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Posted: 2017-12-07 22:21

8775 Since the eldest son and daughter are out expressed Boa and 
DBSK 8767 s overseas activity in this way) we really want to be on the big stage. But I 
don 8767 t think it 8767 s our time. We need to be more educated about the language and 
culture first. But we believe that our bright and cheerful feel will bring responses 
everywhere. 8776 Kwon Yuri, Kim Taeyeon, Choi

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Before we dive into this long interview about the girls 8767 success, trend setting, misunderstandings, and dreams, I just have to say time has seriously flown by so fast from when they first made their comeback with Gee to Tell Me Your Wish (Genie). You can sense their modest and humble sides through this interview, by saying they still have a long way to go and more to show the audience even after such groundbreaking comebacks. 

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8775 The members really like to try and challenge themselves in new things. We are 
always in the pursuit of something new. We have more fun challenging ourselves 
than following trends. It was like that creating the 8766 Genie 8767 album. We wanted to 
show you a more developed and evolved SNSD. The trend was 8766 Hook songs 8767 but 
we ultimately avoided it. 8776 Kim Taeyeon.

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8775 There is a time when we can have individual activity. Jealousy? Sure at first, but 
not now. We get a lot of misunderstandings on TV shows since we talk quite 
truthfully and honestly. We 8767 re just lively youths. And being 8766 contained? 8767 there is 
word about that since we were trained from an early age. We are just being careful 
with our actions, it 8767 s not like we are like goldfish in a bowl. 8776 Jung Sooyeon, Kwon 

SNSD, still a long way to go (Interview) | SNSD Korean

What would the new album be like. After getting rid of the addictive style, the 
market was half in doubt. This was because the entire public was into the current 
trend 8766 Hook song 8767 (addictive song). However, SNSD dressed up the media pop 
dance style with 8766 electronica. 8767 When other idol groups were hesitant to transform, 
SNSD expanded their domain of style.

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