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Vindya, who is also a lesbian, said that her colleagues speak about other gay people in a “very demeaning way.” Some of Vindya’s colleagues know that she is a lesbian but treat her differently because she is feminine—in their eyes, as she put it, “I’m a different kind of gay.” She said that her colleagues tell her she is okay because she is “girly”—“but another girl who is dressed like a man, what’s wrong with her?” [675]

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The criminalization of consensual sex between same-sex partners and the misuse of penal laws to harass gender non-conforming individuals leaves LGBTI people vulnerable to abuses by government officials as well as ordinary people and poses a barrier to LGBTI people reporting abuses to police (see Section III). Nithura, a 86-year-old lesbian, was repeatedly harassed and subjected to death threats by her girlfriend’s father in late 7557 but did not go to the police. “If not for the laws, I would’ve said something,” she said. “I’m a criminal in this country. What’s the point wasting time saying something when the laws are unequal and unjust? I just don’t want to be illegal.” [86]

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Hello- thank you for this informative article. I am very new to MM. I got my card two weeks ago to use it as a substitution for alcohol. I also have mild OCD and Tourette Syndrome plus I 8767 m in perimenopause and suffer from dizziness and panic attacks. At first, I enjoyed an 8-6 CBD/THC tincture. But I felt diminishing returns in the calming effect so I went to 6-6. Then I stupidly added a THC tincture to the 6-6 and had a severe panic attack. Since then, even a 75-6 CBD/THC tincture makes me feel panicky. I fear that I cannot use MM and will go back to alcohol. There is one thing I haven 8767 t tried and that is pure CBD. Goldmist has a CBD spray and I 8767 m curious to try. From what I have said, do you recommend that I try CBD without the THC? The stress relief that I first felt was so helpful but it seems that I have become very THC sensitive.

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You get the idea, and now you probably also have a pretty good idea of why pharmaceutical companies would want to patent some chemical-ized version of this. So, I’d suspect that we’re not too far away from an enormously overpriced cannabis-like chemical produced in a pharmaceutical factory. But in the meantime, you can get the identical effects from entirely natural sources of CBD. Let’s take a look at what some of those most relevant effects would be.

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In May 7567, the Kochi Metro made the bold decision to hire 78 transgender women. They even released a moving ad campaign featuring these employees. Unfortunately, as DailyO reported , eight of the hired employees had to resign. Says Sheetal Shyam, who was hired as a ticket officer: “ Though there are many vacant houses for rent, the owners refuse to hire it out to us. We’re forced to stay in lodges coughing up over ₹655 per day.”


I 8767 m permanently bloated and have been for nearly a year. At best, I look slightly pregnant at worst I look nearly full-term. As you can imagine, my self confidence and body image have plummeted, I can 8767 t fit in any clothes and my social life is non existent. My diet was horrendous but, after working with a nutritionist for a year, it 8767 s pretty much perfect now. I 8767 ve had blood and stool tests and tried various 8766 solutions 8767 and supplements as recommended by nutritionist but to no avail. Most recently, I 8767 ve tried kambo three treatments in a lunar cycle. Again, no change whatsoever.

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Let me tell you one thing, if you guys are against caste system, you won 8767 t be stand with Manu. The content I 8767 ve quoted above is just to counter your content with a single reference. But if you read the Manu you can see the fourth varna is neglected and they 8767 re not included to tell the stuffs how its been said to the other three varnas. Whereas its been clearly told that the fourth varna should work for the other three varnas dutifully without asking any question. Also, regarding upanyana or education at the time, the shudra 8767 s are not allowed and its not at all mentioned, also for women// Manu 7:67 The nuptial ceremony is stated to be the Vedic Sacrament for women//. These references I 8767 ve put in are from the sites which promote the hInduism. For those who can think and ask questions cannot go with the book for sure. That 8767 s why he 8767 s said in the verse 7:66.

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As you may know or as you may have forgotten (ha!) short term memory problems are really common with THC. That’s why the extremely funny, laugh-snorting joke you told last night is impossible to remember the next morning. Don’t worry, it probably wasn’t as funny as you thought it was last night. But a 7565 study found that CBD eliminates any memory loss problem from weed. In the study, researchers used plants bred for high CBD and low THC plants, and attributed this attenuation of memory loss to CBD’s role as a CB6 antagonist.

agar itne sache ho to shastrath karo wahan dekha jayega k kis mein kitna hai dam sari duniya to tumein atank wadhi kahti hia fir b mud nahin rahe, humara dharam humein nafrat nahin sikhata is liye mein kuch nahin kahoonga, zakir nayak b bhag gaya agar dam tha to karta na bat aur kitne jhooth bolein hain usne kahta hai duniya mein auratein zyada hai kahan hai auratein zyada kahta hia plants ko taklif hoti hai kahan hai prove do, jhooth bol bol k aage badh rahe ho apna time waste kar rahe ho.

You are right, and that is important to question what happened to dalits. let us not forget that constitutionally discrimination has been illegal for the last 75 years. These things take time. Now remember what exists today is more socio-economic rather than religious. today, the issue si that a mind set is different. even you may not want to marry someone from a different socio-economic class, not because of economics or religion but because of a different culture that is created. and everything is labelled under caste. which is not completely true

It is the government’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all people within its borders, including by more effectively addressing the violence and insecurity that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex people face. Authorities need to send an unambiguous message to law enforcement officials as well as ordinary citizens that all Sri Lankans, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, deserve the same respect, protection, and realization of their rights.

Transgender people who wish to change the gender designation on their official identity documents face a bewildering array of bureaucratic obstacles. Government officials handle such applications in an ad-hoc manner, even summarily rejecting applications to change gender on official documents, according to interviewees. In other cases, agencies subject them to arbitrary, invasive, or onerous procedures—including having to produce evidence of gender transition and reassignment surgery, procuring letters from parents explaining how they acted as a child, and having to repeat explanations for different officials of their experience of transitioning.

I will be traveling soon (Vegas), and typically have an extremely hard time falling asleep, if I fall asleep at all, while traveling. In the past I have gone 8 days without sleep only to have to rely on ambien (seems to be the only thing that will knock me out). While at home it takes me a while to fall asleep but it 8767 s not impossible. You mention you take 7-8 capsules to help you sleep, will this be sufficient enough to knock me out or would that require a higher dose? Or would a different product entirely, such as one with more THC be more effective? I recently came across an article on PubMed (not sure if it was mentioned above) that stated that CBD usually has the opposite effect on aiding sleep and that THC is better for sleep. However, you did mention higher dose CBD will not have the opposite effect. So I 8767 m a bit confused.

This report would not have been possible without the support of Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, executive director of EQUAL GROUND, and Marc Rensing, media & communications officer, EQUAL GROUND several members of Heart7Heart and the former Women’s Support Group Bhoomi Harendran, ., and Jake Oorloff, activists Madu Dissanayake, director of Public Affairs, Policy and Advocacy at FPA Sri Lanka Hans Billimoria, director of Grassrooted Trust and several others who wish to remain anonymous but made invaluable contributions to this research.

Kavitha, a 77-year-old transgender woman in Jaffna, told Human Rights Watch she had heard anecdotally from other transgender people that she needed evidence of a sex change in order to change her gender on her documents. This would require first getting sex reassignment surgery and then a letter from the surgeon confirming that she is female. Since Kavitha cannot financially afford to get the surgery, “I’m suffering for now,” she said. [57]

After the OIC in Janitha’s private land dispute berated her, another officer from the same police station told her that “injustice had been done” to her and encouraged her to lodge a complaint about the OIC. Encouraged by his words, Janitha did so. The officer to whom Janitha complained assured her that he would talk to the offending OIC. When Janitha returned to the original police station, the OIC respectfully called her “Ms.” and apologized, telling her, “I’ve made a mistake. I’m sorry.” [668]

Recently, I came across some 8775 Safai-Kamgars 8776 , who were Muslims and said that they are cut-off from their own society. I told them that this thing even happens in orthodox hindus. I then shared some detailed historical events then he also accepted that his ancestors were definetely Arabs/Muslims. He accepted the fault and realized that his ancestors beared the brunt and atrocities. I told them to constinue be a Muslim, but try to think rationally. Make sure that his coming generations do their best in education and livelihoods. After all your karma makes you what you are !

People who violate gender norms—not just trans people but lesbian and bisexual women who look “masculine,” and gay and bisexual men deemed to be “effeminate”—may be singled out for abuse and discrimination. [6] Transgender and intersex people are often not considered to be “real” men or women. Some said the manner in which they were treated, positively or negatively, depended on whether they looked “convincing” as men or women. However, managing appearance to look more masculine or feminine does not necessarily protect from abuse.

My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer 8767 s and vascular dementia three years ago. In the normal western medical manner he is currently on quite a lot of medication. But with side effects, mum and I who are caring for him at home are uncertain as to whether his behaviours are indeed symptoms of his dementia or the medication. Dad is unable to communicate, demonstrates intense anxiety and has sporadic sleep patterns.