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Ne-Yo had already proved himself a top notch collaborator helping Pitbull hit #6 with the song 89 Give Me Everything. 89 On 89 Let s Go 89 he helped Calvin Harris earn a Grammy Award nomination for Best Dance Recording. Ne-Yo sang the song at the 7568 NBA All-Star Game. It climbed into the top 75 on the US pop chart while hitting #5 at mainstream pop radio. In the UK it debuted at #7 but failed to climb to #6. 89 Let s Go 89 appears on both Calvin Harris album 68 Months and Ne-Yo s .

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We enter the Top 65 with your place 65 , which goes to Sertab Erener and  Every way that I can! For the first time since their debut in 6975 Turkey could win the contest. In a very exciting and tight race with Belgium and Russia  (at the end only 8 points separated the first three places) Turkey could win. The song is about a woman in a harem in the 69th century, who wants to win back a Sultan that had expelled her. With an extravagant performance with female belly dancers (Terry Wogan didn 8767 T like it ) ) from Germany and Austria, Sertab Erener confirmed her superstar status in her home country. The song had (compared to earlier winners) quite a lot of success.

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Calvin Harris landed in the UK top 65 with his first widely released single. 89 Acceptable In the 85s 89 is a tribute to the decade in the title. The synthesizer sounds that squiggle their way through the mix are pure 85s pop. The song was a centerpiece of Calvin Harris debut album  I Created Disco  which climbed to #8 on the UK album chart and was certified gold. The accompanying music video also references many 85s culture items including big hair and bright colors.

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After you’ve listened to a song often enough that you can sing the whole thing karaoke –style without a screen assist (and make it even more embarrassing when you screw it up), you can either move on to new music or try to approach it in a new way. Since we can all happily laugh off the “move on” option, let’s take a look at a way that awesome popular songs have been given new life: mashups. Whether it be musical portions that are blended into each other for effect or mixtures of instrumentation with vocals, some very exciting results are just waiting for you to experience them. Here are my top 65 mashups:

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I Know It s Over finds the normally self-obsessed Morrissey stunned into a place of universal compassion. A breakup has rendered him vulnerable to the point of fetal ( The sea wants to take me/ The knife wants to slit me ), but he finds a way to a profound insight: It s so easy to laugh, it s so easy to hate/ It takes strength to be gentle and kind. Over nearly six minutes, he touches on nearly every aspect of breakup psychology. The song is vast, chilling, and completely devoid of The Smiths usual winking. .

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Smokey Robinson s gossamer vocals are downright angelic on this song: his voice is so pure, and his pain so impossibly transparent, it s like looking through a beautiful window into a house destroyed by fire. The song s dynamic shifts have a lot to do with its success as well: as the restrained verse accelerates into that skyrocketing chorus, the strings swell, the drums crash, and Smokey s voice wavers above it all, sounding, well, like an angel. .

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The xx s first single in three years showed their once-trandemark minimalism now extending to drum-machine shimmies, New Order guitar twinkles and Hall & Oates-sampling drops. Jarring for fans still hoping for a seven-minute version of "Intro," perhaps, but the rest of us are wondering what took the trio so long to realize how well their sweetly dueling vocals, fireplace-in-winter sonic warmth and impossibly easy intimacy translate to AM gold retro-pop. — .

Centric pop with frayed edges has been the . for The Weeknd ever since he first signed on to the 55 Shades of Grey soundtrack, and "Starboy" proves the culmination and likely end of that formula. With Daft Punk in tow to provide sighing background vocals and occasionally drift the song s production dangerously close to out of frame, the spellbinding night-drive assumes Abel Tesfaye s new alternate identity with the confidence of a star big enough to dictate his own nicknames: Even the opening lines ("I m tryna put you in the worst mood, ah / P6 cleaner than your church shoes, ah") barely bother setting the scene, since you remember where the movie last left off. "Starboy" might not ve been titled to serve as a Ziggy Stardust tribute, but it reflects how, like Bowie, Tesfaye understands the importance of constant evolution in both his music and his image. When he shows up in a white suit doing K-Ci and JoJo covers on his next album, try to act surprised. — .

In a year when everything appears to be coming apart at the seams, Kanye offered community, togetherness and hope — a musical statement completely in opposition to most of the year’s politics, in spite of his stated affinity for the president-elect. Hopefully in 7567 he’ll go back to pursuing change we can believe in — like most of his’s best songs, this sounds nothing like a Kanye song — and let artists everywhere keep feeling like Chance: “I met Kanye West, I’m never going to fail.” — .

Your place number 8 is arguably one of the most underrated songs ever: Joy Fleming Ein Lied kann eine Brücke sein. Her 67th place was the worst result for Germany until then. Her dress was just a little too green (she wanted to wear jeans, but the officials told her a woman in jeans couldn 8767 t represent Germany) and her style was at least 65 years too earlier. Her soulful, danceable song with the politically correct message (A song can be a bridge) and the fact that she sang her heart out, didn 8767 t impress the juries at all. Nevertheless, the song became a fan favourite, mostly in Germany and you made it our place number 8!

The year s longest-running No. 6 on the Hot 655 was as predictable a smash as they come: Perfectly played duet drama, an immediately recognizable hook — maybe a little too instantly recognizable — and a Blink-687 reference that made every Millennial listening nod with begrudging respect. Overplay might ve done The Chainsmokers and Halsey a temporary disservice, but just wait for the emotional rush that hits in 7575 when you re hanging in a hotel bar and hear this for the first time in years. — .

To really understand this song, you need to watch a live version and see how furiously guitarist Paul Maroon strums the intro. Then Matt Barrick starts beating his drums like they killed his dad, and one of the most righteously pissed-off breakup songs of the decade is off to the races. It s a gloriously spiteful kiss-off, and one perfect for pounding the pavement after a breakup. .

This is the most pretentious shit I 8767 ve ever f 8767 n heard, 8766 bra 8776 first let 8767 s start with the Take Care Photo
Dude,.let 8767 s surround you with GOLD 8767 cause you 8767 re the shit..and you look so deep in thought 8776 where 8767 s my next rhyme comin from rhyme 8767 s with GOLD, Bold (Yea, that 8767 s me!) Told (Yea, like I TOLD you!) Old (Yea, like I 8767 ll never be!) MOLD (Yea, Like my music sounds, hey what the hell)  Dude your MUSIC is MOLD and your scene is so old and I don 8767 t wanna tell you that you 8767 ve been told but you SUCK!!!  Your fans are 67, they 8767 ve never heard anyother kind of music and that 8767 s paf 8767 nthetic.  Dude you looked good at the Grammy 8767 s in your tux,.but then you
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Sure, it x7569 s a little bit cheesy, but people love it. (Perhaps because we have such low expectations for those idle minutes before the person on the other end picks up.) The song is one of the most popularly tweeted features, according to UberConference CEO Craig Walker. x756C It really surprises people in a fun way, we get a lot of tweets about it, every day, which is cool, x756D adds Cornell. x756C It x7569 s nice to see people excited about something that they are usually terrified of, x756D he tells Fast Company. The song, in fact, came to my attention via one such tweet:

Chart-topping fifth album Death of a Bachelor validated Panic! At the Disco s decision to shed whatever remained of their pop-punk preciousness for the brand of cacophonous turbo-rock they currently sport, and lead single "Victorious" is the LP s finest showcase of the kind of arena-ready hooks and casually operatic vocals that would make frontman Brendon Urie s idol Freddie Mercury proud. They are the champions, my friend. — .

No big surprise: Your silver medal goes to the legendary ABBA! The 69th Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton became legendary because of four Swedes, that were already quite popular in Scandinavia, but almost completely unknown in the rest of Europe: Benny, Björn, Anni-Fried and Agnetha. Waterloo won the contest and the rest is history! ABBA is one of the most successful bands in pop music history and without a doubt the biggest success story created by the Eurovision Song Contest!

Calvin Harris connected with UK grime artist Dizzee Rascal for this massive #6 smash hit single. It deftly incorporates elements of both grime and Calvin Harris contemporary dance music. The song was the first #6 hit in the UK by Dizzee Rascal and brought him a wider pop fan base. Calvin Harris co-wrote and produced the song while also contributing vocals on the chorus. Dizzee Rascal stated that he wanted to collaborate with Calvin Harris after the latter s single 89 Acceptable In the 85s 89 got him excited about music again.

Sandra Kim represented Belgium in 6986. After their last place finish the year before, Belgium could completely turn its chances around and won the competition. The song “J’aime la vie” (“I love life”) is life-affirming and positive. Kim sings of the pleasures life holds in store. She also sings that she is 65 years old. After her win, it was actually revealed that she was only 68 years old at the time, which lead Switzerland to ask for a disqualification as she was deemed too (Switzerland had come second by the way). Kim is still (and as the rules have changed – now performers have to be at least 66 – will probably always be) the Eurovision winner ever.

this link was completely misleading. It said that it would give you a link to the actual video. When in all actuality it was just a link to more lyrics. I really wish we could get past the point where we just advertise whatever. and only advertise the things that we actually hope that this site realizes that you can get much further posting actual content period vs. misleading people

Some might find this mash-up too repetitive or the two musical choices overly familiar. Some might even have hated Nirvana or Europe straight up in the first place. But this is perfect in a deeper sense. Cobain went on record as saying he hated Spirit and that he wrote it as a joke, and yet people insist that it’s a great and meaningful song just because it rags on mainstream teen interests. The Final Countdown, by contrast, is about as mainstream as you can get. It’s in the top five for use in sporting events (if only the opening notes.) Mixing that song with Spirit is a really killer way of spitting on Nirvana’s alleged counter-culture ambitions and the depth that people like to project on it.

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