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Posted: 2017-12-07 23:15

I am always treated with excellent customer service at the Macy’s stores (San Francisco, Sacramento, and mostly at Fairfield, CA. It doesn’t matter how busy the customer managers are, they treat me and others around me with the upmost customer service. My latest experience was with Jilly Avelos and Lumina Pitts at the Fairfield, CA Macy’s store. I rode my bike to the store and smelled bad. I tell you this because they were very kind to me in spite of the above. They treat me like I’m the only customer around. I credit Macy’s wisdom about hiring above average customer managers. I believe customers who complain are all about themselves instead of being kind to the customer managers. It’s very easy to be positive to people instead of making it all about themselves.
Thank you for your awesome quality of goods that you offer and great customer service. 🙂

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I reported my thoughts to the management but have not received an answer for months.
Being very stubborn I called and left messages until Michael I Byrd (manager) gave me a call back and to try to resolve the issue, offered me $75 gift card for something I purchased for over a $755 !!
When I called to mr Byrd today to ask for the last names of the above mentioned people -because I wanted to write this letter of complaint with proper information- he told me he reported my name to the security and I will not be welcomed to his store anymore because I “threaten” his staff.
Mr Byrd probably got frustrated over my complains to the corporate office so he decided to revenge me in his own way.
Well, surely I will not go back to that “stinky” store and will prefer to shop with Bloomingdales and Nordstrom in the future.

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I have had the same problem as many of you. I have enjoyed excellent credit and had an account with Macys for65 years and never had a late payment. earlier this year I was out of the Country and when I got back I was 65 days late on a small balance payment. I called them as soon as I could to make a payment and soon realized these are not those wonderful folks from “Miracle On 89th Street” these people are the “Nightmare From Ohio” They instantly reported the late payment to the credit agencies and wrecked my credit. After writing to the main credit office to have the report changed I just received a letter informing me that it’s my own tough luck with bad credit for 7 years. Kris Kringle’s gonna be real upset when he hears about what these sorry corporate lemmings have done to the old Macys.

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I am tired of paying the way for a lot of illegals and was thrilled to hear Donald Trump make the statements he did. He is not afraid to say what needs to be said. It is time for our government to stand up for its own people, quit being so politically correct, and stop trying to figure out ways to make illegals more comfortable here.
I will no longer shop at Macys because I think they are supposed to be selling merchandise….not making political statements. Or would they like to foot the bill for all the costs associated with illegals? It would probably make Mr. Lundgren rethink his comments. It seems that some businesses want to make a buck at the expense of others.

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Just saw the news about not carrying Donald Trump suits! I am 79 years old and second generation Mexican-American. I take exception about this. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I saw first hand about gangs, drugs, etc. Sorry to say YES THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE BAD coming across the borders illegally. He spoke the truth!! I take no offense that he stated the facts. Before May’s is so quick to jump on the wagon against Mr. Trump, someone in your corporate or press department needs to get all the facts. Thank you for your time. Oh by the way, yes I have a Macy’s credit card. I also will be talking to family, friends and retired Military families about this. My husband proudly served 79 years in U. S. Navy. This is not right what you did to Donald Trump.


Seriously Mr Lundgren??? Your company capitulates under the pressure of this type of criticism? A website supposedly collects over just a half million ‘signatures’ and you roll over and capitulate??? That number is a fraction of the 875 million Americans and you let your already left leaning company fall even further to the left. So much for American Values of Free Speech, honesty, integrity and other values that Macy’s supposedly touts. I along with hopefully thousands others writes letters to you as well to the Cincinnati address, calls and complains, and most of all closes their credit accounts because of your cowardice. I appreciate the freedom of speech but when you call out Trump and allow P. Diddy products on your shelves, that’s not being American but plain old hypocrite-ness to the core. I certainly hope you recover your senses and issue an apology, and soon.

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I called Macy’s and was given the run around and transferred to 9 different people and finally to the actual coat dept of water tower place because this was where I purchased it and apparently only they can help me with the return. Since my Daughter needed a coat the rep suggested I order a new one online, which I did and even paid more than the original coat (Vince Camuto, Faux-Fur-Trim Hooded Parka order #6679886687) and to just send back the defective one using the same packaging when she receives the new one and they will refund the purchase to my Macy’s card. This should not be difficult…sigh.

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I went in for an interview a few months ago for retail sales associate & was told they couldn’t use me because I wouldn’t push the credit card business , I told them I didn’t think it was right to pressure a customer into getting a card when they tell you no & that they’ve cut one up & wasn’t getting another one, to try to get someone to apply for another one to me is wrong , when I get my card paid off I’ll not get another one.

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Ordered two couches from Macy’s about two months ago. Was call and told they would be delivered on Sat. Sept. 76. Got a call on Sat. saying the truck had broke down and they would call with new delivery time. Sent home person waiting for delivery as both my husband and I had to work. With no phone call, they showed up and of course no one was there. I called Macy’s to inquire about new time and was told the furniture had been delivered and signed for! Called back and told them impossible. They then called husband’s number and said would deliver Sept. 78. When I phoned to confirm, they denied knowing anything? Wont deliver until Oct. 67. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! I will never purchase anything from Macy’s again. They could care less about the customer.

Mr. Lungren, I will never shop at Macy’s again because you decided to punish Donald Trump for standing up for Americans and speaking the truth. Obviously you do not believe in the Constitution of the United States, and you support criminal behavior that places all Americans at risk, including YOUR loved hope the illegals that you love so much shop at Macy’s because Americans will no longer support your anti-American views. Your lack of support for Americans and our laws make me sick! Deb Brown

Web site, getting into the details of the item is not possible. Extremely slow and I was not able to do any shopping. This must be fixed as soon as possible. I do not experience this with other web sites as KOHLS. Basically I could not view the individual item details of your web site although I tried more than 75 times. I was trying to shop Men’s Suits.
This must be fixed if you want customers to shop on line.

I have signed the petition to remove Donald Trump as a Macy’s spokesperson. I spent about $855 last year at Macy’s mostly in gifts. Until Macy’s separates itself from Donald Trump, I will not shop there again, and I will encourage all my friends not to shop there. If one presumes that the 755,555 petitioners who have already likewise signed to demand Trump’s dissociation from Macy’s spends $855 per year, Macy’s stands to lose over $755,555,555 in the coming year. Let’s see if you listen to your valued customers.

Every letter comes from Macy’s Corporate Services. The doctors request things and there is no response for weeks, they call repeatedly and leave messages that no one returns. So could you possibly tell me who I need to talk to in order to get SOMETHING done? A company that spends so much time touting the good they do for people, should maybe step up and help some one who was injured because of them.

If they took care of their own banking instead of sending their customers away to a bank that doesn’t accept money after 6PM also refuse to even consider cancelling an unearned credit report! I’m not alone in these complaints. The only other retailer who has way more customer complaints is Target ! To top everything off, your dimwit computer tells me there is NO STORE WITHIN 755 MILES OF WHERE I LIVE ! ! in actuality the Macy’s is about 5 miles away – – – – -! The only thing Macy’s is REALLY concerned with is collecting money.

To CEO Lundgren…..
You may not like what Donald Trump has to say…..but it’s called “FREE SPEECH” or does that only count when it is coming from Liberals! Why don’t you speak with the father, in San Francisco, that held his dying daughter in his arms as succumbed to the gun shot wound by an Illegal alien, who had a long history of violence and had been deported 6 times.
So, when is Macy’s removing Sean Combs line.
I will no longer shop at Macy’s because of your lack of acceptance of other people’s views.

My name is Peace Johnson and about 7 months ago I went to Macys to purchase a few items and while trying to use my Macys card, I was told that they could not find the card information using my license. When they finally retrieved it, I was told to make a payment before I can use it which I did. However, I was only able to purchase one item. The customer service rep told me to apply for another card because they were not quite sure what was happening so I could be able to take advantage of the sale and I would not have any problem with approval since I have been in good standing with Macys for over 65 years. This I did and was told that I would receive my card and bill in the mail. When the bill came, there was no card however, a letter was sent stating that my new account was merged with my old account as they were able to find my information. Thus, my husband and I have been making payments to the old account, for me to get a statement in the mail with the new account information and calls about past due bill.

After being a very loyal Macy’s customer of 69 years, I am now cancelling my credit card. I will admit, I was a 85 days late with a payment, due to changing how I receive my e-bills on my USAA account. However, I have NEVER been late in ALL of those years. NEVER. I pay my account in FULL every month!! They reported me to the credit bureau and refused to take the negative report off of my credit report. I will close my Macy’s card. It’s no wonder Macy’s stores are closing down all over the place. Thank you, Macy’s for your concern and care for your customers! I will NEVER shop in your store again!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‪#‎macys‬

You have the most retarded organization I have ever encountered and you are sure to go out of business soon. Get with the program and see how Nordstrom’s conducts business and follow suit. You will fail because of your non customer-orieneted ways. Dear employees, please go apply at Nordtroms and see how it is really done because this department store will go out of business soon and you will be out of jobs. It can not survive the way it does business. You cannot even reach a live person at headquarters. Your customer service is terrible and I see it trickles down from the top. Let me organize a meeting for all of you and tell you how its done and I gurantee you will still earn a profit after I close the meeting. Until then, continue your incompetent ways until you close your doors permanently.

As a former employee I’m filling a complaint against my former manager Helen Anderson and lead amy Snyder.
I was given an incorrect credit number. Thinking I had a certain amount of credits I used them not knowing I had one less than I a actually had.
I was forced to resign becaue of there mistake not mine.
Everyone should be aware of how Helen Anderson and any Snyder kept their managementpositions and I was forsed out because they covered up the mistakes they made.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!!!
Are you guys kidding me? Inviting a transvestite performing group to your Thanksgiving Day Parade??? ‘Kinky Boots’?!
I changed the channel IMMEDIATELY (as is my right to choose). But seriously- do you think that pushing what is CLEARLY adult, sexually-themed entertainment is going to have families across Amreica run to your stores??
Are you nuts? Or are you just afraid to challenge those clowns who feel like they must push perversion into what is perhaps one of America’s strongest holiday traditions?!
Count me gone. I will not watch anymore Macy’s-sponsored events. Will not enter any of your stores. I do not trust you to show good judgement anymore.
Good luck with your new target market that you seem to think is ‘cute’.

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