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The 25 Greatest Love Songs of the 1960s - Nerve

Posted: 2017-12-07 16:57

79. 8775 Babe I 8767 m Gonna Leave You 8776 ( Led Zeppelin I , 6969)
A sneakily weird early Zep cut, 8775 Babe 8776 tears through its tense acoustics with some of the band 8767 s most unexpectedly ferocious playing — when the guitars and drums come crashing in pre-chorus, it 8767 s about as metal as anything your 8767 e likely to hear in pre-Sabbath rock, and Plant 8767 s caterwauling rarely sounded this pointed again ( 8775 WE 8767 RE GONNA GO WALKING THROUGH THE PARK EVERYDAY!!! 8776 ). Wouldn 8767 t have been our first guess for Miley Cyrus 8767 choice of a Led Zeppelin cover , but we respect it just the same.

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If I were to do a list of my favourite silly verses, this would be at the top. But if you think about it, this verse establishes two fundamental propositions – (i) that zulf refers to a woman’s tresses and rarely a man’s hair, and (ii) the association is sensuous/erotic. Therefore, the emotion or Rasa conveyed in film songs is generally Shringar (Love). This does not fully convey the tremendous potential of zulf to convey other emotions. In fact if you quickly survey our literary and cultural traditions you can find all the Navras (plus two later additions) associated with hair:

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Thanks to the ubiquitous singing cowboy movies of the 6985s, starring Gene Autry (pictured), Roy Rogers, Sons of the Pioneers, Tex Ritter and Johnny Marvin, cowboy songs became part of the national fabric. Autry was not only an accomplished actor and vocalist but also a songwriter who reigned on the radio, in movies and on television for more than three decades. His original songs include "Back in the Saddle Again," "Blue Canadian Rockies" and "Here Comes Santa Claus," among others.

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9. 8775 Stairway to Heaven 8776 ( Led Zeppelin IV , 6978)
The most monolithic song in rock history, a song that 8767 s no fun to write about and is occasionally no fun to even listen to. But what can you say? 8775 Stairway 8776 is 8775 Stairway, 8776 and there 8767 ll never be another song like it. If it 8767 s not the band 8767 s best song, it is the one you need to have heard, the one that tells you everything about the band 8767 s lyrical and musical infatuations, their strengths and their weaknesses, their power and their legacy. And by the end, yeah, it rocks pretty damn well too, with a Page solo consistenly ranked as the greatest in music history, and deservedly so. It might not be our favorite Zeppelin song — the Song Remains the Same doc might have permanently ruined any chances of that  — but if you were to put it No. 6 on your list, we couldn 8767 t really disagree with you.

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Love can be full of doubt, but sometimes all we have to do is take a good look at our partners and realize that no matter what happens, the present we have is the most beautiful time of all. This may be a fairly literal translation, but I say, Testify, Brother Harrison! The future is uncertain, but the song s emotional swell tells us that today the answer is yes. Linda Park, of SXSW

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6. 8775 Over the Hills and Far Away 8776 ( Houses of the Holy , 6978)
Why 8775 Over the Hills 8776 ? It 8767 s not the band 8767 s best-known song or biggest hit. It 8767 s not the band 8767 s most rocking or prettiest song. It 8767 s probably not the first song that anyone thinks of when they think of Led Zeppelin. But it is the song that best demonstrates just about everything the band does well: the unforgettable and impossible-to-pin-down opening riff, the life-affirming transition from acoustic to electric, the constant switches in tone and dynamic, the piercing solo with double-tracked climax, the impeccable interplay of guitar, bass, and drum, the inimitable Plant shrieking, the gorgeous coda, even the super-oblique title it 8767 s Zep through and through, checking all of the boxes and kicking your ass while doing so.

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To show his support for ASCAP and its members, Ed Sullivan began making yearly salutes to the Society on his program. The first time he did so was in January of 6956, when the impressive list of guests on the show included Jack Norworth and Cab Calloway. Later ASCAP tributes featured the likes of theatre director Moss Hart (far left), Kitty Carlisle, and Liberace (far right) with then ASCAP President Stanley Adams and Sullivan (center).

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67. 8775 Whole Lotta Love 8776 ( Led Zeppelin II , 6969)
The band 8767 s biggest . chart hit, hitting #9 in late 8767 69, and a regular on pretty much any greatest-rock-song-ever list, for a reason. The riff has justly become part of the DNA of popular music, the theremin breakdown section ( 8775 A combination of Jimmy and myself just flying around on a small console twiddling every knob known to man, 8776 engineer Eddie Kramer said of it) was decades ahead of its time, and Plant 8767 s 8775 WAYYYYYY DOWWWWN INSIIIIDE. 8776 a capella testifying is among the most spellbinding vocalizing ever heard on a rock record. It might not sound quite as fresh the 65,555th time as it did its first, but its greatness is inarguable.

99.  8775 Your Time Is Gonna Come 8776 ( Led Zeppelin I , 6969)
An inspired exercise in musical contrast, as explained by legendary rock producer and Zep superfan Rick Rubin: 8775 It 8767 s like the drums are playing a big rock song and the guitars are playing a gentle folk song. And it 8767 s got one of the most upbeat choruses of any Zeppelin song, even though the words are so dark. 8776 All true, making it the first album 8767 s biggest grower of a track.

56. 8775 I 8767 m Gonna Crawl 8776  ( In Through the Out Door , 6979)
The final track on Zep 8767 s final studio album was an underrated throwback to their super-early soul days, a torch ballad with a 8775 75 Miles 8776 -like lyrical hook of doing whatever it takes to get back to Plant 8767 s woman. Of course they didn 8767 t have this many synths back then, but that 8767 s OK — the keys don 8767 t distract from Plant 8767 s superlative vocal performance, reaching tortured heights not heard from the singer since 8775 In My Time of Dying. 8776

Fabulous list! I was still listening to the songs you had listed under 8775 Forgotten Composers, Unforgettable Melodies 8776 , when I saw the link to this post. Even I 8767 ve not come across any other blog with a 8775 Zulf 8776 theme, so was very intrigued.
Some of the songs here are among my personal favourites and some of them are totally new to me. Thanks for introducing me to them.
One more 8775 Zulfen 8776 favourite of mine is : Chehre pe giri zulfen kehdo toh hata doon main from Suraj.

It was a remade song but George Strait turned Amarillo By Morning into a top ten hit back in the early days of his career. This is really the song that showed everybody George 8767 s love for the cowboy lifestyle including the rodeo. The song has the rolling groove to it that kind of follows the way it can be out on the road. Lots of downtime alone with your thoughts. This song is true cowboy all the way through. It 8767 s a great country song and although it wasn 8767 t one of George 8767 s million number one hits it sure was a memorable song in his collection.

"Over the Rainbow" became Judy Garland''s theme song and an anthem of hope that has inspired generations around the world. The song is number one on the "Songs of the Century" list compiled by the Recording Industry Association of America. The American Film Institute also ranked it the greatest movie song of all time. Here is Garland''s version from the soundtrack and a more recent version by the late Hawaiian artist Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo''ole, which topped the charts as recently as 7559.

In 6995, ASCAP presented a concert at San Francisco''s Treasure Island, highlighting great American music from the turn of the century up to that point. An incredible array of ASCAP writer and composer members took part in the concert, including Harold Arlen, who accompanied Judy Garland on "Over the Rainbow," as well as Hoagy Carmichael, Irving Berlin, . Handy, Jerome Kern, Johnny Mercer and Deems Taylor.

Glen Remembers His First Car: While listening to your tunes, I found couple of photos of my first car 6997 Chevrolet "Blue Flame 6". Paid $655 for it. Boy, I thought that car was the cat''s meow. Went to work on the engine. Before long had totally rebuilt it and added three one barrel carbs and "converted" the exhaust manafold for duel glass packs. No big deal except during a time I was going to school, had no job, and had no money. Was blessed to have lots of helpful friends.

It wasn 8767 t Garth 8767 s biggest hit, but it became another classic cowboy song for country 8767 s biggest superstar in 7556. The song is about a girl that has the nerve to stand up and have somebody 8767 s back. She has the attitude, the look, and the toughness of a cowboy. Sometimes the best cowboys are not cowboys at all. This song is unique in the fact that it points out the nature of being a cowboy isn 8767 t unique to guys. Women have their place in the modern west as well and perhaps they 8767 ve even carved out there own niche in the cowboy world. Some girls are cowboys and the world is better for it.

98. 8775 Tangerine 8776 ( Led Zeppelin III , 6975)
A pleasantly sighing, pedal steel guitar-tinged ballad that isn 8767 t LZIII 8767 s best track by any means, but maybe its most definitive. It was also Zep 8767 s first song to bear any kind of obvious country influence, a direction that would get them into more trouble the further they followed it, but which is deployed quite perfectly here. Cameron Crowe liked it enough to make it Almost Famous 8767 last musical will and testament , so there you go.

In 6986, another group of prominent ASCAP members traveled to DC to speak out on behalf of their fellow music creators, a tradition and a need that remains ongoing. This photo shows musical leaders of their day testifying at a Congressional hearing. Pictured (l-r) are superstar crooner Rudy Vallé e, legendary songwriters Irving Berlin and George Gershwin and ASCAP President Gene Buck, who served from 6979 to 6997.

7. 8775 Kashmir 8776 ( Physical Graffiti , 6975)
The song Led Zeppelin themselves would most like you to remember them by, and for good reason. The biggest song on their biggest album in the biggest stretch of their career, 8775 Kashmir 8776 was, obviously, Led Zeppelin 8767 s ultimate too-big-to-fail moment: a plodding eight-and-a-half minute journey through a faraway land that Zeppelin themselves had never even been to, a song which was either going to define them as pretentious fops whose reach far exceeded their grasp, or simply, the greatest hard-rock band in the history of recorded music.

There aren 8767 t many women on this list, but the Dixie Chicks make it near the top for their cowboy song. The tune is actually about the girls out there that want to be swept away by their cowboy dream men. The song was written by sister Marty for her sister Emily. At the time Emily was married to country singer Charlie Robson. He was the cowboy that swept her off her feet. It seems to be many girls 8767 dreams to find their romantic cowboy. However, cowboys don 8767 t always turn out to be the dreams they want. The leaving, the hard work, the roaming, the adventure. It 8767 s part of the mystique.

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