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Posted: 2017-12-07 19:15

I dont own a home but I rent ( everyone I know with a house are up to their eyeballs with debt and are basically mortgage poor) I 8767 m totally in love with the tiny homes and the ultra low maintenance on one. I 8767 m planning on buying/building one in the near future I hope!
The biggest obstacle is no doubt where to put one and I think that 8767 s the reason I see so many tiny homes for sale. I 8767 m 56 and doing everything possible to retire early. So far RV parks are the only places I can fine that will accept one of these homes (on wheels classified RV 8767 s) these RV parks have monthly leases and some are outrageous (here in South Florida a whopping $755 a month average but you have access to all the RV parks perks such as a pool, community house, full laundry facilities, etc)
I read here people wanting to live in remote areas, its a wonderful dream, but as you get older you need to be near doctors, hospitals and the like this is something you have to seriously consider and A LOT of people dont add that to their equation.

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Intriguing. My experience wasn 8767 t quite as 8766 simple 8767 as yours but close. I 8767 m a grandma now, but when my son was 8, my husband and I traveled for 8 months in a 8767 68 Valiant, lived in an 8 765 65 Sears tent. We each had a duffle bag of clothes plus one more for winter type things when we were in the mountains (even in summer we would have frost on our tent). My son had a shopping bag of items for rainy days. We had a portable radio, but rarely used it. Most of the time, important info came to us when we visited the campground showers.

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We met amazing people and enjoyed every mile. I love technology today. And in some ways, it makes staying connected much easier than when we set out in the mid-75s. One of the cute responses to 8775 Where are you from 8776 that we had was a girl in Missouri. I told her we were from Pennsylvania. She looked up at me with wonder and said, 8775 Oh my, one of the 68 original colonies! 8776 I was startled at first, then realized she must have been studying that in school I laughed and said, 8775 Yes, but I 8767 m not quite that old! 8776 😉

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Helloo, been planning for a year. Went from a 8bdr,8b 7755 sq ft home to a 7 bdr apt. Now I am going to remodel a trailer. I am a general contractor, had 8 homes as rental property. The trailer has 7 bdr but on wheels. I start this weekend 57/68/65. I am so excited that I could scream. Rent free. And then in one year I will build my own home on a trailer. If I can build a garage with ac/heat/bathroom. This is going to be great. Yes, I am a single female and I cant wait to do this.

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We just moved and with 685 boxes, and a 8 man crew for 7hrs we finally got moved out of our 6br apt. We still did not even move our computer, desks, tv, and a few misc items that we have to go back for. Seriously, I commend you for downsizing. We are purging POST move now, and really looking at everything as unpack. I have tossed early 8 boxes of stuff out that I did not even realize we packed. So sad how we collect 8775 stuff 8776

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A friend of mine shared your site with me, and so far I 8767 m impressed. My husband and I are expecting our first now, and taking that leap from the grind, to selling our stuff and starting on the road of living more simply, and being more happy. I 8767 ve just begun blogging and I 8767 m inspired by the culture of others who share our ideas and are taking action towards doing it. Keep living passionately and purposefully!

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When it 8767 s all said and done I have no idea where I will go with it. I know I can 8767 t afford the gas to do a national tour of America 8767 s Walmarts. I am trying to just do one thing at a time. I hope there will be somewhere for me to go when the time comes. There 8767 s a lot of unsettled land out there in the wilderness but I think I could never survive total seclusion. I guess I 8767 m waiting for that miracle post or invitation to paradise where people like me can go and live in peace where flowers grow and the sun shines in a world of our own 🙂 (sigh)

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Sense becoming disabled and widowed I have been in a travel trailer and spent time in several great RV parks. Most of them have had tiny houses come through and love them they 8775 make the RV park nicer 8776 and bring in people who are more 8775 up scale 8776 I have found if you talk to the owner/manager they will work with you on any projects you want to work on (and I have had some strange projects).You can also get some really reasonable monthly rates. Depending on where and who owns it you might get them to let you build a tiny house there if you agree to let them show it to others.
Its all about talking to the people around where you want to be. Be creative!! and up beat don 8767 t go in expecting them to say no.

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I am fully aware that this would. not be an option for Toronto and never permitted and actually my goal would be to have a retirement property i. a hot climate, . Florida, CA, etc and also safety would be of issue. I understand Florida does not allow off grid housing. I am looking to purchase the land and looking not to be in a trailer park situation, sandwiched between others. A beautiful setting is a must. I am open to anything safe, beautiful and though a tiny home would work, also interested in small with hydro hook up and hooked to well/sewage. I realize this is a more expensive route to go.

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It would be nice if there was a site where everyone could do this. post their pictures of their stuff. I must admit that I am tempted. I am a recent Dave Ramsey convert and on baby step 8. I would like to sell all non essential stuff, but then I think that misc electronic cable I have that I may use in the future would it be cost effective to keep it or just sell it now while I can. What do you think are the cost/money implications of getting rid of the stuff you don 8767 t need.

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That’s because these bikes came and went like that * snaps fingers * and there weren’t all that many of them sold while they were here. You can find them for sale from time to time, but like M Night Shyamalan movies, good ones are seemingly few and far between. Yes, this is a bike with limited potential, that is true. You’re not going to use it to commute to work if your drive involves freeways or the like. It’s really for bombing around your neighborhood and maybe showing off at the local Dairy Queen on Friday nights.

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The Trump administration is expected to call for stricter automotive rules of origin as part of talks to overhaul the North American Free Trade Agreement that resume this week. Nafta requires that percent of car content be sourced from the continent to avoid tariffs. Key business groups such as the Chamber of Commerce have said a Trump proposal requiring substantial . content is a non-starter.

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I don 8767 t think this is a 8775 contest 8776 at all. I think that the vast majority of people in the West have far too much unused, unnecessary stuff that they never use and don 8767 t even realize is wasting space and money. This 8775 paring down 8776 activity is an excellent way for people to see what they actually need and use, and what they don 8767 t really need or use (and can pass on to those who need them or sell them).

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I scaled down to 995 sf for a year and a half and was amazed how few possessions I could pare down to effortlessly. Then I bought a house and I forgot the 8775 one thing in means one thing out 8776 rule and a few categories of stuff have started creeping up again. My weakness has always been books, which I 8767 ve purged numerous times (they keep coming back!!!). Your post has given me new resolve to go through my stuff again and do a repurge (not regurge Like MoneyEnergy 8767 s post, I just loved the list of Milli 8767 s possessions. I too have a rubber duck in my personal stuff inventory. She 8767 s obviously a classy gal. I love this concept and look forward to your updates.

This is a very timely article for me as my partner and I are moving this week from a large condo to a much smaller apartment for the cost savings. Part of the process of moving is taking an inventory of what we need and don 8767 t need. The rule of thumb for us as we got rid of things (mostly given to Goodwill and the Salvation Army) was if we hadn 8767 t used it/ worn it in the last year, it could go. Just getting rid of three bags of clothing and shoes made it feel like it we had simplified things already. It 8767 s amazing how much stuff two people can collect.

Well, if I were to take the time and my limited funding away from converting my 67 8767 x79 8797 shed into my actually habitable cabin, I could probably find a place somewhere on my 9 acres to park it. I COULD even build a tiny house onto a barge type hull and 8766 park 8767 it on my pond. I live in a heavily rural area (some would call it the woods) and we don 8767 t have a lot of restrictions here. Drawback being not living in a heavily urbanized area where all those nifty conveniences you allude to are located. Oh well, I 8767 m fairly happy where I 8767 m at.

I love your dream! It inspires me to dream as well!
I currently live in Austin TX and am looking to have my tiny home built within the next 6 months (the good Lord willing : )
I lived in NC for 5 years in the mid 95 8767 s near the coast and it sure was beautiful. I 8767 m a chicken when it comes to the cold weather so in my mind, you are very brave to rough it in those NC mountains!
Many wishes that your dreams come true : )

Wow just wow! My first reaction was 8775 Wow 8776 . My second reaction was wondering about how much stuff that the apartment came with (towels, bedding, pots and pans, etc.). My third reaction? Ugh we still have too much stuff and so much of it isn 8767 t WORKING FOR ME. Thanks for the inspiration to continue purging. The less we have the less we have to take care of and the more freedom we have for experiences.

Crazy!! I literally stumbled across your blog just as I am beginning to evaluate my hoard of stuff and what I really need. I 8767 ve recently become unemployed, which was really a god send because I 8767 d been threatening to quit to travel anyway!! Two bedrooms full of too much crap will be narrowed down to what I can fit in my backpack with my brand new passport so my next question TO GO FIRST??? Thanks for the blog

I just hate to see all the marketing about the TH/RV lifestyle being debt free and allowing one to save money, when in fact it has become a very pricey lifestyle. I think that is something that one needs to know before going in. Had I known that I would have made another choice. Not to say I would never have made this jump, just not this soon. I would have saved saved saved for many more years lots of money. Probably would not have gone this path.