, an old show called Hee-Haw that had a character called Ida Lee Nagger who constantly nagged her husband till he looked suicidal and I think she used to hit him with a frying pan and rolling pin too, and an episode of Everyone Loves Raymond where the wife was shrieking like a lunatic at the husband for liking her fake breasts she put on.

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Ironically, despite being portrayed as a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex, Rex is gentle, kind, caring, and hates any kind of argument or confrontation. He also lacks some intelligence and is extremely trusting and carefree. His greatest fear is that he will be replaced or abandoned, but he is usually enthusiastic about anything and everything besides that. With his childlike demeanor and lack of self-confidence, Rex is the most innocent of all the toys and shows the greatest desire to be loved and played with. He also has a fear of other dinosaurs, but he eventually overcomes this.

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Now that we''re 68 days before the election, Mr. Severely Conservative wants you to think he was severely kidding about everything he said over the last year. He told folks he was the ideal candidate for the Tea Party, now he''s telling folks, "What? Who me?" He''s forgetting what his own positions are. And he''s betting that you will too. I mean, he''s changing up so much and backtrackin'' and sidesteppin''. We''ve gotta name this condition that he''s going though. I think it''s called Romnesia. That''s what it''s called. I think that''s what he''s goin'' through. Now, I''m not a medical doctor, but I do wanna go over some of the symptoms with you, because I wanna make sure nobody else catches it.

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I 8767 m not excusing the behavior, and I 8767 m not saying all abusers are depressed. Even so, just because they 8767 re depressed doesn 8767 t give them the right to abuse others. It means they need to get treatment, and if they don 8767 t a man shouldn 8767 t hang around tolerating the abuse. It 8767 s something to consider prior to walking out the door, a hard thing to do if you have a couple of decades experience with someone and they 8767 re hit with this in mid-life and you have a couple of kids with them.
Do you walk out immediately, or try to salvage it?

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* Then I usually say little more than 8775 Training someone bigger and stronger than yourself that hitting is 8766 love 8767 is probably going to turn out bad someday 8776 The female is almost always the one to try to make excuses, saying something like, 8775 I love him and he 8767 s so big I can 8767 t hurt him anyway. 8776 Other times I might say no more than, 8775 Uh oh, there 8767 s no excuse for abuse. 8776

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Men who abuse women also 8775 tend to act in self-defense 8776 in that they are defending their conviction that they are entitled to control the woman, and the woman does something that threatens that. If you think we women are immune to that desire (to control our partners), you don 8767 t know too many of us. Like most people, male and female, most women keep it under reasonable control, but those who don 8767 t can be viciously abusive. Women 8767 s lesser muscle mass and upper body strength may put fewer men in the hospital, but women 8767 s greater emotional skills help put vastly larger numbers of men in the suicide statistics, so it 8767 s not like women 8767 s emotional abuse is a victimless offense.

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When the Yama unleashes his Baymax army, Hiro builds Baymax''s armor, while the others fight off the evil Baymaxes. Hiro completes the lower parts of his armor when the two friends find Yama sneaking around the school, looking for the sculpture, which is later discovered to be a powerful energy source that amplifies anything electronic to a dangerous level. With his inflatable covering removed, Baymax impersonates as one of the evil Baymaxes and gets to the sculpture before Yama does. However, he gets caught when his healthcare protocol takes over after Yama cries in pain. Hiro saves Baymax, but Yama gets away with the entity.

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I get why men would disagree. It is hard to give up privilege and accept women as humans. But for a woman to exhibit such callousness to women defending themselves from life-threatening violence in a world run by men, for men, and protecting male abusers, is downright callous. While I condemn the use of 8775 misogyny 8776 where it is not warranted, this is truly approach the original sense of the word.

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Once at Sunnyside, they are welcomed by the other toys that reside there, led by Lotso , the strawberry-scented bear (as remarked by Rex), who show that Sunnyside is a paradise for toys where you will be played with by generations and generations of kids. The toys there take Rex and the others to the Caterpillar Room , telling them that they will soon be played with by children. When the kids are returning to the room, Rex eagerly waits in front of the door, excited that he is finally going to get some play time. However, when the kids enter, it is discovered that they are very little children who have no regard for treating a toy right, even breaking off Rex''s tail. When the toys try to complain to Lotso, it is revealed that they were sent to the Caterpillar Room to be beaten up by the toddlers on purpose and that you have to earn joining the Butterfly Room. Lotso even reprograms Buzz so that he is back to being a senseless astronaut who keeps Rex and the toys in shelved baskets (which function as prison cells).

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Insightful and accurate. Sadly, probably a part of our biological history (behavior is linked to brain structure and our brains have evolved for hundreds of thousands of years to encourage breeding, and with lifespans which seldom exceeded 85-85 years for millennia) which initiates this behavior. As discouraging as this may seem, we may be stuck with it and can only seek mates with lower levels of these traits (some seem evident in all females) balanced with empathy and compassion learned as they developed in stable-loving homes. I like the cocaine comparison, our brains are bathed with phenolethylamines , dopamine and oxytocin during youthful sexual interchanges. Our limbic systems are changed forever and we seek to reclaim the thrill. It occurs is females too, as we see the classic pattern of naïve late teen, early twenties females (decent on the surface) becoming attached to sociopathic men and ruining their lives to meet the ancient/irrational mating needs.

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Dory is a wide-eyed, blue tang fish who suffers from memory loss every 65 seconds or so. The one thing she can remember is that she somehow became separated from her parents as a child. With help from her friends Nemo and Marlin, Dory embarks on an epic adventure to find them. Her journey brings her to the Marine Life Institute, a conservatory that houses diverse ocean species. Written by Jwelch5797

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I firmly believe that negativity is equally dispersed between the genders, but women usually do emotional abuse, and men physical. But because women are more verbal and express their emotions more freely, they talk about their abuse more. And because of sexism and men usually being less comfortable expressing their feelings, men don 8767 t want to appear weak by talking about the abuse they experience.

How about men who say they are 8775 evolved 8776 when they are pursuing women? I 8767 ve had a number of men not saying all, but the ones who are trying to impress me tell me they are 8775 evolved, 8776 meaning better than other men, I think? Meaning they are more worthy than other men? Are they trying to say they are more 8775 in tune 8776 with a woman 8767 s needs than other men? Seems like some of the discord comes from within the male gender. As it does within the female gender in many ways.

The next day, following another rough playtime with the toddlers, Woody returns to Sunnyside, and Rex and the other toys are elated to see him again. Woody then formulates an elaborate plan to help the toys escape Sunnyside and make it back to Andy. That night, Rex and Hamm distract Buzz by staging a little fight, and when Buzz attempts to break off the fight, Jessie calls to him and entraps Buzz in a plastic storage bin, then Rex and Hamm immediately jump onto the bin prevent his escape. However, Buzz breaks himself free, and Rex and Hamm tackle him down from the side to prevent him from escaping. In order to reset Buzz, Woody has Rex insert his finger into a tiny hole below the switch, which causes Buzz to shut down for a brief second, then spring back to life in his Spanish deluded version. After a series of attempts and planning, the toys finally escape Sunnyside through the trash chute but are confronted by Lotso, who had "broken" Chatter into informing him of the escape plan, along with several of his henchmen. Woody, having been informed of Lotso''s past, brings up the subject of Daisy , making Big Baby (and by extent the other Sunnyside toys) turn on Lotso.

It sounds suspiciously like 8775 supremacist, 8776 which would be used by 8775 others 8776 against the 8775 enlightened. 8776 However, enlightenment is not really an achievable state. I think in Buddhism, an adherent never reaches enlightenment, at least not before death, it 8767 s a constant struggle to reach because the finish line is always moving. Saying you are 8775 enlightened 8776 means you THINK you have arrived at that place, which would be smug superiority.

Who doesn 8767 t go through failures, setbacks, and challenges? We all do. In fact, after you get through this challenging time, you will have more to come in the future. Although that sounds pessimistic, it 8767 s also reality. Those who succeed in life and get what they want as well as those who are the most happiest aren 8767 t people who never face difficulties. If anything, they probably deal with more challenges than most people. The thing that makes them different is how they respond and react to those obstacles.

I also think that a big part of the problem is that many people simply don 8767 t think about what they want out of life or set goals. Once they reach a certain point in life where they are stable and relatively comfortable, they kind of go on autopilot. This phenomenon is only becoming more prevalent as technology creeps into every available corner of our lives, filling every moment that could have otherwise been used to think about that kind of stuff.

Brother Tony here, yes our today is all we have, but let me use some old time talk and if it helps than am ok. Well let me start saying that time is not ours to control but with the help of our savior Jesus we have a good chance, yes don 8767 t delay what you can do today but always know that life is in his hands not yours so be careful in all things an pray if tomorrow was to come and you can still be stuck in your yesterdays so here is a simple answer just know u got love and it always wins out not like we may want it but it will be good for all, Without my brother or sister and my child than really what are we, so don 8767 t let the dat go by without leaving this one very important word for living love each other first than our God who controls time will see clear who sees tomorrow, love ya!

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