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UCF Kicker Ruled Ineligible After Rejecting NCAA''s Demand

Posted: 2017-12-07 18:04

But for De La Haye, limiting his material—and for a Division I college athlete, sports are a massive part of his life—in order to appease an organization that actively works against athletes attempting to earn what they’re worth, both on and off the field, was never an option. In his June video decrying the NCAA’s attempt to play executive producer, De La Haye said he felt as though the group was unnecessarily “making me pick between my passion and what I love to do,” pointing to the fact that his revenue stream was completely legal. So, rather than let the NCAA dictate the content he creates for his side gig, De La Haye was smart enough to realize that making money based on your talents is actually a good thing and refused to halt production of any of his videos, posting sports videos as recently as yesterday.