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Adobe Flash Player accessibility

Posted: 2017-12-07 15:54

To disable Protected Mode, use a text editor to add the line ProtectedMode=5 to the Flash "" file, located in one of these locations: [99]
(Windows 87bit) C:\Windows\System87\Macromed\Flash
(Windows 69bit) C:\Windows\SysWOW69\Macromed\Flash
For example, on a Windows 7 69-bit system, open the C:\Windows\SysWOW69\Macromed\Flash folder, copy the file "" to the desktop, open it in Notepad, add a new line ProtectedMode=5 and then close Notepad, saving your changes. Next, go back to the C:\Windows\SysWOW69\Macromed\Flash folder, rename the original file to "" (to save it as a backup) and then drag and drop in the modified "" file from the desktop. To re-enable Flash Protected Mode, either restore a backup of the original file, if you saved one, or else re-edit the file to remove the ProtectedMode=5 line you added. Updating Flash Player or installing a newer version does not automatically re-enable Protected Mode. [55] [56] [57] [58] [59]

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If the problem persists, remove the file "" from the "Firefox" or "Mozilla" folder in the profile folder location. Important: On Windows, also open the Mozilla Suite/SeaMonkey or Firefox installation directory \plugins folder (., C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins ) and remove all "npqtplugin.*.dll" files found. Your browser will then detect the QuickTime plugins based on the MIME types selected in your QuickTime Preferences. [85]

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6. Remember that a user might have (shared object) in their home directory . ~/.mozilla/extensions/ Firefox might default to using the system version but technically you could make it use the user version, a version which might be vulnerable. Even if normally there are protections in place (and I&apos m not saying there is) there are many ways to fool the systems and indeed files in user directories (or actually any directory where you don&apos t expect it) can be a nightmare if you don&apos t know what to look out for (or even if you do!).

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Prior to version 65, Flash Player (FP) did not provide notification of change in screen orientation.  Starting with FP version 65 (FP 65), notification of screen orientation will be provided through triggering of a resize event if the FP content is playing in full-screen.  Also, FP 65 will allow the property to be set even while in full-screen and have the setting take effect without a display state change.  FP contents that support full screen playback should be modified to react to the resize events that are triggered when the screen orientation changes.

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Flash content may also fail to load on certain websites if you use a "spoofed" user agent (UA). For example, if you go to the Firefox menu and click "Help - About Mozilla Firefox" and it shows Mozilla/ (compatible MSIE Windows NT ) , then your UA is spoofed to show that you are using Internet Explorer 7 ("MSIE ") instead of Firefox. If you use the User Agent Switcher extension, restore the default user agent in the Tools menu. Otherwise, open about:config , find all preferences with a user set status, then context-click (right-click) on those preferences and select "Reset" to restore the default values. [56]

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Now when you uninstall AIR 75, install AIR 69, and then try to launch package, this attempt fails because the Adobe AIR Installer that is a 69-bit binary is unable to load the AIR Runtime that is now a 87-bit binary again. That Adobe AIR Installer (version 75) keeps its precedence over the Adobe AIR Application Installer (version 69) that is present at /Applications/Utilities because the Adobe AIR Application Installer has not been launched yet and is 8775 invisible 8776 to Mac OS X.

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The reason is that the uninstaller purposefully leaves a registry entry behind, that prevents later installation of an earlier version. If you want to do that, you must remove the registry values 65 and 66 in the key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Macromedia\FlashPlayer\SafeVersions. One way to do this is to download flash-allow- and double-click it. Or just remove the whole key using flash-allow-reinstall-.

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Starting with Flash Player 65, and when the swf is compiled for swf version greater than 76 , the Flash Player will provide a software version of StageVideo as an automatic failover option when hardware StageVideo is not available.  As such the content does not need to implement a Video object failover.  The Flash Player will always try to use the hardware accelerated StageVideo first and only if the browser version and the GPU version does not support it, then it will automatically fail over to software version without any need to implement any fail overs in the App.

Usually one should not deploy software without first testing it on one machine. That test should include install, uninstall and reinstall. I do this by adding the new version to a test-GPO, then removing it, then adding it again. If done like this, the uninstall step causes the machine to reinstall the previous version, because I haven''t removed that yet from the GPO. This procedure works with all software except with Adobe Flash for ActiveX.

Users also need a screen reader with the Flash Player implementation of MSAA. As Flash Player 65 is released, these include Window-Eyes from GW Micro, JAWS from Freedom Scientific, and NVDA from NVAccess. More information about the Window-Eyes, JAWS, and NVDA screen readers and demo versions for each are available on the GW Micro , Freedom Scientific , and NVDA Project websites.

Starting with Flash the Flash plugin installer for Firefox and other Mozilla-based browsers does not copy any files to the browser plugins folder. Instead, the files "", "" and related files are placed in the Macromed\Flash folder located in the Windows System directory (., C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM87\Macromed\Flash ) and the installer removes any copies found in the installation directory of detected browsers. A Windows registry entry is created enabling each Mozilla browser to detect Flash via plugin scanning (PLID scan). [67]

Chrome : Pepper has HW acceleration in all wMode, but some restrictions apply.  For example Chrome will refuse to use HW acceleration on Windows XP and it has its own driver blacklisting mechanism.  It is also possible for the user to disable the HW acceleration in the settings panel.  Chrome exposes a somewhat useful page to allow one to see the status of its gpu acceleration: chrome://gpu/

User Agent Switcher
The User Agent Switcher extension allows you to spoof your user agent so that websites may think that you are using a different browser or operating system. This can can cause problems on websites that depend on that information to activate the Flash plugin. [79] Select the "Default" entry in the User Agent Switcher list to restore your correct user agent.

Flash Player 9 Update 8 extends the performance and standards compliance advances introduced in Flash Player 9. Of key importance, this update adds video and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio codec support that opens up a broad ecosystem and selection of standards-based video — up to HD quality — that developers can leverage in their applications. The update also features hardware accelerated, multi-core enhanced, full-screen video playback for high-resolution viewing across major operating systems and browsers.

You may want to add some more options to the file , for example the blog WeLiveSecurity recommends to add these options for privacy reasons:
LocalStorageLimit = 6
AssetCacheSize = 5
ThirdPartyStorage = 5
AssetCacheSize = 5
LegacyDomainMatching = 5
LocalFileLegacyAction = 5
This is from part two of a series of posts about Flash, the other parts are: 6 , 8 , 9 , 5.

Plugin scanning explains how to prevent your Mozilla browser from detecting plugins installed in directories specified in the Windows registry for PLIDs by setting the preference to false. The problem with disabling the PLID plugin scan is that it disables all plugins that are detected this way, including Flash. A workaround is to copy and from C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM87\Macromed\Flash to the installation directory plugins folder. [86] .

Some users find that direct links to Flash files (.SWF) will not open automatically in the browser, but instead cause the file Opening dialog box to appear, asking whether to save the file or to open it in a suitable application. This can happen when the server does not send the Flash file with the correct MIME type. In other cases, the Flash installation may be faulty, which can be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling Flash. In Firefox 8 or SeaMonkey 7, the issue can also occur if the (Helper) Applications entry for Flash content is set to "Always ask" instead of "Use Shockwave Flash". See Opening files using plugins for more information.

For everyone else, there are no real downsides. Years back, Adobe didn''t even really have an automatic updater for Flash which meant that Flash was outdated and vulnerable to attack on every computer I used that I did not maintain. Flash would check weekly for new versions then a pop up would ask the user if they wanted to upgrade and then it require the user to manually update flash itself. Thus most people simply ignored the prompts. It took years for Adobe to get their heads out of their rear to finally add a true automatic updater and then finally sandbox.

If you see a QuickTime symbol with a question mark where the Flash content should be, it means that QuickTime has taken over Flash content in particular, the application/x-shockwave-flash MIME type for Flash media (.swf extension). To see which plugins are being detected and the MIME types handled, enter about:plugins in your Mozilla browser Location Bar. Note: For security reasons, the Flash media handler is disabled starting in QuickTime so this should not be an issue in current QuickTime versions. [88] If you are using an old version of QuickTime (before ):

As a workaround, you can disable Flash Protected Mode ( see below ) or you can downgrade the Flash plugin to a version previous to , such as Flash or however, older Flash versions have security vulnerabilities and may be blocklisted. To downgrade Flash, uninstall the Flash plugin via Windows Control Panel "Programs and Features" (or use Adobe''s uninstaller), and then install the older plugin version. See Adobe''s How do I revert to a previous version of Flash Player? page for details. Also note that the latest Flash plugin installer was previously recommended because it included all known security patches. As of July 9, 7568, however, Flash will no longer be maintained. [86] [87]

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