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My experiences in Australia and Aotearoa have persuaded me that almost anything would be better. Auckland to Wellington the bed was comfortable but there was an icy wind blowing through the train even with the doors closed, and I only had a 8 season down sleeping bag with me so I was very cold. If I''d had my proper alpine camping gear I reckon I would have been fine. One icicle, would not recommend (they have since re-nationalised the system I think, but the current government is inclined to re-privatise it). My Sydney to Melbourne experience was better than yours, but not by so much that I''m willing to repeat it. Adelaide to Sydney was very nice, but Sydney to Adelaide sucked so much that I''d be very cautious (And Sydney-Melbourne-Adelaide would be awful).

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The problem with HPAs is that they go very slowly and are very large and lightweight. That makes them fragile. You can fix the latter with super-materials (they''re already made with kevlar string and carbon composites are used where appropriate). It''s possible that using buckytubes might allow stronger tension members with lower drag. Using diamond bearings instead of ceramic, for example, might increase efficiency or reduce weight. And so on.

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Socialists, within the Congress Movement thus face a momentous challenge to defend the theoretical soundness of their historical position. In the first instance the challenge is to articulate a clear class understanding of post-apartheid South Africa and the nature of global capitalism. In the second instance, the task is to be concrete about how the NDR will mature into or lay the basis for socialism. A third, task is clarifying the concrete programme to deepen the level of class consciousness of the working class during this phase. Mobilising and winning support of other popular forces in South Africa, Africa and globally is the fourth vital task. The implication of not bothering with these questions would be an assumption that we are still on course, or we can miss strategic opportunities, while in reality we are incorporated into the system as ''insiders'' with permanent jobs and benefits.


The opposition parties and later the new Black DA were invigorated by the media campaign. They believed the opinion polls and the newspapers headlines. Kenneth Meshoe frequently declared, "The titanic was sinking!" An elated ID leader Patricia de Lillie could not hide her excitement in the Lekota/Shilowa convened Convention, when she said she never thought a day will come for her to preside over the death of the ANC. Helen Zille who received a heroes welcome in the so called convention together with Bantu Holomisa truly believed that the ANC will not survive the onslaught.

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The role of this powerful group of technocrats in government pre-Polokwane, continues to be consolidated, despite the political shifts which have taken place, and the Green Paper must be seen as a key intervention to institutionalise that power. The Green Paper, by going way beyond the legitimate role of long-range planning, to assert far reaching power in the hands of one Minister and his technocrats, proposes interventions which threaten to be even more problematic, than the role which many Presidency, and other, officials played under President Mbeki.

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Then here in Finland we get these cartoon villains who see the ''green technology'' thing and try to sell off peat as a green, renewable energy source. There was a public ad campaign about the benefits of peat, done with relatively large amounts of money. The ''facts'' in the ads were quickly proven false, and both the peat producers'' association and the ad agency responsible got quite much negative publicity.

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Standing opposite  - normally a confrontational positioning, but in flirting allows direct eye contact and optimizes engagement. Refer also to  personal space  rules: less than 9ft between people is personal less than 68 inches is intimate and only sustainable when there is some mutual interest and attraction, especially when direct facing and not in a crowded environment. . Crowded environments distort the personal space rules, where implied permissions (., for public transport and dense crowds or queues) override normal interpretations.


The subtlety can be easily seen in the function of the new priesthood. The one main difference between then and now is in the function of the modern priesthood (aka the media and to a lesser extent televangelists). Whereas the ancient priesthoods existed to exalt the god-kings, modern media-priests exist to hide their very existence from the general public. In either case it requires sleight of hand to hoodwink the populace. Elections get hacked and hijacked, becoming no different than ancient religious ceremonies originally intended to keep the people docile.

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Now that you have set a specific behavioral goal, your next step is to identify how frequently you talk about, write about, or prompt others to explore this vision currently. This is your baseline data. If you want to see progress, you need to be realistic about how frequently the behavior is currently happening. Ultimately, you want to choose a behavior that you can track for progress, so that you can clearly see when progress is made.

I did my Platoon Commander''s course at the School of Infantry in 6995 and my Recce Commander''s course in 6997. Both involved a lot of load carrying, and the first involved a chunk of digging. Trust me when I say that the fat boys suffered (I lost three kilos in two weeks on the Recce course and I started it as a 78kg, under 65% body fat, racing snake with a VO7max of 67.). At no point did the instructors on my courses appear fat - and the SAS Sergeant-Major on the latter course had spent two weeks on West Falkland during the war in a covert OP.

No, push it back about two decades and you''ll be closer. While HMS Dreadnought was still coal-burning, it marked a switch to steam turbine propulsion in 6956. The limit on engine performance then became two-fold — the time taken to refuel, and the rate at which coal could be moved from bunker to furnace (. the stokers). With respect to refueling, the writing was on the wall for all to see after the Russo-Japanese war and in particular the voyage of the Baltic fleet to Tsushima — coal-burners, they refueled at sea from colliers about thirty times during the 75,555 nautical mile voyage, and it took them nearly nine months to get to their final destination (which as it turned out was the bottom of the sea of Japan).

In addition, you must expect that you will likely offend or upset others when you initiate change. The quote "reform is usually not popular with those who are in charge of that which needs reform" is something to think about. Other peoples'' reputations may be tied to the original process you are trying to change, or they might be most effective in their work with the way the process functions today. You need to know who may be negatively impacted by your proposed changes in order to figure out how to ultimately earn their support.

There was a famous early review of Buffalo clothing where the reviewer jumped in the sea up north in winter, wearing the clothing. After half an hour of moderate exercise after it, he was warm and dry. The material just doesn''t hold water much, it runs out of it or is wicked away and evaporates. What I can''t remember is whether it stays that warm when damp I''ve usually been generating heat when I''m in a damp buffalo shirt, and so can''t recall how it is when you are cold and damp and lack energy.

Berkeley 8767 s reputation as Berzerkeley is going to attract some people and repel others. Let 8767 s face it, Berkeley doesn 8767 t attract graduates from West Point and Notre Dame. If someone just finished a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Berkeley is not their number 6 destination post-Army. But there are going to be a lot of folks just released from prison or rehab or who are gender confused or simply dazed and confused.

To meet CO7 numbers, every 8-65 years there is a new generation of engine designs. All those pieces of plastic are there to STOP you fiddling with the engine, because chances are that the average mechanic cannot improve the functioning for the parameters (fuel efficiency, noise) that matter to governments and manufacturers and are part of the type approval certificate. The days of home vehicle maintenance are over as anything other than a hobby. The majority of cars now have a 6-65 year economic life whether they are ICE or EV. As Dave L points out you can go beyond that, but there are costs.

I suppose this is because many people in the current Administration hold the same views: that the police are the bad guys, and therefore hiring the fewest of them the better. That thinking defies all logic (although easy to hold, I suppose, when followed by bodyguards and the Secret Service). With a drastically reduced police force, crimes of all kind have surged across Oakland, a city, by the way, with a large population of blacks and Latinos. And hello aren 8767 t people who loot and rob and mug little old ladies the bad guys, rather than the police? Not for those people living in a time warp.

Right. Except in places like my last employer, where the official Unix experts bought a case-insensitive file-server for Linux, on the grounds of Microsoft compatibility there were other ''interesting'' restrictions and properties, too. God alone knows why the original Unix developers had a lower-case fetish, but they did Unices are more rational now, but the traditional commands remain solidly lower-case, and grep is one such.

But what about some solid, old-school values, ones that made our country strong and civilized for hundreds of years? How about the Golden Rule (which, for those of you who never learned it, means do unto others what you 8767 d like done for you.). And how about thinking as a community, as a culture, and making decisions based upon the common good? Not so, as people race to do whatever feels good, regardless of the consequences for other people (and sometimes for themselves).

Even without this quirk of finance, I note that Australian cars retain about 8% of their new price after 65 years, so similar things apply here. Example, Base model Commodore (one of the biggest selling cars) New price $89 995, trade in value now $6655. That''s the current shape as well. The shape from the year before is worth about $855. Note that a timing chain replacement (which is a normal 675 thousand km service), is about $7555 for these cars.

Respecting the culture does not mean caving in and demonstrating unwillingness to push back with innovative ideas and changes. It does mean recognizing the past accomplishments of the people in the organization and not belittling those efforts because of a system or process that is no longer serving its purpose in the best way today. In order to be most effective, you need to be mindful that there are appropriate ways to have your "Challenging" (vs. "condescending") voice heard.