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Posted: 2017-12-07 10:25

I need some help. There is this girl that I really am attracted to. I got her number, but I have never had a face to face conversation with her. I attend a University(freshman) in her town and she goes to the local High School(Junior). We met at a Track meet where she congratulated me on doing well in my event. She gave me the best feeling and no girl ever came up to me after my races. Anyways I have always had my eye out for her and I finally found out who she was. It was just coincidence that I go to the University where she goes to School. I found her on facebook and messaged her. I told her about remember when she congratulated me and eventually got her number. We text very little. I can see that she reads my messages and she has told me that I am cute. Texting doesn 8767 t seem to be going bad. She often just drops the conversation. I texted her this morning saying 8775 Hey:) 8776 and she read it, but no reply. This happened last time and we didn 8767 t talk for weeks. I have tried getting a date arranged but it seems like she avoids the conversation.

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I 8767 m in contact with an ex of mine. The reasons for the breakup were private and had nothing to do with loss of attraction.
We spoke on facebook and i suggested we should meet up again and have dinner or something and she agreed. I promised to let her know. After which i didn 8767 t for 7 months (stupid, i know). Now i contacted her again through sms and called her the same day. We spoke a little and i reminded her of our agreement. She said: yeah i promised you and i had been waiting for you to contact me. So we decided to meet up but since she is a nurse, she is not always available in the weekends. So she said: send me 8 dates and i 8767 ll have a look at my schedule. I ended the conversation after 65 mins by saying that i still had to work on a presentation.
Well, I sent her 8 dates and haven 8767 t heard from her since. More than 79 hours ago. Guess she 8767 s not interested. There 8767 s a big difference between what women say and what they want.
There must a way though to get her interested. Any ideas guys?

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I met this girl in line in a movie theater and we started talking for a while until the movie started. afterwards she gave me her number and business card so we can catch movies some other time. i asked her to come out again for another movie and she said she it sounds fun wasnt sure can she make it. i texted her back the next day and told her just lemme know can she make it or not. she never responded back.

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Hi Morena,
Thanks for sharing your story. Yes, I understand why your confused. Your guy is sending mixed messages. I want to congratulate you on writing this: 8766 I can 8767 t just move over there with no where
to stay. 8767 Did you watch the Sex and the City episodes where Carrie gave up her life to move to Paris to be with her boyfriend? Yes, he was fabulous. She was still miserable. It wasn 8767 t her life. It was his. So let me ask you a
question, you gorgeous, fabulous one. Do you want to give up your life to move to a foreign country to NOT live with the man who wants you to live with him? (warm hug and smile)

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Whatcha think Tony? Should I wait 7-8 days and call to ask again but more straight forward? Or just wait till however long it takes for her to respond? The first date she had to bail last minute on me, but then rescheduled and actually came up with the idea, so she did take initiative after bailing the first time. Not sure if that means I should just sit around and wait as opposed to calling 7-8 days later and yes, I 8767 ll be sure to be a lot more touchy and actually kiss on the second date. Just hard to get really physical when it was a group of us towards the middle instead of just us 7
Sorry for wall of text, want to make sure you get the fully story and understand man!

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I haven 8767 t heard from him since I texted him. The girl texted me saying when she got back to her place he was crying and throwing up and she was going to take him to the doctors. Why does she feel the need to text me? Like with him being arrested for a DUI? I know he has court tomorrow, I guess I just assumed he would have followed his previous patterns. I am trying to take this time to heal myself but I can 8767 t help but feeling that he will eventually try to come back into my life. Will he try?

Well, I 8767 m with this guy who seems so into me, he respects me and he meets my caring and everything. He made it clear that he said he wana propose to me and he always talk about us as a husband and wife, our kids and our future together..etc , but the thing is he keeps saying that he first needs his mom 8767 s approval and his mom happens to live in another state and she is convinced that she should hook him up with her future wife!! So he keeps asking me to wait and give him sometime till he convince her cz she means a lot to him!

And recently I came up with a reminder for myself that when this or that guy doesn 8767 t call nor ask me out again don 8767 t worry about him, I have better things to do and better people to see (or date!). He definitely hasn 8767 t forgotten to remember me, and the chance of him being in an accident or dead for whatever reason is really really slim. If that ever happens, that 8767 s really bad, but probably that was not what happened.

Yesterday was the last time he will be put me through hell. It got to so bad with his abuse, I ending up crying in the bathroom. He locked me in the bathroom from the outside and told me I got what I deserved. Then he threatened to leave mea nd told me to get out. as I was getting my stuff together while crying he said, 8775 why are you still here get the hell out 8776 . I had alot of stuff to get together to take with me. I decided to leave the stuff and he stopped and said, If you are not going to sit there and shut up, and do as I say, then I 8767 m done with you and you need to go on and keep being a whore.

I 8767 m 66 and he 8767 s 69 coming up 75 and am stuck with someone who is all of these things I can 8767 t get away from him he threatens me saying I will never ever live a happy day in my life again and says I should watch my family because they will get it too, I feel like there 8767 s no way out, I 8767 m a self harmer and have done it since the age of 67 and now I 8767 m strongly considering suicide because it seems as if that the only way I can be happy and get away from him :''(

So far, it’s been a day and I haven 8767 t heard back. Now, there were a few times when we were texting when I wouldn 8767 t hear from her for a couple days (until a week passed, which I knew was too long). Right now, she is gearing up for finals and the holidays are coming up, so I know she will be busy. I 8767 m hoping I can at least open up a dialogue with her again. I know she needs time, but it’s hard for me to gauge if she 8767 ll eventually get back to me, if I was just some guy she liked in between her boyfriend, or if my responses showed too much interest and now I 8767 m just another guy who 8767 s pining for her. So I don 8767 t know what to think. Did I just get lumped in the 8775 all guys are dogs 8776 category by default? Is it foolish for me to think there was anything there to begin with and that maybe I 8767 ll hear from her eventually?

I love him with all my heart. He is my first love though I 8767 m 77. He 8767 s 79. I know that he loves me too. And he is really a wonderful person intelligent, talented, with a perfect sense of humor. He also is loving and caring. As well as this, hard working and he works a lot now for being able to visit me in my country. He 8767 s ready to take the responsibility for my moving in with him, also for the time before I find a job. Really, he 8767 s an amazing guy. But I wouldn 8767 t be on this website if there wasn 8767 t something going terribly wrong

I have not heard from her since. That was 5 days ago. My question isn 8767 t so much why won 8767 t she txt me back. My question is does it sound like I should try txting her again, or just wait for her still? Maybe I am giving up too easily. Women want to be seduced, right? I prescribe to the whole natural game thing and it sounds like you do too, at least a bit. Every women wants to be in a love story.. So how do I know when to give up or when to pursue her? Or maybe I got too excited about her, because her friend telling me that she thought she was hanging out that night because of me, and her asking me to walk her to her car and whatnot also got my hopes up, perhaps unrealistically and I should just forget the whole thing.

Sorry my typing was not good as I was in a does owe me money as I lent him some when he hadn 8767 t got a job. He has always said that he has a mental illness like aspergers or schizaphrenia and maybe he has he is certainly not right. I am not sure he is an absolute psycho as sometimes he has said that he cares about me and therefore wants to finish it. He also says he is not interested in changing but I doubt that he can 8767 t imagine him having a lady friend who he talks to now and again for hours on end and thats says he has never taken her out anywhere and that she knows his background. Unless of course it is some sort of therapy.

Also, he is new to town. he is British and he told me before that he wanted to go to a place but couldnt since everyone 8767 s busy to give him a ride so i was thinking of taking him to that place and showing him around.. I told him before that i would give him my memory stick cuz it contains alot of new songs for him so i downloaded lot of nice songs on that stick should i go to him and give it in person? i left a really important note and its that he is leaving at the end of the year to his hometown which is know its a risk because he is leaving and stuff but its good to at least give him something to remember while he is way and to remember me.. please help me !! 🙁

I haven 8767 t learned my lesson the first time. Now I 8767 ve just broken up with a guy who is 5 times worse than my ex. He has rage issues and he is a borderline. God forbid I change my plans with him a couple times, he makes it seem like I am abandoning him. Obviously I 8767 m not allowed to have a life of my own. He berated me for not displaying my ideas the way I first met him through the dating site. How can I express myself when his self righteous attitude trumps my opinions. I was quite timid in our two months of dating.

Dammitt, accidentally hit publish too soon. Lol Anyway, its been about 65 hours since I 8767 ve heard from her. Thats the longest stretch of time between communication from either of us since we started talking. I realize thats not a long time, but her failure to respond to texts or return calls is concerning. She still indicates she 8767 s very interested when she does text, but am I doing too much? Going too fast? And I always texted her before I would call to see if she was busy or awake. If she didnt answer, I didnt call.

The next day, she texted me that she wasn 8767 t feeling well from the night before and needed to stay in. I said fine and asked her if she had time the next day. I didn 8767 t hear back from her until Monday when she sent me a Happy Birthday text. That Tuesday, I texted her that I was free the next night and we should go for coffee again. Nothing. The weekend went by, and I tried calling her after her class. Nothing. So later that night, I texted her desperately, 8775 So are you not talking to me anymore. I really like you and I want to get to know you better. Call me so we can talk. :) 8776 Yeah, I know, a little whiny and needy. But I heard back from her minutes later: 8775 Sorry, I 8767 ve been busy studying. But I 8767 m actually back together with my ex boyfriend. I 8767 m sorry. :/ 8776

Heyy Goddess! Okay so basically, me and this guy met two weeks ago and it was kind of a setup, hes really cute and lovely but I have one problem Whenever I text him he takes AGES to reply, and whenever he texts it 8767 s cause he wants me to invite him over to my house which I have regrettably given into (we didn 8767 t sleep together but we got incredibly close to it!). Ever since he 8767 s never been the first to text me or even ask me how I am. I really want this guy to just CHASE me from here on now.. please help?

Omg! I married s man having each and every one of these characteristics. Daddy left 85 years ago, mom and dad still claim to be married so mom doesn 8767 t lose her social status in community and at her women 8767 s network socials, mom is executor of large trust, my husband is a spoiled trust fund brat 56 and mommy still has him PPP his laundry by for her to do )as she is s lonely old bitter hag who has no life) and she disburses money to him if he keeps her happy There for her at her beck and call! They are dirty, dishonest, lured, sneaky, psycho and most of all feel entitled to everything!!