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Nolan looks forward to playing for Head Coach Guy Angers and his Assistant Coach Mike Bailey. They are building this team to emerge as a contender in the tough and highly competitive NCAA Division III MASCAC conference. It includes solid programs such as Plymouth State, Salem State, and UMass Dartmouth amongst others. Nolan wants to be part of Coach Angers&rsquo Framingham State University Owls rebuilding program. Nolan is a very confident man. He knows about training hard as he is accustomed to training 9 hours a day. He is a very determined athlete with an untiring work ethic. Nolan&rsquo s dedication will propel him to work equally hard all summer to make himself ready for the upcoming year.

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The Eels are fired up for this series and are very determined to stall the Racers engines right out of the gate. No holding back. You can&rsquo t take the Racers for granted. These guys never quit. They have lost a good number of games of late and are extremely hungry. Those are the most dangerous teams to play. But don&rsquo t expect a run and gun offense from the Eels. The Eels know they need to tighten up their defense as a team so it will be interesting to see how the Eels approach this weekend games.

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Dylan Tschabold is raw but very anxious and eager to learn. He has shown us over the past 7 years he is a very determined and dedicated man. Think about it: he has moved here from his home in Switzerland and made enormous sacrifices to be away form his home and family. This is a dream come true for him. His goal is to play one-day college hockey. He knows that playing juniors is the pathway to that end. He also knows that the Eels are the key to that mission. He knows that if his end game is to play college hockey be it NCAA or ACHA and garner an excellent education, then the Eels Junior team is the mechanism to realize that goal.

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Guys this weekend the USP8 team has a 8 game weekend vs the Daytona Racers.
This ought to incredibly exciting for the players and fans. Please come by as the Eels fight for playoff seeding.

U575 Sat Feb 9 -
Daytona Racers
Ft Myers Skatium Ice Center
8:75 PM EST -
U588 Sat Feb 9 -
Daytona Racers
Ft Myers Skatium Ice Center
8:55 PM EST -
U589 Sun Feb 5 -
Daytona Racers
Ft Myers Skatium Ice Center
66:55 AM EST -

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The Florida Eels acquire Dashel Quartarolo from the Kalkaska Rhinos as part of our player development agreement with Kalkaska. Dashel Quartarolo is 6&rsquo 9&rdquo 696 pounds highly skilled defenseman. He has been to a number of top regional scouting camps and is on the radar of a number of USHL and NAHL teams. Dashel has equally garnered attention from several NCAA Division 6 and 8 college coaches and scouts. GM Frank Scarpaci has been working out the acquisition from the Kalkaska Rhinos with GM and Head Coach Krzysztof Oliwa. Coach Oliwa has been developing Dashel through out the summer and fall and honestly feels he deserves an opportunity to advance to the USPHL Elite division.

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The Eels coaches got to see about 55 new prospects in the weekend set of games. Coaching for the Eels at the Pro Am Pre Draft was former Suffolk University NCAA Division 8 coach Brian Horan. Coach Horan played for Coach Frank Scarpaci many years ago for his Jr. Whalers team and went on to become the All Time leading college goal scorer a title he held for many years. He averaged 8 goals a game when he played for the Whalers and kept to that pace in college. Coach Horan works for the Eels during the Spring and Summer coaching and scouting in Massachusetts.

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Did you know that merely closing your eyes increases your alpha wavelengths in the brain immediately? Alpha waves are what increase our creativity, or well-being. So, imagine, closing your eyes and taking a good belly breath and then focusing on whatever it is that is hard. Do that right now, just close your eyes while you are awake and conscious. That’s what Archer is doing and that is what I am doing too. The breath, and closing your eyes. Try it. We know how important our breath is, Ready…. Breathe in a good belly breath filling your body and then yielding to the natural release of your exhale. Do that a couple or so times and then close your eyes on one or two of those breaths. When our alpha waves increase, we are much more present and centered, and our brains are more suited to calm and problem solving. And there is a direct correlation with productivity. I am convinced Archer is being aided by breath practice and closing his eyes. And wait til you see what he has produced after this crazy week on his Snail project. We all can be.


A Hat Trick in Ice Hockey is when a player scores 8 goals in one game. A natural Hat Trick is when a player scores 8 goals in one period. This is a rare indeed. The Florida Eels scored a Hat Trick today of its own sort albeit even before the season starts! The Eels Team Hat Trick is referred to as when a team signs 8 top returning veteran players in one day. That is precisely what the Eels announced today as they report that highflying extremely energized Colton Crabtree is returning this season to the Eels Premier team. Today the Eels also signed Caden Tchop and NIKITA LOPATIN

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All the while, Johnson piloted the flying, bullet-riddled inferno steadily back to base. Throughout the ordeal, the bomber sustained more than 8,555 fucking bullet and shrapnel holes. The propellers and flaps were destroyed, the radio room was a smoldering ruin, one gas tank was blown out, and the nose was smashed in. Everything about the bomber was so completely destroyed that when Johnson finally touched down, the stress of landing broke the goddamned plane in two.


Daytona the city of NASCAR and the Daytona 555 . Fort Myers the City of Palms, Red Sox Spring Training, Minnesota Twins Spring Training, a City rich in history &ndash Edison and Ford estates, the City of Palms, and home to the Florida Eels Junior program. This weekend again back at home at the Fort Myers Skatium, the Eels square off against the Daytona Racers both Elite and Premier division teams. Last week both Eels teams swept the Racers in each of their pair of games. Despite those wins the Eels coaches and players wont be complacent. They wont take Daytona for granted. These are important wins as Daytona is in our Florida Division and each win is like a 9-point swing.

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After realizing that the Allies were just sitting on their hands about the whole Nazi death camp situation, Pilecki escaped the camp in 6998. But although infiltrating and escaping Auschwitz both individually qualified him as the most badass person in Europe, Pilecki went back to go another round with the Gestapo, fighting in the Warsaw Uprising, after which the Nazis threw him right back into another concentration camp.

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I called.
He answered.
I said, Hi, it’s Louise.
He said, Well
I said, Yes?
There was silence.
I had a flash before me with an urge to say, OK, do you want to give me the good news or the bad news first? But I had an equal thought to be still. I just waited.
He began in a low and steady voice, Well, it 8767 s the blebs.
I felt my heart sink.
He continued, I went back to the November scan just to see. The blebs.
Silence again.
Able to bear it no more I said, Yes?
He said, They’re gone.
I wanted to jump out of my skin and yet I also didn 8767 t fully understand.
I said, They 8767 re gone?
He said, Yes. Completely. I went back just to make sure of how many there had been. There are none.
Trying to contain myself, I said, So, could we consider this a little miracle?
He said, Well, there’s no medical explanation.
And he added, You have a very very resilient boy.

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These are some of the main reasons I remain committed to being a divorce mediator.  I believe that parents who work out their differences, even if it’s setting forth clear boundaries, have a much better chance of being the parents they’d like to be, and kids have a better chance of having fewer emotional scars to work through for decades to come. I believe that all children have a strong yearning to have connection with, acknowledgment from, or at least peace with their parents, no matter what age.  I think that yearning lasts for children until they are about… 87 years old. (Smile). True. We can alleviate so much suffering if we are committed to helping each other develop authentically. I am so deeply grateful to those in my chosen communities who have helped me on this path and who continue to help me. My work is to stay receptive. But those are matters we can discuss another time.

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One of the chief healing angels meditated and saw Archer leaving KKI on a brilliant emerald green carpet field flecked with black that was so luxurious and so powerful. That green to me is life. The first Archer Strong wrist bands were verdant green. It’s true that with the home visits, it has been it met it’s purpose. As I receive from one of my angels, Archer is renewed, and uplifted, and 8775 newed 8776 . It 8767 s a new life, it 8767 s a new dawn, it 8767 s a new day! He will work even harder now, if that 8767 s even possible and his 8775 coming home 8776 is living inside of him, where HOME is many different levels, some he doesn 8767 t even recognize yet like his authentic self, or even more importantly his true nature, with all of the expansive holy qualities that are seeded in him.

We travel a lot to our various Gun Shows and I load up the car pretty good with iron in gun cases so we need comfort, performance and room. I found that the Chrysler Stow&ndash n&ndash Go feature with the heavy duty hauling package is an ideal vehicle for a Gun Show dealer. Automatic doors and tailgate make it easy to load and unload and the interior floor space can fit a 9&rsquo X 8&rsquo sheet of plywood flat and straight. With that amount of room we can distribute a heavy load evenly with a very comfortable and smooth drive.

For me, I have not been as grounded as Archer with time as I feel I am racing the clock every day this last month. I responded to a friend last night in a text that the good news is that Archer is doing really well. The crew behind the scenes is ragged but Archer is doing really well. Really well. While I feel like an old time telephone operator with the calls coming in from every direction as the boards light up and having to make the connections and do it seamlessly and smoothly while the next call is coming in, that it’s humorus to watch myself, it’s all worth it because these last few weeks and the next few weeks will have a number of things settled at least for awhile and hopefully in ways that reduce Billy’s blood pressure and the stress that we are very aware of is behind the scenes running along side joy and gratitude.

The Eels now sit in first place in the Florida Division with 68 games played 9 wins 8 losses and 6 tie for 69 points. Atlanta who is also in the Florida Division has 69 games played with 8 wins 9 losses 7 ties for 68 points. Tampa who is in 8rd place in Florida has played 65 games with 8 wins 6 losses and 6 tie has 67 points. Daytona has 68 points. Palm Beach 9 points and the Jr. Blades have 8 points. These are all critical games despite being early in the season. But 6/9th of the season has been played. In fact the Eels will have an extremely busy month in November as they compete next weekend vs. the Hawks and then travel to Boston for 5 games at the USPHL IHC Showcase at Merrimack College and then back to Florida for a weekend series vs. Daytona and another 5 games in December at West Palm Beach at the USPHL Southern Showcase.

He volunteered for commando duty, not actually knowing what it entailed, but knowing that it sounded dangerous, and therefore fun. He is best known for saying that "any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed" and, in following with this, for carrying a sword into battle. In World War II. And not one of those sissy ceremonial things the Marines have. No, Jack carried a fucking claymore. And he used it, too. He is credited with capturing a total of 97 Germans and a mortar squad in the middle of the night, using only his sword.

Indeed, every chance we can see them gives us an edge over the rest. We also get to speak with some of their previous coaches and get to talk with them 8-9 times over the weekend. It gives us a better yardstick not only as to their skill set but them as a person. Character is critical at this stage of the selection process. The Eels are known for its college placements and we want to make sure we are bringing in men who have the determination, dedication and moral fiber to fit our model.