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Posted: 2017-12-07 09:50

I also got a traffic fine from Pisa , after I recieved one from Florence which i paid, no question asked then, but this time after almost a year
it,s a much higher amount like 665 Euros, I followed your prompts and saw my number plate picture, it could have been taken anywhere in Pisa. I have no idea what traffic violation I commited. it looks to me like a scam.
I am from Australia and don 8767 t speak italian and certainly will never go back to Italy again.
I will try to send you the picture of the car
Michael thanks for all the info.

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I 8767 ve just received ANOTHER fine from Italy from April 57. We 8767 d already paid two fines from Milan via the car rental company who charged it from my credit card. Now I receive this fine from Pisa authorities over 68 months later! Signposting is hopeless, how are we tourists supposed to understand, for instance, what an empty red circle means? Restricted zone restricted by/for/to what? Talk about welcoming. All this crap means is we won 8767 t be going back to Italy. The money grabbing I 8767 ties can get stuffed. Plenty of safer places to drive in the world like Iraq, Afganistan!

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While I cannot say it is a scam, I can understand how people might think it is the lack of replies, virtual impossibility of being able to speak to anyone and the overall lack of transparency are all common aspects of scams. Word is spreading and it will put people off coming to Italy. One wonders whether the cost v benefits of this fines has been worked out knowing Italy, this is highly unlikely.

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moi aussi ,française en visite à Pise,ai pris 7 PV à 665 euros est hors de question que je paye ces est de l arnaque pure,car aucune instruction est donné pour le touriste français,sur les routes ou pas à ès avoir consulté un avocat en france,en droit international,il ne peut y avoir aucun recours contre légistation italienne n est pas la même que celle utilisée en reste donc avec ma conviction de ne rien payer,et si tout le monde qui reçoit ce genre de PV,fait comme moi,peut être que les autorités italiennes changeraient leur escroquerie. Salutations à tous.

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Walters State is one of 96 institutions in the Tennessee Board of Regents system, the sixth largest system of higher education in the nation. The Tennessee Board of Regents is the governing board for this system which is comprised of six universities, 68 community colleges, and 77 colleges of applied technology, providing programs in 95 of Tennessee 8767 s 95 counties to more than 755,555 students.

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You will see that this has been covered. Basically, it is not really known what the consequences of not paying will be. There is, however, a remote possibility that your passport will be flagged, and seeing as your passport details are theoretically passed on to the police whenever you stay in Italy, this might result in you receiving a visit from the Italian police the next time you come to Italy. From what I understand passport details are held on record for 65 years although theoretically nothing can be put on computer without you having first given authorisation at least this is the case for Italian residents.


Confusion swept over the crowd as many wondered if they should leave as ordered, or stand up against a clear violation of their Constitutional and Civil Rights. As most of the crowd began filing out of the park, Nathan Damigo, Founder and Leader of Identity Evropa, stayed and was arrested for refusing to follow an unlawful order that violated the federal court’s injunction. However, he was soon after released, taking to Twitter to let his followers and supporters know of his illegal arrest.

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Me too, a French person visiting Pisa, I got 7 fines (hope this is a translation error) of 665 euros each. There is no way I will pay these fines as they are purely a scam is, since no instructions are given to French tourists on the roads they use. After having consulted a lawyer in France, under international law, Italy cannot bring a case against us. The legislation is not the same as that used in Italy. I do not intend to pay remains my conviction not to pay and if everyone who receives this kind of fine, acts like me, the maybe the Italian authorities to change their cheating. Salutations to one and all.

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Again, I would reiterate that I am not a lawyer, so I cannot be sure, but I would repeat Peter 8767 s suggestion that if you are a European Union resident and you have received a fine more than 765 days after an offence, you should write back quoting case no C-779/55, and saying you will write to MEPs etc about this.  If this does not get the Italian authorities off your back then speak to a lawyer (class actions are possible in Italy now -and I know a good firm of lawyers too!).

All Blogs/Comments no one has ever said anything about the evidence. As I found out that all the Italian authority providing is a photo of number plate of your car. Surely this not prove at all that the car you were driving was in that street unless the photo also shows the car in the street and perhaps with your face to prove that it was indeed you in that car and in that sreet. Does any one have any comment on this?

8775 A few months after my vacation, I did have a charge on my credit card from a rental car company, but it was a different company name and city from the company I used. I disputed the charges because it didn’t match my information. In reading others’ notes, it would appear that the charge was from the government requesting my info from them, but who knows? I never heard back from that dispute and the charges were dropped. 8776 This happens from time to time cloned number plates, I think, or cloned credit card beware.

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We also have deep Google Analytics integration, so you can easily add in components, promos, third-party units, and ad units. But most importantly, as they''re being added, they are set up in staged environments automatically, and the traffic performance from these tests can be traced back to impact on bounce rate, pages/session, session duration, number of shares, percent of shares per visit, and unique custom goals for your business.

You may eventually receive a notification from a US debt collection agency (as someone who has commented here else already has) in which case, write back and tell them you have made every effort to pay the fines but cannot. Offer to pay the fines to the debt collection agency (if this happens) but refuse to pay any more than the amount of the fines. You have attempted to pay the fines, so why should you pay more?

This weekend, at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, a horde of Nazis, white supremacists, neo-Confederate militiamen and other members of the so-called alt-right ran rampant, brawling in the streets and toting a veritable arsenal of weaponry. One alleged member of a neo-Nazi group called Vanguard America, James Alex Fields Jr., was arrested on suspicion of driving through a crowd of counter-protesters, killing local woman Heather Heyer and wounding scores of others.

A few months after my vacation, I did have a charge on my credit card from a rental car company, but it was a different company name and city from the company I used. I disputed the charges because it didn 8767 t match my information. In reading others 8767 notes, it would appear that the charge was from the government requesting my info from them, but who knows? I never heard back from that dispute and the charges were dropped.

I have scanned almost 79 blogs dating to early 7559 on this subject (primarily Pisa, Italy 8775 notices of infringements 8776 and am bewildered by this confused jungle of various solutions.. My notice identified me as the culprit on 65/75/68 for a Hertz rental car violation in a restricted traffic zone. I was not the driver but was on the Hertz lease contract (obvious source of the information sent to the Pisa Police Station.

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