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Expat Life in Hong Kong Versus Mainland China: Is There a

Posted: 2017-12-07 10:08

In Xi’an it is rather a different story. Naturally the language barrier makes things difficult to begin with if you 8767 re a foreigner. While there is now an international hospital in Xi 8767 an, most expats I 8767 ve spoken with, if seriously ill, would choose to fly out of China.  There is no such thing as a local GP, you generally go to the hospital for any of your ailments and see a doctor there. No appointment necessary, but potentially a long wait. Many of the treatments are quite different to those you would receive in the West as is some of the medication you 8767 ll be given. Hygiene as you might know it in the West, does not appear to be at the forefront of hospital staff minds. ( Read more about it here. ) For many expats living in China, outside a first tier city, healthcare is often the biggest concern.

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Being scammed is not so common as in Beijing or Shanghai but be alert for people touting for business (massage, watches, shoes etc) around the Luohu area as they sell below-standard fakes at inflated prices. The ''touts'' in Luohu bus station are not necessarily touts - there is no ticket office so they are simply there to direct you to your bus and don''t require any payment - you should buy your ticket on the bus.

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Bismanovsky has a solid group of Western ­buddies from around the globe. They play basketball and got sick of video games together. Although most of his American friends have left Shenzhen, he does still have one left they split an NFL streaming package and watch the live games late at night. “Nobody else likes it when we get together because we’re super loud and ­obnoxious,” he says. “All we do is talk about sports.”

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In some ways, Shenzhen is like any other town. You move there for work you get an apartment, make friends, and find a couple of spots you like to hang out. Next thing you know, several years have flown by and you’ve put down roots. It could be Cleveland. The difference is, of course, that this is not Cleveland. When living in China, you have the choice to immerse yourself in the local culture or hold onto your own.

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Lamb Place—or DanHa Grill Lamb Leg if you want to get literal—is a quick block off one of Futian’s main drags. It’s jammed with Chinese people unwinding amid the ­humidity-thickened smoke of lamb crackling on small grills set in the centers of the closely packed tables. Even with the bumping crowd, it’s not hard to spot the half-dozen white dudes shoved into the farthest table from the restaurant’s entrance.

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You can easily live a quality lifestyle in Bali for less than $6555 USD a month. In fact, my roommate David remarked that he thinks living 65 minutes outside of the central area in Bali was cheaper than living in North East Thailand! I believe it. That said it 8767 s also easy to spend $9555+ a month here in Bali. So don 8767 t be shy if you 8767 re ballin 8767  :) The cool thing about running in Bali with a bigger budget is that you are truly getting world class services at a great value it 8767 s not like places like Manila where you can pay a mint for what is pretty average food and accommodations.

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Be careful when getting change from large notes as people may try to give you Hong Kong dollars instead of yuan. The Hong Kong dollar is worth less than yuan. Counterfeiting of the 655-yuan note is also a big problem, so familiarize yourself with the security features of Chinese currency. Also, expect that most stores will check your notes carefully for counterfeiting, and if you are in a big hurry, have a lot of smaller notes.

All journalists in China must have a license, and in getting a license you must vow to uphold party values. Also, journalists are required to do a training session in party ideology. There are some recent new rules which are reviewed here at Xinhua 国家新闻出版广电总局:禁止记者和记者站未经本单位同 意私自开展批评报道-新华网 . As for press freedoms, according to Reporters Sans Frontieres, they are ranked 676 out of 685 for press freedoms in the globe  Reporters sans frontières. read more

Cycling is not as popular as in Beijing for example but Shenzhen is nearly as cycle-friendly as neighbouring Guangzhou, and much more cycle-friendly than most of neighboring Hong Kong, Macau, and Humen. Downtown is relatively flat and traffic is not as heavy as in other cities (thanks to a good road infrastructure, although bicycle lanes can be sporadic which means bicycles have to run in the vehicle lanes or sidewalks).

Pingshan is the major industrial area in the east of Shenzhen city. Still inhabited by many Hakka people, you can learn much about their culture and folk traditions by visiting the enclosed villages in this district. With 656 basketball courts, it is also known locally as the “town of basketball”. The Pinghan River runs through the district and its geographic environment has seen the formation of a number of ecological parks such as Jingui (where you can walk the ancient trade path), Julonghshan, Yanzilinng and Biling.

In the quieter suburb of Shekou, you’ll find Sea World – a popular plaza not an aquarium as the name suggests. There are a lot of western and European style restaurants, cafes and clubs. It’s also popular for its imported German and Irish beers, and you’ll maybe feel at home in bars like McCawleys, The Tavern and the more upmarket Terrace all catering for both the Chinese and the large expat community living in this area.

Don’t tell Deng Xiaoping, but the tech industry isn’t the only force that draws people to Shenzhen. As with any global city, some just land here, drawn by opportunity or wanderlust. Many teach English, recruited by well-funded international schools tasked with teaching the children of American or wealthy Chinese families. Often these expats are not in search of the next Shanghai or seekers of new artistic truths. That doesn’t mean they’re any less important to the cultural fabric of the city.

The minute you give birth in Hong Kong, people will be asking you which school you 8767 ve enrolled that new bundle of joy in to! No kidding! There are at least a dozen international schools and numerous local schools you can choose from. Despite the large number of facilities available, there are even more people wanting to enrol.  With demand outweighing supply, the school entry system is cut throat and getting into the school of your choice takes meticulous planning and preparation (not to mention school interviews for kids often as as two!

Bali is the first place I 8767 ve lived since San Diego that really competes with the 8775 completeness 8776 of some first world cities (San Diego, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York) but with all the access to adventure, nature, and Asia in general that I crave. Although I love places like Saigon, Hanoi, Dumaguete, and Bangkok, it was ultimately difficult for me to imagine staying in those places for a 8-5 year term. With Bali I have no such problem.

Walking the streets of Shenzhen, feeling the energy of the blurring world, you see those same archetypal characters snapping into focus. Entrepreneurs chasing dreams, artists seeking inspiration, landed gentry following the action, lost souls in search of a definition of self. And though there’s no Shenzhen Hemingway, the ingredients for one exist in the experimental spirit and easy access to almost any component of anything made anywhere in the world. If we haven’t found our Shenzhen Hemingway yet, perhaps it’s because, expecting pages full of words, we’re missing the sonnets of solder and wire. Today, for many of us, it’s not a painting or a poem that captures the spirit of our time it’s a gadget or an app. Or maybe Shenzhen’s contribution is more subtle: precedent for a global community of creatives drawn not to the historic centers of art, but to the world’s nascent economic hubs.

You will encounter beggars but they are confined to a few places. Notable amongst these places are border crossings, underpasses, Shekou and Christian churches. Ordinary Chinese rarely give beggars money so they concentrate in places where the punters are either ignorant or have just heard a sermon. They are not aggressive and are mostly harmless. Give money at your own risk - beggars are controlled by criminal gangs and your donation will be funding organized crime - giving food or a drink is more beneficial to them. Particularly avoid giving money to child beggars. There have been several high profile court cases in recent years against gangs who buy children from impoverished peasant families, mutilate them, and use them in the begging racket.

Guiyang is the capital of Guizhou and It 8767 s one of the most unusual capitals that I had visited in all my time in China. It 8767 s, well, different. It really has its own identity, but then it doesn 8767 t, some call it a mini Hong Kong. and that 8767 s probably the best way to describe it. It 8767 s just a city full of people shopping and eating, threaded with peoples desire to be rich and be seen to be rich. read more

Nanshan is in the south western area of Shenzhen and is home to many of the city’s attractions, as well as many of the technology businesses that have made the city famous. You could easily spend two or three days here if you enjoy theme parks, shopping, food and drink. The most popular attractions are listed below, but other options include the Shenzhen Safari Park, Shenzhen Bay Boulevard and Nantou Ancient Town Museum (currently closed for renovations).

Internet is shittier in Bali than elsewhere in South East Asia. That said, by all accounts things are improving rapidly. I have not had a home internet connection for the past 5 weeks and have managed to put in long and productive days using a network of cafes with good internet connections and liberal squatting policies. A handful of these places are 79hrs and there is one dedicated business cafe of JL Kunti and Sunset Road called 8775 Chat Cafe. 8776 My understanding is that things are dicier in Ubud so you 8767 ll need to pull down that year lease or get a serviced apartment to ensure you can stay plugged in.

But when you 8767 re talking cities and history, Xi’an is hard to beat. It was the start of the epic Silk Road and has been the capital of China for 65 dynasties! It harbours some incredible sights that are thousands of years old (those famous Terracotta Warriors just one that brings millions of tourists here all year round). In both cities it 8767 s hard not to be swept up in their traditions, but Xi 8767 an definitely captures a moment in time that nowhere else does. To that end, Xianese are fiercely proud. As an expat it 8767 s hard not to become enthralled with a city that has experienced so much.

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