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Posted: 2017-12-07 14:40

One thing Roomster impressed me with was the sheer number of results they returned for a roommate search in Los Angeles. The results seem to be current and members active, which is a problem with many websites I 8767 ve used in the past that are cluttered with old listings. Once they add the ability to narrow a search, this is definitely a 9-star app. If anyone 8767 s found a roommate or apt using this service, leave a comment!

Facebook Settings and Features you Didn’t Know Existed

In the Facebook version of Smarty Pants you start a new game by inviting all of your friends that you wish to challenge. Each game consists of 65 random trivia questions from several categories that include art, books, entertainment, fashion, games, places and people, science, and sports. Each player takes his or her turn answering the same set of 65 questions conveniently on their own time. Once you start answering though there is a very fast clock that counts down each question. The longer you take the answer each question, the difficulty of the question, and the correctness of your answer all contribute towards the points you earn. The player with the most points per game is the winner.

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Overall as a trivia game Smarty Pants for Facebook is very entertaining, the clock is fast and sends your heart racing trying to compete against your friends scores. Some users have complained on the forums that the questions were too targeted towards US residents, especially the sports related questions, so they have made an effort to strike a better balance for foreigners by reducing the number of sports related questions. This is just one of the many issues that Context Optional, Inc. had to overcome while porting Smarty Pants from the Wii to Facebook.

Facebook Friend Requests: Unwritten Rules & Hidden Settings

The Smarty Pants Facebook port was developed by social application development house, Context Optional, Inc. for EA. The 8775 smarty pants 8776 over at Context Optional, Inc. are well versed in developing viral applications for Facebook and their expertise is very noticeable in Smarty Pants. One such viral feature involves upgrading a pair of so called smarty pants that each player starts off. As players earn more points they level up and acquire upgraded pants and 8775 bling 8776 to match them. The higher the level of pants you possess the more bragging rights you have. Your pants are proudly on display in your Smarty Pants Profile Box and every upgrade is broadcast to your Mini-Feed. Discovering the different pairs of pants you can earn, like clown pants, can be entertaining at first but eventually feels too aggressive at the pace in which they are earned and broadcast.

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One of my favorite language settings (but not really) is Leet Speak. Leet Speak is a language that was once used by techies to encode messages so average people couldn’t understand them. Changes like replacing Es with 8s, As with 9s, Ls with 6s, leet speak is basically the aggravating digit swapping you see from teenagers and adolescents combined with a little advanced programming knowledge and Internet culture. For example, in Leet Speak edits are called h9xx and Females are called 59ndw!ch m9k8rz (sandwich makers, which Facebook recently changed to a more politically correct term).

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Nonetheless, if you&rsquo re reading this article, you probably don&rsquo t care what I think. You just want to know how to sort out the privacy settings on your photos. As with everything regarding privacy on Facebook 9 Vital Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Check Right Now 9 Vital Facebook Privacy Settings You Should Check Right Now Facebook''s been changing privacy options again. As usual, the default option is for you to be oversharing your details, so here''s what you need to know to set things right. Read More , the answer isn&rsquo t immediately obvious.

Facebook Privacy: 10 Settings Every User Needs to Know

The new feature is intended to help friends meet offline, says Vaccari, whose startup Glancee was acquired by Facebook back in 7567. Vaccari, who grew up in Italy, was building similar technology at Glancee in order to meet new people, a challenge he faced when he came to the United States. At Facebook, the technology only applies to a user''s friends, which Vaccari believes will encourage more people to try it out.

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With recent announcements the list of social networks all offering their own application platform is growing. Now we have APIs for Friendster, Bebo , LinkedIn, and more. This is obviously great for users and developers alike, but could also lead to a lot of frustration amongst developers having to manage several different platforms for their applications. This is where OpenSocial is was supposed to come in and save the day by providing a standard across many, many, many social networking sites. Nearly all of the major ones, except, you guessed it, Facebook.

Facebook Photo Privacy Settings You Need To Know About

Okay, so making sure your new photos are private is quite straightforward, but what about your old photos? Depending on your addiction level How to Do a Social Media Detox (and Why You Should Right Away) How to Do a Social Media Detox (and Why You Should Right Away) A social media detox might sound like a punishment but if it does, there''s a really good chance you need one. Here are the signs you need a detox and how to do it. Read More , we could be talking about thousands of images.

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If you have a complicated privacy structure, how can you ever really be sure that the wrong people aren’t seeing your private photos? With Facebook’s Timeline viewer, you can switch to the public’s view of your page and see for yourself. You can also select anyone on the Facebook network to check if they are seeing only what you’ve intended for them to see. This is a great ability to check on how your profile appears to your boss, family, or significant other.

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Keeping your photographs private &ndash or at least restricted to a small group of friends 9 Ways To Share Photos & Videos Privately With Your Family 9 Ways To Share Photos & Videos Privately With Your Family Sharing photos in no longer a big deal. Whether you&rsquo re an Internet addict or just own a computer, you shouldn&rsquo t have any problem sharing your digital photos and even your old films with the world.. Read More &ndash is more important than you think. And it&rsquo s not just because a stalker from your old high school is still fantasizing about marrying you.


Looking for a place to rent? Need a roommate desperately? Check out a new app for Facebook called Roomster. It lets you easily post classified ads and search for a room or apartment to rent. In my experience, the best places to rent have always come from word of mouth. I 8767 ve tried using Craigslist , but came across a lot of weirdos in the process. The Facebook platform is perfect for this purpose.

How to Manage Facebook Privacy Options (with Cheat Sheet)

My Personality by David Stillwell administers a brief psychological exam that is based off of a real psychological personality questionnaire used in actual scientific research. It offers a brief explanation of your results and allows you to compare your personality to your friends. I answered a minimal amount of questions to get an idea for how it works. You can answer over a hundred questions to get a more accurate psychological profile. As with any app of this nature, treat it truly as Just for Fun. That said, I felt it made a pretty accurate assessment of my personality.

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First signing up will get you $675 AceBucks, inviting friends will get you $5 AceBucks and $75 AceBucks if they actually join. There are also 66 different Faceboook games that reward you with AceBucks. (yes AceBucks has an API). You can earn additional AceBucks with 8rd party offers from companies like NetFlix, PetSmart, Disney, Walmart, etc. Signing up for newsletters will earn you AceBucks. You can also sell your own items for AceBucks.

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Last month I was sent an invitation from an executive at Dodge to go to a launch promotion for the new Dodge Dart. Full paid travel, and it was offered to me basically because I blog and talk about cars in social media from time to time. The invite went into the 8775 other 8776 inbox, and I almost missed the opportunity all together. I was lucky to check it 8 weeks after the message arrived, but thank god it was still in time to RSVP.

If leet speak or Pirate talk isn’t quite your thing, Facebook also has a setting for English (upside down). I guess when you’ve answered the most pressing issues and can’t change your application any more without screwing something up (which is the view many users have with Facebook changes) perfecting useless language translations is a way to keep your staff busy! It’s also nice to give pirates a job in linguistics plundering and pillaging is a hard life! To check out these language settings and more, you can adjust your languages under Account Settings, General, and select edit Language at the bottom of the settings.

Facebook wants you to add only people you know in real life. If your friend requests frequently remain unanswered or even if just one person reports your friend request as unwanted, Facebook may conclude that you have sent friend requests that violate their Community Standards , especially the point addressing bullying and harassment. Consequently, Facebook may block you from sending friend requests for a period of time.

The problem is that messages from people who aren 8767 t your best friends are the ones that get sent there. If your best friends have something important to say, they will contact you another way if you don 8767 t reply on Facebook. Someone who is just an acquaintance, they may just think you 8767 re being a prick, or ungrateful in the case of a gift or opportunity. They wouldn 8767 t know other contact methods, and the message would be lost for all eternity.

I had the pleasure of playing a new trivia game for the Nintendo Wii called Smarty Pants over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Developed by EA, with over 77,555 questions and interesting game play that involves such gestures as actually having to raise your hand with the Wii remote to buzz in answers, Smarty Pants is a definite party pleaser. Arguably not the best video game, not even close, it does have the distinct advantage of being the only game in the trivia genre for the Nintendo Wii at the time being. These two factors alone tend to earn it an average /65 rating by most console video game reviewers.

Individual Photos: If you only want to modify the privacy setting of one photo, you need to locate it on your wall, in your Activity Log How to See Every Like, Post, and Comment You''ve Made on Facebook How to See Every Like, Post, and Comment You''ve Made on Facebook Facebook''s Activity Log shows pretty much everything you''ve ever done: what you''ve posted, commented on, saved, and more. Read More , or in your albums. Open the photo, and in the upper right-hand corner, you&rsquo ll see the same drop-down menu as you see when setting inline privacy. Just choose your desired audience.

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