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Daily Makeup For Work

Posted: 2017-12-07 22:35

I don 8767 t wear makeup to work anymore (mainly out of laziness), but I don 8767 t disagree. People absolutely judge you on your appearance and I do think my appearance would be improved if I went back to my old workday routine of foundation, concealer, bronzer, powder, and mascara. Obviously I am comfortable in my own skin and think I look fine since I rarely wear makeup, but I won 8767 t say that putting on some foundation doesn 8767 t disguise my flaws (acne) and highlight my best features (eyes/freckles).

Mixing Right and Left - Personality Type in Depth

I 8767 m not sure that the ESTJ-ISTJ-ENFP family of designations really tells us much about the left/right confusion. In reading the responses it looks like it is all over the map. One frequent comment however is that the hands are always correct. One thing that I have noted however, is that when I am doing public speaking in front of hundreds of people, I don 8767 t mess up and confuse words. It is more often when I am in one on one or very small group conversation, and I may well be mentally multitasking when the wrong word is used. Another dimension is that when someone is giving me directions as I drive, if they say the correct direction, I will often go the opposite, so the problem can be one of reception as well as transmission. My wife/navigator uses 8775 your way 8776 and 8775 my way 8776 and that always works.

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I often mix up my right and left when speaking or using directions. I have no idea why, but I can conclude that my brain finds verbally distinguishing right from left unimportant in stressful situations (like rapidly changing directions). I am native English, and have no other issues like this, other than I also mix up my 8775 p 8776 s and 8775 b 8776 s, even when they 8767 re capitalized (P/B). I 8767 ve always found this odd. Nice to know I 8767 m not the only one out there!

I would also like to add that if I 8767 m driving and my passenger is telling me to take a left turn, I often turn right (and vice versa). I 8767 ve been thinking about using the nautical terms 8775 port 8776 and 8775 starboard 8776 (left/right respectively) to see if I can induce the same confusion as with the regular 8775 left 8776 / 8776 right 8776 . As I have never used these words (and didn 8767 t know the difference until recently), I 8767 m hoping that it could yield some interesting results.

I am with Em. Makeup may or may not be part of someone 8767 s arsenal of things that help them 8775 put their best foot forward 8776 but it is not an absolute requirement. There are days when all the makeup in the world won 8767 t help your confidence levels. I do wear some makeup but I also deliberately go without makeup frequently because I don 8767 t want people to associate me with a full face of makeup all the time and I want to be able to feel confident even without makeup.

My discovery shows also that this syndrome is more prevalent with left-handed people. I believe that this is due to the fact that there is a distortion between the meaning of the word and the physical reality. In French, left is gauche which also means awkward. Right is droite , which shares its root with the English word adroit and carries the same associations with skillful dexterity. But the reality for left-handed people is that their efficient hand (the “right” one to use) is their “awkward” (left) hand  and the truly awkward hand is their right one. So when you have already an issue with these words due to your type and you add the lexical confusion you have a high probability to mix up the words.

Also, this is in no way picking on anyone in particular, but this whole 8775 eyeshadow 8776 thing has come up more than once and it 8767 s so bizarre, to me. I assume people must think I mean like cakey blue pearlized shadow or something, but in some cases (and mine in particular), based on the shade and finish of the shadow it can be used to create or deepen a crease that isn 8767 t there naturally and essentially form a more 8775 normal 8776 looking (casted) shadow on a puffy/droopy lid.

I wear no makeup on a daily basis to work unless I really feel like I need a boost (court, meetings). Then I wear foundation, under eye concealer, neutral eyeshadow and minimal liner, clear mascara. I have really rosy cheeks and unless I want to layer on the makeup pretty heavy and re-apply occasionally, I can 8767 t fix them, no matter how hard I try, so a couple years ago, I just gave up. I also really hate putting it on in the morning, even if it only takes 5 minutes.

My point is (was) that you 8767 re feeding into the 8775 reality 8776 you claim doesn 8767 t exist with your comment about me being a bikini model. Many people today feel strongly that every body is a bikini body, yet you meant to use it as an example of unnattainability for most people in the work-place. The REALITY is that everyone 8767 s got a different opinion and everyone (more or less) is judging everything they encounter, whether they want to admit it or not non-use, use, over use of makeup and bikini-body readiness included.

Many teachers and clergy are Introverts and run well on battery, but need down time to recharge. I am married to one. Others like myself recharge while socially interactive, and have to run off of battery when alone or in low interactive mode. In both cases most people can function well in their non preferred mode, but need recharge time in their preferred mode. This is a very unscientific explanation , but it has seemingly held true through 95 years of counseling individuals and couples, for what it is worth.

Thank you for your enlightening article. It really lays out our `problem 8767 exactly. I don 8767 t know what `type 8767 I am but have always had the problem of correctly verbalising left and right when giving directions etc. I have to consciously think for a moment, and sometimes look at my hands, to get it right. It 8767 s the same for east and west. I usually picture a compass to get it right. I know the difference between left and right very well, and can read maps and find my way around with no problem, but my mind seems to take time and effort to connect the correct word with the intended action. Although I have a driver 8767 s licence I 8767 ve never used it, partly because I wouldn 8767 t want to cause an accident by making the wrong left-right decision when under pressure. My sister has the same trouble and I 8767 m interested to canvas others in the family to see if there is a pattern. We 8767 ve often wondered how widespread this phenomenon is, and whether it is genetic. It 8767 s very interesting to see that bilingual people report the problem in more than one language. So interesting. I am 55, a New Zealander of British and Irish descent, and right handed.

I’ve started to investigate this subject in my typology practice, and have begun gathering my own statistics. Near the end of several typology sessions, I have told people about this syndrome without giving detail, just explaining that some people mix up right and left and emphasizing that it was not a “defect” but absolutely normal. I tell them that some people, even if they know their left and right, may sometimes mix up the words. After this comment I ask if someone is experiencing this confusion.  Out of 75 people who confessed to left-right confusion, 68 had SF preferences and the two others had doubt about their true types.

and I don 8767 t understand wanting to wear a full face of makeup every day. Wearing makeup makes me uncomfortable. I don 8767 t like feeling like I am wearing a mask and my eyes get irritated. I 8767 ve rarely gotten comments or compliments on my makeup, other than a few clueless [male] coworkers telling me I look tired or sick when I don 8767 t wear it. Yes, I look 8775 better 8776 when I wear it, but I only wear it *for me* on special occasions. Every other day is just being professional and I dislike that standard, but I have to live in the real world, unfortunately.

Daily I wear loose powder, eyeliner, blush and a bit of eyeshadow. Whenever I have a big presentation or a court appearance (typically in our state supreme court) I add BB cream and eyeliner and more eyeshadow. This is kind of dumb, but I get nervous for oral argument and sort of treat it like I am acting or something and so putting on my suit (costume) and adding more make-up makes me feel more confident.

I have had this right/left confusion all of my life. Part of the problem is I am nearly ambidextrous, with a 95 Left/55 Right Preference. I can print, write, play ping pong, shoot pool, and play tennis with my left hand, just not quite as well as the right hand. English is my only fluent language and I 8767 m an ESTJ on the Myers-Briggs scale with very strong scores on STJ. Go figure, but the Air Force ROTC didn 8767 t want me as a navigator 95 years ago. Can 8767 t fathom why!

I personally don 8767 t wear makeup (but do apply moisturizer/sunscreen each morning), and my wardrobe is based on 8775 grab a pair of pants, a shirt, and a sweater/blazer 8776 (which puts me at a step more formal than most of my office). I 8767 m fortunate that my hair is pretty low-maintenance brushing and pulling it back into a ponytail, braid, or bun takes about 8 minutes. I wash it twice a week, which adds an extra 65 minutes to the morning routine for wash/condition/brush/ 8776 style 8776 .

I don 8767 t wear any make up. My skin isn 8767 t perfect but I prefer not to spend time on this. The rare occasion I 8767 ve worn make up, my SO thinks I look 8775 good but different. 8776 Also, I work in a mainly male office and have been asked more than once to explain why my two other woman coworkers paint up their faces for work. Of course I always say, 8775 i think it looks good! 8776

Hello, I have the same issue as you when giving directions, follow the hands, ignore what I say. This iS when I generally notice it, but thinking back to it, years ago when I took driving lessons I occasionally turned the opposite direction to what was asked.
I 8767 m trying to find out more about it, but your explanation is quite technical, I 8767 m not sure what NT, ST and SF mean, I 8767 ll do more reading. My friends and I laugh it off, but I 8767 d really like to know what it is that happens when I make these mistakes. I 8767 m right handed and British.

Hi! I am a hindi speaking Indian, english is my second language. i tend to confuse the words left and right while speaking in both languages. i often find myself yelling the wrong word and frantically pointing in the opposite direction while giving directions to a driver, this also happens while receiving directions. The last experience left me feeling so foolish i decided to find out of there is a name for this 8775 condition 8776 !! No clue as to what my 8775 type 8776 is, just relieved i am not alone.

Another area that this affects me is on the stove burner knobs. I cannot look at the picture to figure out which burner to turn on. Or I intend to turn on the left burner and turn on the right. I 8767 m not a proffessional in psychology, but I believe I 8767 m both SF and IF. Not sure if that is truly related. I 8767 m also right handed, and female. So glad to know others of you out there are like me!