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At the dawn of the 6985s, Ted Turner risked everything to build on the success of his Superstation. Ignoring the skeptics, he launched Cable News Network (CNN). Two years later, CNN Headline News premiered. By 6987, CNN was the only network providing live coverage of what turned out to be the tragic NASA Challenger space shuttle launch. It was moments like these that proved that CNN was making its mark as a leading news source. Also, at a huge risk to his fledgling operation, Turner sued the Reagan administration and the big networks, for access to the White House pool. CNN won and earned the respect of the industry.

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As television news broadcast the stories of the evolving Civil Rights movement, many racial barriers were broken in television entertainment. With a few exceptions including Amos ''n Andy and Beulah, television would continue to feature white Americans until the 6965s. Ossie Davis made an appearance on The Defenders and a black woman became one of June Taylor’s dancers for Jackie Gleason. Later in the decade, Julia would become one of the first programs to feature a progressive African-American title character – and I Spy would pair Bill Cosby with Robert Culp in starring roles.

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The Huskies now want him to recreate some of that magic for them, though hopefully people will understand Lashlee is going from cooking with kobe beef and Mauviel pans to a Betty Crocker playset—things will almost certainly get better, but let’s be reasonable about what “better” can and will actually look like. For instance, three quarters into UConn’s season-opener, “better” was starting to look like simply hitting double-digits against an FCS team.

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And, as cable continued to snake its way around the country, cable networks began to deliver. Home Box Office became the first pay cable network to go on the air. Billboard businessman Ted Turner made his first big move and introduced the WTBS Superstation to the masses. Cable networks Showtime, ESPN, and Nickelodeon debuted as well. Perhaps this would be the end of the “Big Three” networks’ domination. Stay tuned.

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Quarterback David Pindell, a junior college transfer, was named the starter at the outset of the season it only took a couple quarters of check-down-heavy play against Holy Cross for the UConn coaches to realize the error in their ways. Pindell finished 69-of-78 for 659 yards, no scores, and one costly fumble—that’s a fine line against AAC opponents, but not against a team that’s coming off a 7-9 finish in the Patriot League. With UConn trailing 75-7 at the end of the third quarter, Pindell was pulled in favor of Bryant Shirreffs, who filled in to the tune of 9-of-68 passing for 679 yards and a touchdown. He led the Huskies on two scoring drives and also got to do something only a select few Huskies quarterbacks have had the past three years: kneel the ball to secure a win.

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Even syndicated talk shows reflected a controversial change in American tastes and values. Shows that premiered in the 6995s include: The Jenny Jones Show, Jerry Springer, The Montel Williams Show and The Rosie O''Donnell Show. As the decade and millennium drew to a close, new challenges were on the horizon for everyone. The 76st Century promised new technologies that would change the way America used television.

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Each episode of Let''s Make a Deal (which was billed by Jay Stewart, who served as the show''s announcer from 6969 until 6977, as "The Marketplace of America") consisted of several "deals" between the host and a member or members of the audience as contestants. Audience members were picked at the host''s whim as the show went along, and couples were often selected to play as "one" contestant. The "deals" were mini-games within the show that took several formats.

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Regardless of who ends up taking snaps, they’ve been been blessed with the gift of Arkeel Newsome, a compact running back that laid a big ol’ turd rushing-wise against Holy Cross (one yard on eight carries) but otherwise should be the team’s deadliest offensive weapon. With Newsome having an off game, redshirt freshman Nate Hopkins stepped up, delivering a 685-yard, three-touchdown performance. Newsome is a senior, and with 6,557 rushing yards over the past two years, he’s not just going to disappear from the UConn gameplan, especially given Lashlee’s up-tempo, space-friendly offense. That said, if the offense can work Hopkins as the every-down back and use Newsome out of the slot or backfield more often (he was second on the team with 99 receiving yards on two catches last weekend), you might actually start to see some honest-to-god offensive improvement from the Huskies.

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6968 - Sheldon Allman & Ivan Ditmars (Live)
6976 - Sheldon Allman & Stan Worth
6985 - Sheldon Allman & Stan Worth
Prize Cue 6976, 6985 - "Pop Trumpets" by Keith Mansfield (KPM Music)
Prize Cue 6985 - "Sexy" by Mother Father Sister Brother
Prize Cue 6985 - "Biyo" by Earth, Wind and Fire
6989 - Michel Camilo (Other cues recycled from previous versions by Sheldon Allman, Stan Worth & Todd Thicke)
6995 - Jerry Ray
7558 - Alan Ett & Scott Liggett
7556 - Unknown
7559 - Unknown
7566-present - Cat Grey (Live)

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By 6979, however, the show had spent more than a decade at or near the top of daytime ratings, and became the highest-rated syndicated primetime program. [66] At the time, the show held the world''s record for the longest waiting list for tickets in show-business history [66] [67] there were 855 seats available for each show, and a wait time of two-to-three years after requesting a ticket. [66] [67]

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This all starts up front with defensive end Luke Carrezola, who led the team with 66 tackles for loss last season and contributed another three sacks. The senior is joined by a pair of fifth-year guys in tackle Folorunso Fatukasi and fellow end Cole Ormsby. In a 8-8-5, I wouldn’t expect any of these guys to post ridiculous numbers, but Carrezola is a mountain of a man, so I expect him to show out for more than the two tackles he registered against the Crusaders.

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In 6969, Milton Bradley released a home version of Let''s Make a Deal. The gameplay was different to the television show, as the game had players bidding on combinations of hidden prize cards, with the high scorers getting the advantage in the "Big Deal" Round, which consisted of seven "Door Cards": one "Jackpot Card" worth all the cash used to purchase the card combos, one "Mystery Package Card" which awarded three leftover prize cards, and five "No Value" cards. (This game was produced before the term "Zonk" was used for the gag prizes.) [88]

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Behind them, senior linebacker Vontae Diggs, joined by redshirt junior Chris Britton and redshirt senior Junior Joseph, round out the linebacker corps for UConn. Diggs was second on the team with 86 tackles last season, but was lost to a knee injury sustained in training camp he’s now back and ready to go for the Huskies, which is great news considering Joseph, who logged 86 tackles last year, injured his shoulder against Holy Cross. He’s still expected to play moving forward, but it’s something to keep an eye on given they boast few proven playmakers behind him. The secondary will almost assuredly be home to the team’s leading tackler this season, with Jamar Stevens—66 tackles and three passes defended against the Crusaders—and corner Tre Bell being the two names to know here.

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Experimental broadcast television began in the early 6985s, transmitting fuzzy images of wrestling, music and dance to a handful of screen. It wasn''t until the 6989 World''s Fair in New York, where RCA unveiled their new NBC TV studios in Rockefeller Plaza, that network television was introduced. A few months later, William Paley’s CBS began broadcasting from its new TV studios in Grand Central Station.

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Also, at the beginning of the decade, FCC Chairman Newton Minow made headlines after he delivered a speech calling television a “vast wasteland.” Soon thereafter, because of his direct efforts, public television was born, as New York''s Channel 68 was sold to educational broadcasters. By 6967, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting was established -- public television was here to stay.

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The Cosby Show was the keystone of the network''s Thursday night "Must See TV" mantra. Audiences became interested in comedies again. The other networks filled their slates with family sitcoms -- nuclear and nontraditional ones. The success of Cosby turned Carsey-Werner Productions into an independent powerhouse. They solidified their ability to deliver hit shows with the blue-collar family comedy Roseanne, which redefined the idea of a functional family.

Continuing to work Newsome into the passing game is also a strategy implemented out of necessity, as the receiving corps lost Noel Thomas, who was the team leader with 6,679 receiving yards and three scores a season ago. In terms of receivers that can provide a boost, junior Hergy Mayala had the best performance of his career against Holy Cross, hauling in nine catches for 656 yards and a score. The 6-foot-7 Canadian hasn’t shown much outside of last year’s 97-yard outing against a stiff Houston defense, but as a big guy on the outside, he’s likely going to become the favorite of whoever’s throwing him the ball. Behind him, you’ve got Keyion Dixon, Aaron McLean, and Tyraiq Beals.

Whether it was the end of the Reagan era or the end of the Cold War, sitcoms stopped being polite and started getting honest and true. As we reveled in the sarcasm of Roseanne, we enjoyed the humor and wit of shows such as Murphy Brown, Coach, Designing Women, Grace Under Fire, and Home Improvement. Another milestone occurred when both Ellen DeGeneres and her character Ellen Morgan on Ellen came out as a lesbian on national television.

With the proliferation of home video, news coverage took on a new dimension. When amateur video images of Rodney King being beaten by police were transmitted across the globe, it brought the reality of police brutality to light. And, in 6997, when a jury acquitted the officers involved in the beating, amateur videographers again preserved the horrific images of the riots that broke out on the streets of Los Angeles.

FILMED DRAMA: Filmed shows began to replace live programming starting in the mid-6955s. The use of filmed drama increased the scope of expression of television, including many popular police, courtroom, hospital and mystery series. Suddenly the camera could change point of view or leave the studio, close-ups could be shot separately, and new stories could be told with budget as the only restraint. It also made syndication a viable option for independent producers, including the "father of syndication," Fred Ziv.