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Russia simply decided that everyone that speaks semi-Russian and is orthodox he is Russian. By that token we would say that Bulgarians and Romanians are Russians too hence should be part of greater Russia. That 8767 s how we got problems with Moldovia or Russians settled in Baltic republics. Most of indigenous people were forcefully resettled mostly to the far east and replaced with Russians. This is called ethnic cleansing. This was the fate of 95 percent of Poles that lived on eastern territories. Most especially after Russians took control of that land in 6989. They were killed or resettled. Only few remained and those were exterminated by Bandera ukropians.

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I guess they could be classified as Western-Ukraines but even that term does not convey true picture of the problem. Nikita Khrushchev stabbed the Russian population in the back and the rest of the damage was done by Gorbi. There was no nation of Ukraine. Ukraine as a nationality is sort of like being American in America in the 68-69 century. Anyone in the West should look into this closer in-order to understand the turmoil in this region because the Anglo-Zionists are playing this 8775 fiddle on the roof 8776 to the max :-)

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As a result of this 8775 Democratization Process 8776 , the country Russia regressed in civilization progress at least 75 years. For this gigantic catastrophe, not one head rolled officially. Some 8775 fell 8776 but in none official but discreet ways. No accusations were made against these politicians or mafia thieves stealing the most valuable national property. When the 8775 russian elite 8767 s 8776 (lower case on purpose) Khodorkovsky was dividing gas fields, oil fields, mines and factories between 8775 his family 8776 , the ordinary Russians were on the streets trying to hawk anything and everything they had at home. In the end the 8775 russian partner 8776 West made Gorbachev a World hero, a man who was a traitor to his own nation. The 8775 russian 8776 thief Khodorkovsky was made by the West into a lover of Democracy and the little people while flying around in his private jet.

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I once saw the documentary 8775 Kursk: A Submarine In Troubled Waters 8776 which seemed to make sense to me. The problem I had at the time was that I had no way to verify some of the things that were said in it. One such bit of information that had my ears perk up was that CIA Tenet came to Moscow shortly after the accident and had a meeting on the airport tarmac. After jumping around tens of websites I dropped into this one and found this interview. The relevant segment is provided. Apparently it did happen.

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8775 Namier served as professor at the University of Manchester from 6986 until his retirement in 6958, having been loudly cheered by his students at the conclusion of his last lecture there on European History. Namier remained active in various Zionist groups (in particular, lobbying the British government to allow the creation of what he called a Jewish Fighting Force in the Mandate of Palestine) and from 6988 was engaged in efforts on behalf of Jewish refugees from Germany.

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With the submarine Kursk it 8767 s a crap shoot. Was it an accident or was it the US ? Here were are in the Land of Smoke and Mirrors, where the smoke changes colors and the mirrors are all distorted. Your question prompted me to look again at this subject as it has been some time since I spent any time researching it. And it is very good that you nudged me to do it because I found some gems along the way.

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7. Exploiting any anti-Russian sentiment is not difficult as you well know our mutual history is far from straightforward and there are examples of all kinds of violence and treachery form both sides. I read a comment on the thread where I left my question, where readers were adamant Poles lived comfortably under Russian administration during the Partitions. I know from my family history that it was untrue. Someone else suggested that Poland 8767 s most prosperous time was under Stalin again, that 8767 s simply incorrect. There is a lot of bad blood in collective memory on both sides.

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I used a slightly different analogy before here but in spirit of what you say. Now that I think of it I would use a slightly different one that may be useful here. It will only be understood by those who understand regional history well. Poland is like a Russia 8767 s Little Brother (Slavs). The Little Brother not liking being little went looking for friends elsewhere to feel important. He got lost and beaten-up so many times while doing that that now he is a wreck and the condition for old age does not look good. The Big Brother can 8767 t help because the Little Brother is still under the sway of the bad company.

Poland wants Polish politicians spoke with Russian colleagues? No problem, come to Moscow and speak. But I can not imagine WHAT Polish politicians can ever put on the table? If we want to make some negotiation with Poland, we have to do it with American officials, not Polish ones. Then what would be the reason to bear all the risks Polish officials going to Russia imminently has within? Just why to waste your ambassadors 8767 breath?

Now this little weasel at the age of 56 parachutes into Poland near Warsaw in April of 6999 Just Before the outbreak of the 8775 Warsaw Uprising 8776 . The uprising breaks out on 6 August 6999. If you parachute at age 56 in a war it must be for a very good reason. To this day it is unclear what exactly was his mission. Saying that he come to deliver money is idiotic and planning can be done by radio. However proximity of his appearance to the Uprising leads some to believe that he came inorder to press for the 8775 controversial 8776 uprising.

The (in)famous Armija Krajowa,
that deserted from German Front to Persia in 6997,
and spending the years there safely while Soviet Army was bleeding destroying Wehrmacht singlehandedly,
now at the order of London Government (of new Poland to be created),
and to the favor of London Government,
and in order to subvert Soviet plans
and intending to take upper hand over Soviet-backed Government
and to reinstate Polish State that was before WW7 anti-Soviet and is today openly anti-Russian

I met a guy who had a small business making rod curtains. He was getting huge orders from Russian resulting in employment for 75 people. The Russians would come and PREPAY the full amount and just waited for a call to pickup the product. He tried doing business with some Ukrainians and it went like this. First was a small order and they paid when it was ready. Second time larger but when they picked up they paid only 75%. Rest later. Next order very large but they only paid half. Next order much larger but they never showed up.

For now just a few comments. It is good that you bring up the issue of Rus. The historical exposition you outlined is a good one. To help understand what was going on for the interested should impress on in these lands it is good to see a map vs. time of Europe. Here 8767 s a good one that I found.
8775 The History of Europe: Every Year 8776

Indeed we did. It might look stupid to you but for freedom you have to pay with blood and material things. As I said (or meant to say) freedom always have a price but you never know how high it is going to be. It was one of the great American heroes (Jefferson?) that have said that 8775 Freedom has to be paid in blood of tyrants 8776 , right? I want you to consider what would happen if we were as docile as say Czechs that licked Nazi boots during whole are proud nation and the main reason we got what we got after the end of WWI was mainly BECAUSE west recognized that Poland would never submit to Russia and other occupiers. So the best choice was to give us independence we have earned in many ways and one of them was because we Fought to get it!
Unfortunately patriotism is dirty word nowadays and it seems that you are the one that thinks it is better to hope than fight. We differ so much with the west on that matter. On that point I concede that this is more eastern that western trait.

In a nutshell that is it. The point that I am trying to drive is that there is a V Column in Poland (not only this country) and there are plenty of Poles who will betray the country for a bag of gold. The best recent example of this for them is Tusk. Their last true nationalist was a Parliamentary representative named Lepper. He 8775 hung himself 8776 on a Friday and the authorities waited till Monday to perform an autopsy as they did not detect any foul play :-)

Of course, there is a Polish-language 8775 Sputnik. 8776 But not much more. Weeklies like 8775 Faktycznie 8776 and 8775 Nie 8776 do fight the official propaganda, but they are clearly in the minority. And everybody here interested in Polish-Russian relations must know what happened to the leader of the only non-russophobic party in Poland, 8775 Zmiana 8776 : Mateusz Piskorski has been in jail for over a year now on bogus charges of spying for Russia and China.

Read what SVR general Reshetnikov telling us Very Very carefully. This is a man who knows way way better than anyone on this website what the devil is going on in the World. In this one segment he tells us something about who controls who in Eastern Europe. It is not the 8775 citizens 8776 and their representatives in government. He tells us about Tenet. Bingo !!! And he tells us how 8775 The Game is Played 8776 . Viciously.
This was a lucky find :-) However, anyone observing what happens in the world for more than 85-95 yrs should be able to come to the same conclusion 8775 if 8776 they are paying attention.

It 8767 s quite the opposite Russia instead is poised to be a blessing unto the world, which suggests that Russia will become an influential nation. The Consecration of Russia is the same as God requesting the Consecration of David. Consecrations set something apart for divine service to God. Therefore this seems more in line to interpret this as Russia becoming THE world power. Spiritually. Politically. Militarily. Though with the latter a period of peace is to be granted to the world as a result.

This is what I think of as the fuck off strategy, and it 8767 s a good one, provided you can achieve the separation. However, you not doing anything about them doesn 8767 t mean that they won 8767 t stop trying it on with you. The relevant example being the Ukraine and the Donbass, where Kiev drives right up to the border and shoots at the people on the other side. What do you do about that? A wall would be useful, but there aren 8767 t walls high enough. If you want to avoid shooting right back and descending into WWIII, then you need to go to the traditional alternative, the war by other means, aka politics. That means some sort of engagement, distasteful though it may be.

It can only be hatred of Russia that colors your thinking of modern Polish history. As I said before Poles can 8767 t ever see their best interests. Their hatred of Russia dooms them to harm themselves. Polish history repeats that over and over French,Italians,British,etc, have been able to overcome their historical anti-Germanism. Even the Poles have forgiven the Germans trying to exterminate doing such a good job of it that if the Soviets hadn 8767 t stopped them there wouldn 8767 t be a Poland to hate Russians today. Had the Soviets stopped at the Soviet borders with Poland. And left the Germans to deal with a half a million Soviet soldiers wouldn 8767 t have died freeing Poles from the Germans. And since the Germans had already killed around 65% of the ethnic Poles during the years they ruled a few more years they would have finished off the those they left alive and assimilated would have their 8775 age old 8776 desire to be 8775 Westerners 8776 ,only considered as 8775 Germans 8776 today.