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Yesterday was the last time he will be put me through hell. It got to so bad with his abuse, I ending up crying in the bathroom. He locked me in the bathroom from the outside and told me I got what I deserved. Then he threatened to leave mea nd told me to get out. as I was getting my stuff together while crying he said, 8775 why are you still here get the hell out 8776 . I had alot of stuff to get together to take with me. I decided to leave the stuff and he stopped and said, If you are not going to sit there and shut up, and do as I say, then I 8767 m done with you and you need to go on and keep being a whore.

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I 8767 ve just moved out but he 8767 s saying he can 8767 t live without me..i dunno if i can either. i cat imagine my life without him..i can 8767 t go back to that house..he owned it and every time he had an episode i felt trapped. he displays all signs and is an alcoholic and occasionally takes drugs. im so afraid of being without him. he says he 8767 ll get better..i really wishvthat were true. he says he 8767 ll do whatever it takes and please don 8767 t break up withbut him. im so confused..i know i cat live there but could we stay together ? living on friends couch and can 8767 t see the wood from the trees

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It sounds like you are talking about my boyfriend. Everything you wrote describe him. He thinks that every guys is trying to get with me just because they would compliment me. He made a comment to me saying 8775 That is why I love ugly women. nobody checks them out. 8776 Then he would try to lower my self esteem saying 8775 you too skinny 8776 8775 this outfit makes you ugly 8776 so on and so forth. I try not to let that affect me but I gave up so much for him. He is the worst mistake of my life but now I 8767 m scared I might be pregnant. 🙁

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Advice needed! I 8767 ve been a stepmom for 7 years. I love my stepdaughter. But her mother makes everything so stressful. I do feel at the end of the day, she is bitter and can 8767 t get over my husband. She constantly sends him text messages about how bad I am, and things I supposedly do when she 8767 s with us. It just won 8767 t stop. He doesn 8767 t respond to her anymore to defend me. But she still does it. I would love to confront her, but I think at the end of the day it would make thing worse. Instead of looking forward to her coming over, I 8767 m starting to dread it because of the aftermath. I know it stresses my husband out and he does try to shield me, but there 8767 s got to be something I can to help resolve this.

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Hi, i dated an older guy who was a sociopath, it was only for a couple of months but i recognised the signs and after a lot of reading about sociopathic style I realised this is what he will make you feel like YOU are the crazy one, that YOU have the issues, that YOU are responsible for all the arguments that you both unfortunately they will wear at your self esteem till you start to actually believe it is your all about power and control with sociopaths, and yes it definitely feels like they are Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde, I felt like I was always walking on eggshells

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If he thinks my precious little autistic son who is helpless without full time hands-on care is leaving my house to be in the same room with this chick, he 8767 s been smoking something. I am going to the attorney Monday and going for full custody. He hasn 8767 t been in the same room with him in over a year and never supported one dime toward him. (And slept with prostitutes when I was pregnant)

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The 96-year-old, who is best known for his Robert Pattinson film Remember Me , dated the future royal for six years before getting engaged in 7565. They tied the knot a year later in a four-day wedding celebration in Jamaica and were married for two years before calling it quits. The couple cited irreconcilable differences, with sources reporting her role as Rachel Zane in the USA series was to blame for the split.

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Obviously you are going to be an bitter ex Great!
Your marriage is OVER. THE DIVORCE is final. He has moved on. You should do the same. If he wanted to get married and have 65 kids immediately that is his decision, not yours! Because you are no longer his wife. You no longer get to make any decisions about his life! If you were not so focused on your ex and what he was doing you could move on. My advice to you if you want to be happy is to never look at his social media, never get in his business, and move on.
Don 8767 t try to make his life hell because he moved on. Men do seem to move on faster than women. It is what it is. Some women move on faster. The point is, what business or right do you have to hate the woman involved in the situation. Hate your ex husband (which will cause you bitterness and prematurely age you).

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6. You act as a mirror for her. When she looks at your strengths, all she sees are her weaknesses.  If she never thought she was a good business woman and you own your own business, that insecurity is magnified. Same could be said for your intelligence, physical appearance, age, housekeeping skills, creativity, fashion sense, how much her kids enjoy being around you and your happy marriage.

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Question What can I do If I broke off with a psychopath after dating several months cause I figured out there was seriously something wrong with the way he was acting. Just recently he said some things about our bosses and the two of us had a meeting about it with our employers and in the meeting he sat there and denied everything that he said about them making me look like a fool. Also he did everything he could to control my life. Why I 8767 m asking this is what can I do to ignore him and not let him bother me while I work the rest of my contract out because he 8767 s trying to get under my skin and he 8767 s also looking at me in a creepy way. Any hints on what I can do. Please help

Question trying to get my head round this! How come these people typically are so amazing for the first year..ish and then suddenly hit u with all this shit? How do they suck u in to think they are normal caring people..and why does it always feel like the greatest all consumming, passionate love? Ive no idea how I let myself get sucked in before realising their true colours? Do i pick the wrong I vunerable or are they good at hiding it for awhile? Ive often wondered about my exes/boyfriend..(who knows what we are right now..) past girlfriends and if they were subject to this behaviour too?

I would leave while he is at work. And no he can not take your kids unless he can prove you unfit. I don 8767 t know what state you live in but the laws are different in each state. I know I would not stay mental abuse is worse the physical abuse! And your kids see him do you like that then they might think it is ok for dad to treat mom like that. If you have friends and family willing to help you I would leave. Let your boss know what is going on to and your hr person they could help you and the kids. I had a friend that was in the same boat you were. It 8767 s not easy but you need to take that step you are better then that and you deserve a better life.

I 8767 m 66 and he 8767 s 69 coming up 75 and am stuck with someone who is all of these things I can 8767 t get away from him he threatens me saying I will never ever live a happy day in my life again and says I should watch my family because they will get it too, I feel like there 8767 s no way out, I 8767 m a self harmer and have done it since the age of 67 and now I 8767 m strongly considering suicide because it seems as if that the only way I can be happy and get away from him :''(

Flo, I tried the same thing dating him off and on. he promised me he would get help and everything else. he wont change!!! you have to love yourself to do that. I told myself that I love myself to much to let a person treat me this way. like I said before it is all a head game with people like this. they always have to be in control no matter what. people like this have head issues and it takes a lot of therpy could take years before you see any results. I am a very strong willed person and I understand you love him, but life is to short to let someone treat you like that. People with issues like this prey on people like us. loving, caring then once they are in they knock us down. stand up and tell him GOODBYE!!! You can do better.

I appreciate your comment and am glad you enjoyed this post, Collene. Two things I 8767 d like to point out. One, you say that the stepmom didn 8767 t ask to be put in such a difficult spot. That 8767 s true, but isn 8767 t it also true of moms? When they married and had children they didn 8767 t expect to be getting divorced. And some say that with divorce it should be obvious that one day your ex will remarry. But the reality is that when a woman is going through a divorce, she 8767 s not thinking about that. She 8767 s trying to process a million other emotions and thinking down the road about a stepmom entering the picture just isn 8767 t on her radar. So really, neither woman asked for this.

Just remember you are not alone, I had only 7 really good friends that help me through mine. they are both mean and pointed out to me that i looked depressed and like i was walking on egg shells. they helped me get through it and stood by my side when i needed them regardless of the threats that he would say. I am so glad it is over I am back to my old self now and things are normal like they should be. He really never loved you people that treat people like that is not love. it is a control thing. people like him do not change u cannot love someone when they wont let you. I am not going to lie i do think about him sometimes but i do not miss him. I do hate the fact that i let him treat me badley because i am a very strong willed person and i was upset with myself for the longest time because i could not beleive the shit i let him put me through. It will take time but you will get over it. You have to love and forgive yourself before you can move on. i relized that and i have moved on and family and friends help. You could always join a group as well to talk about things. or just a close friend. you can do better just remember that good luck.

I went out with a guy for several months who I now know was crazy. The scary part though is I thought I was the crazy one while I was with him! i would leave the room and come see him in another room 75 minutes later and would not even recognize him, its like he had changed his features or persona. You definitely get a sense of things never quite add up. This information on this page is dead on! He got really mad one time when I left his house, and even started accusing me of stealing money from him, and I am completely anti-stealing! I will never forget what mental pressure I dealt with while I was seeing this guy. I constantly felt the need to get away from him, and at the same time, when I was away from him I wanted to be with him, I think because he made sure he was the only one I had. Anyway the moral of the story is, yes, if youre with crazy, you start to feel crazy!!!

If your husband refuses to communicate with you, and the new girlfriend is good to your children and spending time to get them, you need to speak to her about this. Face to face, woman to woman. If your ex husband won 8767 t speak to you, do not blame this woman, instead of becoming her enemy, speak with her and find out what is going on. maybe you ex husband has told her things untrue about you, and that he doesn 8767 t want to deal with his ex wife. Sounds like the girlfriend has been caught in the middle. She is maybe trying to be please him, in hopes to marry him, by showing him what a good mother step mother she can be. You should sit down with her woman to woman and speak with her.

Thank you for all the suggestions I read on this piece of abuse husband is a true colour changing behaves normal to other people ,but when he is with us as a family ,he is so aggressive and spiteful ,stalking and abusing us psychologically ,emotionally ,damaging my property and ill treating our eleven year daughter. Punching ,clapping ,and punching her between the thighs her away from me as a mother ,using vulgar language everyday ,harrasing us by shouting almost to kill us ,break all the windows.. Re enforcing to have sex with me as if nothing wrong is happening. Accusing me of adultery.

First, I 8767 d like to commend you on your wonderful efforts you have placed on the children despite the horrible situation you are currently living in along with a poor prospect of the future concerning their mother stepping in again. They seem on the most part finally found some stability in their lives. Unfortunately, you are probably right in any future courts decision to favor the bio mother as far as custody is concerned. They may not give her full, but she may get joint. My only suggestion is that the both of you (you and your husband) fight tooth and nail for full custody, never slacking from it. Keep scrupulous records of everything and anything she does which would harm or lead to harming the children. Try to retain a good lawyer with full knowledge in dealing with those that have intense narcissistic personality disorders so he/she can make a plea to the court that the bio mother is incapable of maintaining a safe, secure and healthy home for her children based on her past and whatever records you compile of her recent behaviors by keeping a journal.

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