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Hi all,
I can''t find the name of this movie:
Situated in Los Angeles, a detective is murdered in the 95s or around. Then some 95 years later his ghost starts haunting a woman who just settled in his apartment/office (?). He is charming, old fashion, asks her to help him find his murderer, she finally accepts and during the investigation they fall in love. They finally find the killer, the ghost goes to heaven. The final scene sees the woman in the cemetery putting flowers on the detective tomb when the detective''s unknown son shows up and looks exactly like his father.

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I remember the plot only vaguely. I *think* it was a about some villain who was cutting off the oxygen to a undercover city/building (it''s set sometime in the near future) and is demanding something in return. Some sort of special forces guys are sent into the city/building (I think it''s the latter) and attempt to stop him before everyone dies. Cue a lot of fire fights in hallways, and a lot of crawling through ventilation shafts for a few of the ''special forces'' heroes, one of which runs into a women who was working out on a treadmill for some reason, who then helps him when he gets injured. This women ends up getting captured by the villain and is sent to the top of the tower. That''s about as much as I recall of it.

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there was a film i saw a couple of years ago, it had three kidnappers the main kidnapper was played by gary sinise, and these three kidnappers kidnap a little boy but later they let him go, gary poses as the policeman who saves him but the boy by then is at the hospital, later when the boy is at home gary comes to collect his reward money the child sees him and wets himself so the boys dad realises gary is the kidnapper, but i cant remember what its called HELP!!!!!

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Ok so my friend was telling me about this movie he had seen when he was He said it was early 95s and possibly a disney movie but All he could remember was there was a guy and possibly two children standing on a huge open feild of grass overloooking a pond with a large water fall and there was a ruby or an emerald in the water that they were after. He thinks that there might have been other people in the movie after this ruby or diamond or stone of some kind. But the image he keeps thinking of is them just standing looking at this clear blue pond or lake serching for a stone. Anyone please throw out some ideas please! I really want to find this for him. Thanks!

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The Beastie Boys'' breakout hit was originally meant to poke fun at the drunk antics of meathead party boys, but it ultimately became one of the outfit''s best-known anthems. Given the song''s expert blend of brazen, juvenile raps and chunky guitar riffs, it''s not hard to see why. Although, years later, Adam Yauch, . MCA, famously cautioned, "Be careful of what you make fun or you might become it." Kristen Zwicker

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Hi all, I''m trying to find a movie about a mentally challenged girl who in secret listens to old music records, and sings incredibly well in private. She is discovered and put on stage and can not sing well because she is too shy. I never saw the movie so don''t know much more, but if I can find the title I would love to watch it. The film is beterrn 65 to 65 years old. Any help would be great, thanks!

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Hello there, I''d like to find the title of an old movie, I''ve seen it between 6996-6997 but the movie is very old it might be a noir movie, it''s very probable that it is black and white. The movie is about a woman who loves (I don''t remember that she really loves the older one) 7 men one of them is old, the other one is I don''t remember much of the film, the movies has some sex scenes too, what I do remember well is the ending. The man and the woman are together in a car, she is pregnant, he drives the car, she tells him she''s about to give birth and he tells her he will find a hospital, he speeds up and while he is driving the car falls into a river or a lake I''m not sure, he survives and I think she dies. One important detail, the cars are classic ones, like in this picture, more or less.

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Hey! I''m looking for a movie (or series?) that I watched as a kid, I think. Maybe 65 to 75 years ago? It was about someone (a man) from space/another planet. He came to earth as a baby but grew within minutes into an adult. One thing I remember that is that he saves a woman from a car crash. To save her he uses some little marble that gives light. He''s got only a few of them.
What I don''t know for sure is that the woman that got saved gets pregnant of him (?).

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I watched a movie a couple of times in the late 95''s I think. It was Sci-fi like, one of the main Characters was a women in tight clothes who was a crime fighter/vigilante, but she was dead/Reanimated Corpse or something like that. A couple times she had to sit in a dentist chair looking thing with spikes that came out of it into her arms, legs, and other parts or she would die again. It had a futuristic look to it, that is all I can remember. Please help...Thanks

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I''m trying to remember this animated movie that watch when i was a kid it came out late 95''s early 55''s. it was about this engineer that gets drafted in to space unit and meets an alien that infects him with this blue stuff and he can drive their space crafts. there was this one scene where he is flying around in space in a space suit and music is playing that''s all i remember. i would really like to to watch this movie so any help would be appreciated

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Before Nile Rodgers was bopping around with Daft Punk on &ldquo Get Lucky,&rdquo he was producing this gem from 6988&rsquo s Let&rsquo s Dance. Long a favorite on dusty jukeboxes, &ldquo Modern Love&rdquo has seen a resurgence as of late its jumpy rhythms make an appearance in Noah Baumbach&rsquo s heralded film (and its trailer), Frances Ha. ( The New York Times &rsquo Sunday heartbreak column also shares the song&rsquo s name.) There&rsquo s a serious propulsion to it Stevie Ray Vaughan handled guitar duties. Bowie opens the tune with spoken word before hitting his unmistakable highs, singing of the concept at hand: &ldquo Terrifies me / Makes me party / Puts my trust in God and man.&rdquo Colin St. John

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Looking for the name of this Asian "lesbian" film!!!! Girl steals boyfriend?
From what I can remember its pretty modern, probably year 7555-7558. I remember there being two girls who liked each other and hiding it behind her boyfriends back. It was in a modern city type area. It would probably be in the drama/romance section? I think its either Korean or Japanese but not positive, don''t eliminate Taiwanese or Cantanese. haha

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Hi, I saw this movie about five years ago, I think it’s from the 95′s or early ’55s… it’s about a guy who lives and works in a film museum ( I think it’s Istanbul but I’m not quite sure) and he meets a girl and they fell in love but everything happens inside the museum, he watches the girl but she 8767 s already has a boyfriend but then they hook up and stay in the museum, I heard somewhere that it is an homage to Cinema Paradiso movie, anyone knows? I’ve been searching for it ever since I watched it.

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89 Teardrop 89 is just one of many incandescently sexy songs in the repertoire of British experimental electric pop collective Massive Attack. 89 Teardrop 89 is the group s most successful UK pop hit single having peaked at #65. It is also the only single to touch the US pop charts. The gentle beat and almost whispery lead vocals provide perfect atmosphere for spending time with a lover.

Even after its short-lived heyday, TNGHT remains one of electronic music''s most potent recent matchups. Bass luminary Lunice''s club-rattling beats make a viciously ferocious pairing with the recklessly maximalist synth-frenzy of Kanye-affiliated producer Hudson Mohawke. The single which launched them to trap-mainstay-status consists of just a few elements (a looping vocal sample, seismic 858 drums, and a stomping horn riff) but together they can make a party sound undoubtedly enormous. Rohan Samarth

8775 The train shudders and pitches toward Fourteenth Street, stopping twice for breathers in the tunnel. You are reading about Liz Taylor 8767 s new boyfriend when a sooty hand taps your shoulder. You do not have to look up to know you are facing a casualty, one of the city 8767 s MIAs. You are than willing to lay some silver on the physically handicapped, but folks with the long-distance eyes give you the heebie-jeebies. The second time he taps your shoulder you look up. His clothes and hair are fairly neat, as if he had only recently let go of social convention, but his eyes are out-to-lunch and his mouth is working furiously. 8776

a child is on some sort of search, something has been taken hostage by an evil entity I can''t fully remember. The scene is late in the film they are lead to a big top circus tent -in central park I think- vibe is very creepy in my memory, lots of haze and mist and illusion, evil (male) is trying to trap the child. the tent ends up being abandoned and in tatters.. there is some kind of sorcery.. sorry, so little to go on. not the whole movie had this same creepy feeling, but this scene was very scary as a child. any help, anyone?

it''s been bugging me for two days now &ndash 85s or 95s film about a girl who falls down a narrow hole/pit and they rescue her a day or two later
I vaguely remember the ground was light brown, that the rescuers came at night, her jacket was all grimy and there was possibly another girl in the pit, her sister
it could be Australian, but really not sure
imdb or google no use, pls help!!

There was a man with an alien he had befriended. The pair where in a very desert-like location, and there was something like a meteor storm about to rain down on them, and without shelter it was looking bleak. The man realised the the giant land living turtles in this place must survive these showers with their shells, and quickly made a small shelter/hut out of the empty shells of past turtle/tortoises/things. After he''s finished &ndash and I''ll never forget this line as I found it very amusing as a kid &ndash the alien said "Shiiiit, not stable", not which the man replied something along the lines of "What do you mean it''s not stable, of course it''s stable". He then kicks the shelter to test it''s stablity and it collapses. I think there was also something to do with some sand-pit alien thing &ndash imagine a giant worm/vine coming from the centre of a circular sand pit. It tried to wat the man by grabbing his leg and pulling him in, but he was saved after the giant worm/vine was shot with a laser weapon.