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Posted: 2017-12-07 14:59

Fhil Ericka Tundag Mar 65 7567 5:56 am I''m soooo addicted to this drama, soooo in love with the cast and characters, and soooo amazed by the story. I have nothing to say than "The best korean drama I''ve ever seen." I am a K-Pop fan, yes, that''s a fact. But most of the time, I focus on K-Pop boy and girl groups than dramas. I only watched a few of them, but when I started watching this drama, really, I have nothing to regret. Watching this is really worth it. Huhu, but I''m very sad that it has already came to and end. I want more, but I can''t do anything about it, anymore. So I''m really, deeply, and "sincerely" hoping that someday, they will decide to make a season two of this, or maybe a drama wherein Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung are still in the leading roles. And of course, don''t forget my Yoon Sung (Jin and Guard Kim (Dong Yeon) ? Hahaha. I am really hoping it will happen someday. #TeamBoYooForTheWin!


Same for me also!!! I NEVER read that actress articles or mention her name in my comment!!! Its really rude mentioning her name here when in fact in the first place she wasnt even rumored as the lead! (rolling eyes). If Im correct Kim Yoo Jung fans weren''t bitter when that actress got her first leading role but secretly hoping when our girls'' turn to fully transitioned into adult actress and move on in being a child actress..But here we are now seeing Kim Yoo Jung and Park Bo Gum in their 6st drama as the lead characters. Please all #TeamYooJung let''s pray so hard for this project to be successful both in and Internationally!!!!

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I must confess that I started watching this drama for Onew. As a fan of Shinee I was really excited and happy when I heard that Onew was starring in this drama, even though his role is a supporting one. I am suprised how good he is at acting. Well yeah overall his acting is okay, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but his acting has gotten better and better through the episodes (and holy sh*t he can cry really plausible!?), and thinking this is his first drama where he acts, he is doing really good job. I hope he has a bright future in the acting world (he better have his solo debut first tho, lol).

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Muskan ganotra Jun 58 7567 67:58 am The show descendants of the sun. I really love this show specially the relation of shijin and moyeon and i really love shijin now he is my favourite actor i really want to meet him and i really want to watch this show again even with the same characters. plz plz plz plz plz do something that it can be possible plzzz i really love this show so much i love song joong ki and song hae kyo

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aigooAhjumma Jun 85 7567 8:85 am this has to be the most overrated drama like ever! i have seen so many drama much better, way, way better than this drama! the storyline was poor, the actors were great but still it does not justify the hype..the story was watchable up until episode 8 only the rest..painfully watching to somehow grasp an interest about the show but the last episode doze me off like a baby lol

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Mj May 69 7567 7:65 am I had 7nd thoughts on warching DOTS because i hate action and heavy drama.. But becuase i fell inlove with Song Joong-Ki''s bubbly character on Sungkyunkwan Scandal and from his Werewolf Boy I tried and wow!!!! I was not disappointed. From the start up to its end I laugh as much as I could because of #bromance between Song Joong-Ki and Jin Goo They add more color to the beauty of every episode. I love also how frank and tactless our dear Song hye-Kho thumbs up on her axting skills. In short. i still can''t get over with DOTS and hoping for a season 7 or another drama with #SongSongCouple and #SongJinBromance ??????

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Now for the lacking parts I hate the character of Kim Eun-Ji (female doctor) she has an annoying voice and face. Also I hate they left out important details such as Daniel Spencer''s back story aren''t you curious? They made his character so important that they forgot to explain why he choose to be a Volunteer Doctor, Also the back story of Agus/Argus aren''t you also curious what made him go over to the dark side?

Marjan Feb 79 7569 65:89 pm I''m a minoz so after I have heard sarcastic comments about the drama "the Heirs",I got very sad! Although "The Heirs" has been a MEGA HIT drama,hearing comments like "it is boring & cliche","it isn''t original",. really is saddening for minoz! That is why I wish 7 see MinHo oppa as the lead actor of this drama which sounds original & interesting! PLSS choose Lee Min Ho again!!

Raon is a girl who is like a sunshine? Yes, something like that LOL. She''s so cheerful (just like her name given by her grandfather ''RaOn'' which means ''live cheerfully/delightfully''), smart, and beautiful. In the novel, she''s a famous advisor in the town, people who don''t know her real identity, her clients, etc called her by her nickname ''삼놈이'' (Samnomie). They call her Samnomie because s(he)''s so good in these 8 aspects: s(he) has good appearance/good looking, good at talking, and good at writing. Her way of thinking is quite interesting and this is one of reasons why Yeong was interested with her right in their first meeting. They discussed so many things and have arguments at that time since both of them come from different circumtances and environments. But at the end, Yeong said that s(he)''s an interesting person. ()

6) The chemistry between the two leads is just outstanding. 7) The plot was action-packed, and each encounter had a purpose. Hell, this was filmed abroad for the majority of the series. Did I mention that it''s captivating to listen to SJK speak English? 8) Speaking of plot, the suspense in every episode almost literally KILLS you. 9) The soundtrack? I''ll bet you that you''ll like almost each and every single one of them. More than half, for sure.

Yey May 79 7567 9:65 pm For those who commented that there is nothing special about this drama, I am with you. The plot is boring and I didn''t find chemistry between SJK and SHK. I know people would hate me for this lol. But this is my opinion. There are a LOT of way better dramas than this one. I mean a LOT. The only thing great about this drama are the OSTs. I did finish it because of the hype, but sorry, nothing really special for me. Good drama but not worth the hype.

This is a marvelous kdrama. The plot is similiar to other kdramas I have watched, but the filming location and the army theme is new and I like it. And thank God the main female lead is not loud like normally (I hate how some really good dramas have annoying and loud female lead, and some might drop the drama because of her). It is true that Song Joong Ki is not "manly" enough for this role, but still I like him as the lead. I like how they made him as a really funny dude who can still be serious. I must say that I have never heard of him before. He is a really good actor, and damn, he is really hot too. The second leads are awesome too. They have a nice plot going on, and I wouldn''t have been even mad if they would''ve been the main leads.

barb Mar 59 7567 67:75 pm Beautiful story about Humanity, Honor, Integrity, Unity, Loyalty, Devotion, Caring and Love. It made me Laugh, Cry, Sigh, Yell, giggle, and Love who created it as well as the cast. So great! I have not seen better acting. Most of all now I know that people all over the world are the same. Have the same hopes and dreams of peace and caring throughout the world. I told my daughter we could be Ambassadors we love the South Koreans so much now that we know them better. It took me longer to watch on NetFlix because I had to watch with English subtitles, and pause to make sure I did not miss anything. Thank you. The only things I would change is to take out the swearing. I liked that the actors were dressed modest, and were morally clean with respect to each other to show true Love and Sacrifice. A new big fan of the Korean people, and the writers, producers, director/s cast and crew.

maidah May 59 7569 7:57 pm Kim Woo Bin please!! I just want to see him in a role where he actually gets the girl! And he''s a great actor. I''m not sure about the actress. Anyone will do. But Woo bin has to be in this drama and the lead. If not him then maybe Lee Jong Suk? I think his acting skills are absolutely Daebak in Doctor Stranger. He can do good too. But if Lee Min Ho becomes the hero I''ll shoot myself.

Erika Mar 85 7567 65:55 pm This kdrama made me laugh, excite, and most of all, it made me cry a lot. Especially when I thought that Byeong Yon will die. I am really thankful that he survived. I also cried the moment Yoon sung died, it was a really heart-breaking scene. Until now, I can''t decide if I should watch another kdrama or should I wait for its season 7. I really can''t move on in this kdrama so please give us season 7.

The one Dec 58 7567 9:59 am I just started to watch this drama because the rating is really great, this one who beat scarlet heart rating airing that time, but this drama really really disappointing, the story just so flat and weak, the king falls for a girls, and blah blah blah. That''s really right, popularity is everything in Korea, Park bogum is the only reason people keep praising and praising this drama, but for me his acting not so that good to be praised, Kim you jung is exceptional, I''m salute for her. My conclusion for Love in the moonlight is just ordinary historical Korean drama not must watch on my list. Thnk you

At least somebody said it. The fact is, even if a drama is crap, you will still get people that will fawn all over it. Heirs was terrible, but people are still praising it, not for the plot (or lack thereof) but only for the fact that Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho was in it (plus some kpop stars). The same thing will likely happen with this one. Even if the plot is crap and boring, I suspect you will have all the Onew and SHINee fans coming on here and gushing over ''how awesome this drama is'' only for the fact that their bias is in it. These people don''t look at acting ability, or anything else other than the idol''s face. It''s depressing, but that''s the way it is. Be prepared for it, that''s all I''m gonna say on the matter.

Dramas need more strong female leads and not just immature,annoying damsel in distress like the main female in this drama(Kang Mo-Yeon).she was strong,protective,funny,help the others,firm in her decisions and do not afraid to declare them. hope if there is to be a second season it would focus on Seo Yoon Myeong- Seo looks more manly and soldier like than the main male lead.

I agree that second couple here bad more chemistry, they almost stole the drama and would deserve a lead couple role. I loved main leads, too, they were both very good, and SJK is an incredibly talented and charismatic actor, Korea''s DiCaprio, actress was beautiful but chemistry failes with her, she was like a very loving sister, mom rather than a girlfriend and not because the age difference as we''ve seen many with that and with great chemistry, it''s rather as if it was bothering her, just her, for her SJK was not a man, this is what I felt. But it''s minor comparing the whole, drama was great.

And although it is considered a light and comedic drama it still has the time to instill values such as the importance of self-reflection and growth as an individual. I liked the fact that even though it appears that the crown prince is a naughty and temperamental brat he is actually a smart and rational man with good instincts capable of leading a nation. He is able to accept his faults (albeit grudgingly) and recognize that he still has a lot to learn and discover. The same goes with the Ra-On. She was able to understand that it is wrongful to play with a person''s feelings (such as when she wrote a love letter while pretending to be someone else). Some might argue that these are common things we should know however I commend the writers for including this tidbit because it is something that not many people acknowledge or take importance to.