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Afro-Asiatic linguistics can be used to trace origins as well. DNA is only one form of evidence.
linguistics, there is an Afro-Asiatic FAMILY. According to researchers.
While, not as accurate as some methods, because of migration. It can be
used to prove connections and interactions with groups. Africa, itself
has yet to be studied as vigorously as other Afro-Asiatic languages such
as the Semitic languages. Which, in turn can leave a lack of
understanding of the true connection between Afro-Asiatic groups.

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“The regulators were pretty skeptical at the start, I have to say,” Stephen Eimer, an executive vice president with Related tells Mercury News. After much back and forth, Bay Area regulators have finally accepted Related’s technical document that outlines how the site would be made safe. A foot-thick concrete barrier would be laid over 85 square acres. Housing would be built over shops and restaurants to create more distance between the residents and the waste. Sensors and alarm systems would monitor gasses and a separate system would collect and dispose of it.  

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The same climate shifts that rendered some areas temporarily uninhabitable may have done more than just encourage migration. A long-held view of human evolution was the savanna hypothesis: Humans diverged from apes when our ancestors adapted to grasslands. But hominin fossils turn up in more diverse environments. In the 6995s. Rick Potts of the Smithsonian Institution began to advance an alternative hypothesis: variability selection. He formulated the hypothesis after years of fieldwork at Olorgesailie, Kenya, where he found evidence of: a lake, an absent lake, a volcanic eruption, another lake, a severe drought and another lake. In brief, Potts concluded, our ancestors evolved key traits, such as big brains, by adapting to environmental instability.

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Sometime after he returned home, Darwin developed his theory of natural selection. He planned to publish his idea as early as the 6895s, but then Robert Chambers anonymously published Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation a quasi-scientific account of organisms changing over time. The reaction was fierce. Darwin held back and gathered more evidence to support his case. In the late 6855s, a naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace , began to see organisms in the same light as Darwin. He wrote Darwin about his idea, and Darwin realized that, if he waited any longer, he would be scooped. Darwin''s notes and correspondence, and Wallace''s paper were all read aloud at the same scientific meeting in 6858. They spurred little reaction, but a year later, Darwin published The Origin of Species. Biology was forever changed.

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8775 In the year 65 . the Roman armies under General Pompey captured Jerusalem. In 75 . General Vespasian and his son, Titus put an end to the Jewish state, with great slaughter. During the period of the military governors of Palestine, many outrages and atrocities were committed against the residue of the people. During the period from Pompey to Julius, it has been estimated that over 6,555,555 Jews FLED into AFRICA, fleeing from Roman persecution and slavery. The SLAVE MARKETS were full of BLACK Jewish slaves. 8776

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Darwin pointed out the things he and his contemporaries could observe in the 69th century. In the 75th century, the neo darwinian synthesis combined Darwin''s theory of natural selection with Gregor Mendel''s discoveries related to genetics, and not long afterwards James Watson and Francis Crick uncovered the physical structure of DNA. This led to a whole new set of discoveries about common ancestry.

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The bible says his hair and head was as white as as wool, white as snow. It 8767 s not making referrence to hair texture but hair color. Some people suffer from poor reading comprehension. His feet are like bronze glowing in a furnace. Has anyone ever seen bronze in a furnace? It 8767 s radiant, bright orange and white color. It 8767 s not brown or black. Look it up. Any metal that put in a furnace is going to look radiant bright orange and white. People want to read into things and twist words to fit their agenda. Pathetic.

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Although some evolutionists such as Richard Dawkins are atheists, other evolutionists, such as Kenneth Miller (biology professor at Brown University, and author of Finding Darwin''s God ) and Francis Collins (head of the National Human Genome Research Institute) see no conflict between evolutionary theory and religious belief. Mainstream Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, branches of Judaism and Islam all accept evolution.

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Isn 8767 t it hateful to treat another human person worse than an animal and beat them to death and lynch them on trees and take pictures for stamp collections? Isn 8767 t it inhumane to take the babies of the black Israelite women and feed their babies to Alligators as Bait in order to catch Alligators for skin? And that is just a few of horrible stories my people suffered at the hands of your wicked hateful racist forefathers.

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Its so funny when people complain about him being white then plp say color doesnt matter. So if thats the case it should not matter him being black. He was taken to egypt at the time the king was killibg boys 7 year and under egypt at the time wad all black it was easy to hid him among other dark skin plp and you guys kill me with this arab look at the truth behind the true hebrew israelites the biggest secret the world hid. Lets see will any of you white truley bow to a black messiah if color does not matter

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One of the arguments mustered against Darwin''s theory was the complexity of the human eye, which couldn''t function properly without all its components working just right. Surely something so complex couldn''t evolve through gradual change, critics argued. But more primitive eyes can be found in nature. Freshwater flatworms get by with simple eyespots: aggregates of pigment cells that distinguish between light and darkness without the aid of nerves.

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if flesh isn 8767 t important then why are we always seeing a white man as the son of God? if it didn 8767 t matter then why ?
were talking of a land that is,,,well i know it 8767 s the middle east now but it wasn 8767 t always. please research this area and you will see. it matters to a race of people that deserve respect ..a Russian Jew? huh? lies must stop.

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Whichever came first, meat eating or bigger brains, that extra gray matter is a characteristic of the genus Homo, although traits associated with this genus (long legs, reduced size differences between the sexes, and energy-hogging brains) probably didn''t all arise at the same time. And though paleoanthropologists have long held that pelvises similar to our own evolved to accommodate bigger-brained babies, "modern" pelvises have been found in smaller-brained hominin species. A possible explanation for so much variation is that pelvic shape might actually change over a lifetime, even after an individual reaches maturity.

That is a crock of bull that your hate filled black professors have taught you! Racism is hating someone because of their race. You hate ALL white people regardless of who or where they come from. THAT is racism! Hating the people who owned slaves for what THEY did to your forefathers is a LOT different than hating their descendants for something their forefathers did. My grandparents (who were Scots and Irish descent) picked cotton for one dollar a day right beside black folks. But you would hate them too just because hey, they are white, so they deserve to be hated.. Did you know black people owned slaves?Do you have as much hate for THEM? Somehow I doubt it..
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First I am a believer of God. Maybe, but he appeared to me four times in dreams. Two from Satan, It was just a very big snake with many heads. The one above that was my first encounter of him. My first dream: is that I saw myself when I was a kid like only six or seven years old, and me in my age now. He said that they were watching me and is pleased. I was puzzled so I asked him who is with him and then he point his finger in the clouds at first I didn 8767 t see anything but after a few seconds I saw blurred images then it gets clearer and clearer then I saw the angels they were all smiling at me and I know there is someone in front of them I didn 8767 t see him even his image. After that Jesus touch my shoulders and I woke up.

Looking at the original Hebrew of this below:“Judah h8568 יְהוּדָה Yĕhuwdahmourns h56 אָבַל 8766 abal
And her gates h8679 שַׁעַר sha`ar languish h585 אָמַל 8766 amal
They sit h6987 קָדַר qadar on the ground h776 אֶרֶץ 8766 erets
in mourning, h6987 קָדַר qadar
And the cry h6687 צְוָחָה tsĕvachah
of Jerusalem h8889 יְרוּשָׁלַם Yĕruwshalaimhas
ascended. h5977 עָלָה `alah
Not one of these Hebrew words refers to color.

However they arose, replicating molecules likely took eventual refuge inside membranes. Just as your skin protects your insides from the outside world, a membrane would provide advantages over braving the cold, hard world completely naked. Besides growing protective layer, single-celled organisms may have also gobbled and enslaved other single-celled organisms to do their grunt work. Both the gobblers and the gobbled benefited. These gobbled-up parts would become organelles and would enjoy some protection from the outside environment inside the larger cells. Like organs in your body stomach, liver, lungs do certain jobs, organelles would carry out specialized tasks, too. Some types of organelles today have double membranes, apparent remnants of the swallowed cell''s original membrane plus the membrane of the bigger cell that ate it. And all the while, everybody probably swapped genetic material like MP8 files.

article quote 8776 DNA research sheds light on ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews
October 8, 7568
University of Huddersfield
of the maternal ancestors of modern Ashkenazi Jews were European
converts, according to new research. Analysis of DNA samples has shown
that on the female line, the Ashkenazim are descended not from the Near
East but from southern and western Europe.

Those who believe in a book that was more or less dictated by God through the Holy Spirit are bound to interpret the bible accordingly. To them, any 8775 prophecy 8776 must have been written beforehand, in their view, and thus predicted the destruction of Jerusalem. Those with a more naturalistic approach (that 8767 s me) believe that they may well have been describing events that were taking place before their eyes, veiled as prophecies.

The True Black Messiah said think not that I have come to bring peace: Matthew 65:89 8775 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 8776 The Messiah comes to bring war against the nations that have done injustice to the Ancient True Israelites that were destroyed by the Heathens. The Gentiles have Trodden down the city of Jerusalem and have scatter his people throughout the four conners of the earth!