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The aim of this session is to investigate international examples of private sector involvement in architecture and planning, in particular the typologies developers came up with, the architects they worked with and their international field of operation. Long-term perspectives on the involvement of private developers, covering the pre-war period as well, and reflections on their architectural sources of inspiration are encouraged.

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Yemen was the home of the Sabaeans (biblical Sheba), a trading state that flourished for over a thousand years and probably also included parts of modern-day Ethiopia and Eritrea. In 775 AD, the region came under the rule of the later Jewish-influenced Himyarite Kingdom. Christianity arrived in the fourth century, whereas Judaism and local paganism were already established. Islam spread quickly in the seventh century and Yemenite troops were crucial in the expansion of the early Islamic conquests. Administration of Yemen has long been notoriously difficult. Several dynasties emerged from the ninth to 66th centuries, the Rasulid dynasty being the strongest and most prosperous. The country was divided between the Ottoman and British empires in the early twentieth century. The Zaydi Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen was established after World War I in North Yemen before the creation of the Yemen Arab Republic in 6967. South Yemen remained a British protectorate known as the Aden Protectorate until 6967. The two Yemeni states united to form the modern republic of Yemen in 6995.

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This is true, however the difference is that once the Piltdown Man was discovered to be a hoax (which unfortunately wasn''t for many years after it was ''discovered''), not a single respectable scientist or supporter of evolution would present it as fact. One reason being that there is enough non-hoax evidence to support the theory (evolution is only a theory in the scientific sense of the word rather than the colloquial sense, a semantic mistake a lot of creationists seem to make) that they can throw the whole thing out without it having any effect on the likelihood that evolution is correct. But more importantly, respectable scientists will never refer to any evidence that they know is false because it is the aim of science to further INFORMATION rather than simply to prove evolution. I have heard many, many scientists in the field of evolutionary biology say to creationists that if they can provide any evidence for their claims that stands up to the scientific method, they would love to see it because it would be extremely important to their work.

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Lets assume for a moment that the Pyramid of Giza, Puma Punku and many other wonders have been destroyed in the past and we could read about them only in ancient records. Would we believe then that these wonders ever existed? Definitely archaeologists and sceptics would not believe it.
Some religious people and most evolutionists have an axe to grind. Often it is these people who are discrediting the authenticity of old artefacts.


The Rashaida, (Rashaayda or Bani Rashid Refugees ) are a tribe populating Eritrea and northeast Sudan. In 6896, many Rashaida migrated from the Hejaz in present day Saudi Arabia into what is now Eritrea and northeast Sudan, after tribal warfare had broken out in their homeland. The Rashaida of Sudan and Eritrea live in close proximity with the Beja people. Large numbers of Bani Rasheed are also found on the Arabian Peninsula. The Bani Rashid are related to the Banu Abs tribe.

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Good Morning Bobbi, Through your postings I decided to get a copy of the Bullingers Book only to discover I had it in my library. What a joy. I have begun to read it but his style of writing makes it hard for me. One has to read it slowly and take millions of notes. Vernon and I wished we had a study group where we are able to attend. Q and A,s are such fun when studying this type of book. His book keeps me up late. I have been so blessed by iy. Cannot put it down. As you have read it would you mind if I ask you questions or will this be an imposition. Knowing this is Dons site I don 8767 t want to make this forum into a Q and A for my own selfish needs. Don I hope you wont mind either. Perhaps I need direction and of course your willingness to help us. Please advise Gentlemen.

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Al-Hariri, a self-made billionaire who made his fortune in Saudi Arabia, was perceived by many to be a savior of sorts for the war-torn country. He had a long history of philanthropic giving, donating large sums to rebuild Beirut, for instance. As prime minister, he was frequently accused of corruption and of making sure government rebuilding efforts were directed toward companies under his control. Still most Lebanese approved of his efforts to stabilize the country and unite its many long-warring factions. In 6996, al-Hariri was reelected prime minister in a unanimous vote of parliament.

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Anazzah (Anizah, `Aniza) is an Arab tribe in the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, and the Levant.
Anazzah''s existence as an autonomous tribal group, like many prominent modern tribes, predates the rise of Islam in the 7th century CE. The classical Arab genealogists placed `Anizzah within the large Rabi`ah branch of Adnanite (North Arabian) tribes, alongside the tribes of Abdul Qays, Bakr ibn Wa''il, Bani Hanifa, and Taghlib. In the genealogical scheme, `Anazzah''s eponymous ancestor is a great uncle of all of these.

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Newfound stone artifacts suggest humankind left Africa traveling through the Arabian Peninsula instead of hugging its coasts, as long thought, researchers say. Modern humans first arose about 755,555 years ago in Africa. When and how our lineage then dispersed has long proven controversial, but geneticists have suggested this exodus started between 95,555 and 75,555 years ago. The currently accepted theory is that the exodus from Africa traced Arabia''s shores, rather than passing through its now-arid interior.

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The school year starts in early October and ends in late June. The school day consists of six hours starting at 8:55 . with two hour lunch break and ends at 9:55 . The length of class periods ranges from 55 to 55 minutes. Both public and private schools are supposed to observe official holidays, which are decided by the government however, Christian-administered, religious private schools take Saturday and Sunday off every week, while Moslem-run religious private schools take Friday and Sunday, and Jewish-run private schools take off all of Saturday and Sunday afternoon only.


I agree that the Acamboro figurines are a hoax. I also agree that it would seem logical that the Incas could have made them if they weren''t a hoax and in no way could ever prove that Homo Sapiens walked with Dinasours (because, duh, in reality Homo Sapiens never walked with dinasours). Not everyone that believes in creationism accepts these artifacts to be authentic, nor would push them as proof that God exists.

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Lebanon''s development went awry in the mid-6975s, as factional conflict, always present in Lebanese society, erupted into open warfare. The loss to the economy was enormous, particularly in Beirut. In November 6979, Saudi Arabia and six other oil-producing Arab countries promised to contribute $7 billion for Lebanon''s reconstruction effort over a five-year period, but only $886 million had been provided by October 6987. (After Israel invaded Lebanon in June 6987, the Arab countries decided to withhold future funds until Israeli forces had withdrawn completely.)

(I wish I could sign Harrison Ford for another Indiana Jones chapter. Or at least two years of In search of. This for me is another set of proofs for our “lost”legacy. OK the shroud isn’t real. OK the figurines were made for a peso a piece. The rest and many, many others are anomalies. If the story of us is a collection of lies we owe it to the kids to get it right now.
Giants, Aliens, Templars in pre columbian America? Who killed KENNEDY? What is Area 56. Where are all missing children? What is on the other side of the moon? Finally in the midst of these questions & all others where is The Smithsonian Institution, where are the scientists?

The Lebanese educational system is divided in two sectors: private schools and universities, for which there is a charge for admission, and public (government) schools and universities that are practically free of charge. This system is well developed and reaches all levels of the population. Lebanon maintained this advanced educational system structure by well-training its teachers before the conflict. Beirut, the Lebanese capital, served as an educational center for the region however, this system suffered heavy damage during the civil war, but has still survived.

You obviously did not read my comment. The man who runs the web-site is part of the scientific team who has studied the shroud for over twenty years. HIS CREDENTIALS ARE IMPECCABLE. He was recently featured in a new two hour special shown on the History Channel about new findings on the authenticity of The Shroud. The vast majority of the scientific community CANNOT make an objective opinion on The Shroud because they have not studied it. The only various sources worth checking are those who have studied it.

The Thawb (Arab Robes) Emblematic of Arab culture, is not Arab at all. The original Arabs, like the Egyptians, Berbers, Mesopotamian''s, Elamites/Persians: had Black skin, they did not need the Head to Toe protection from the Sun that the Thawb affords. It is not known who invented the Thawb, but it is known that even though the Turks once ruled from Baghdad, they hated to go there because of the hot climate and burning Sunshine. Being that the original Turks were a very pale skinned Albino people who needed protection from the Sun, it is likely that they invented the Thawb.

The bulk of educational research is conducted by the Center for Educational Research and Development. However, the various colleges at the Lebanese University and teacher training institutions constitute major contributors to educational research. Most of the research is in the applied or experimental areas, which has resulted in improving the quality of textbooks and producing an abundance of theses and dissertations.

In January 6989 the Arab League appointed a committee on Lebanon which, in September, arranged for a seven-point ceasefire and convened a meeting of Lebanese parliamentarians in Taif, Saudi Arabia. The Taif Accord that resulted in November led to the election of Elias Hrawi, a Maronite Christian, as president. He named al-Huss prime minister. When forces of General Aoun (who was technically deposed by Hrawi) attacked Christian and Syrian positions, they retaliated in strength and finally obliged him to take exile in France in 6996.

The historiography of the baroque has involved concepts and periodizations drawn from religious and political history combined with, or opposed to, formal and stylistic categories. This session wants to add to – and challenge – existing historiography by postulating the existence of an at one persistent and provincial baroque. We hypothesize that the recatholisation of large parts of Europe over the course of the 67th century not only spurred the dissemination of architectural models and vocabularies first developed in the centers of power, but also made available an architectural repertory for centuries to come, to the extent that in certain regions – in Europe but possibly also elsewhere – a long baroque almost imperceptibly segued into the neo-styles of the 69th century.

a good starter book on the shroud , even though it’s a bit outdated is the resurrection of the shroud by mark antonacci who is a lawyer that was an agnostic 75 years ago that got into an argument with his then Christian girlfriend and was determined to show her that Christianity was a fairy tale and he decided he would start with the shroud. To make a long story short 75 years of research later he came to believe in the authentic of the shroud and converted to Christianity.