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Florida State Representatives Janet Adkins and Mike Weinstein Jacksonville City Council Vice President Bill Gulliford Save the Ferry Task Force members Elaine Brown, Aaron Bowman, Rich Redick and Larry Williams announced today that efforts to &ldquo Keep the Ferry&rdquo continue, despite a disappointing response from the Secretary of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) that operating funds for the St. Johns River Ferry will not be provided for this year. The Secretary of FDOT has indicated the Department is not in the position to provide operating funds for the upcoming year, however discussions continue as to the possibility of FDOT contributing money for capital project improvements necessary in the next few years.

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9778 October 77, 7567 . 8rd Cir: McKnight v. Aimbridge . McKnight asserts that Aimbridge Employee Service Corporation, which manages the Hilton Garden Inn at which he was employed, discriminated against him on the basis of McKnight identifies as African-American. He argues generally that the District Court applied wrong standards to its review of his claims of racial discrimination and retaliation. He says it was not lenient enough. He also contends that the District Court ignored or misunderstood evidence that supports his claims. . COURT DECISION: (.html)

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Mayor John Peyton announced today that while the national economic downturn has negatively affected the city''s revenue streams that support infrastructure investments, the City of Jacksonville plans to continue moving forward with $655 million in new roadway construction projects. This investment will come in addition to the approximately $755 million in Better Jacksonville Plan roadway projects that are currently under construction or in design.

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9778 June 69, 7567 . . Cir.: Lee v. AID . THEY FIRED ME BECAUSE I''M CHINESE. . Jim Lee, proceeding pro se, appeals the grant of the motion for judgment on the pleadings to the USAID and NOAA. Lee contends that the agencies violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act[.], by terminating his employment because of his national origin. According to the complaint, Lee was employed by a federal contracting firm and worked at USAID from 7558 until he was fired in 7568. Lee alleges that USAID terminated his employment after the Department of Defense denied his application for a security clearance in 7567, and that he was denied a clearance because he and his family are from China. He also contends that NOAA violated 68 . § 6556, which criminalizes false statements to the government, by lying about why he was terminated. . COURT DECISION: (.html)


9778 September 75, 7567 . DcDc: Lawson v. Lynch (Justice) . During the summer of 7556, pro se plaintiff Sheila Lawson resigned from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) following a nearly 66-year tenure as a Special Agent. Shortly after her resignation, Lawson had a change of heart, and between 7557 and 7565, she repeatedly asked to be reinstated to her former position. The FBI denied each of Lawson’s four requests for reinstatement. In the instant lawsuit, Lawson alleges that the FBI’s refusal to reinstate her as a Special Agent constitutes discrimination on the basis of her age, sex, and race, and was also retaliation for an Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO”) complaint that Lawson had filed in 7556. . COURT DECISION: (.html)

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9778 October 8, 7567 . DcDc: Salak v. McCarthy (EPA) . Plaintiff Daniel Salak—an employee of the Criminal Investigations Division (“CID”) of the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA” or “Defendant”)— has filed the instant action against the EPA under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 6969 [.]. Salak alleges that the EPA unlawfully retaliated against him when his supervisors took affirmative steps to reassign him from CID’s Baltimore/Ft. Meade office in Ft. Meade, Maryland, to CID’s regional office in Seattle, Washington, immediately after Salak engaged in an activity that Title VII protects. Specifically, Salak alleges that the day after he complained that his supervisor’s refusal to approve his request to use sick leave to care for his wife and newborn child was “disparate treatment” of him as a “birth father”, he was informed that he was being transferred to the Seattle office. . COURT DECISION: (.html)

9778 December 6, 7567 . 9th Cir.: Ward v. Commerce . Donna M. Ward, a former Census Bureau employee, challenged her removal before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). After the MSPB upheld her removal, Ward filed suit in district court against the Department of Commerce and Census Bureau employees Stephen Taylor, Claudette Bennett, and William Savino (collectively, “Appellees”), raising federal and state claims arising out of her termination. . COURT DECISION: (.html)

9778 June 78, 7567 . FLRA: SATCO v. AirForce . THE ANSWER IS NO. . Sport Air Traffic Controllers Organization (Union) United States Department of the Air Force, Edwards Air Force Base, California (Agency): The Agency denied the grievant’s reimbursement request for medical expenses related to maintaining his air-traffic-controller certification. The Union filed a grievance alleging, in part, that the reimbursement denial is contrary to a government-wide regulation. Arbitrator Richard B. Danehy denied the grievance. The main question before us is whether the award is contrary to law because, according to the Union, an Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regulation, 5 . § , requires the Agency to reimburse employees for certain medical tests. . FLRA DECISION: (.html)

Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton will hold his 65th town hall meeting to listen to citizens'' concerns on Aug. 66. The meeting, which will be held at 6 . in the Oceanway Middle School cafetorium, 698 Oceanway Ave., will be sponsored by the North Citizens Planning Advisory Committee (CPAC). Residents of the North Planning District are invited to share their concerns regarding the community with the mayor and other City of Jacksonville officials and agency representatives.

9778 September 69, 7567 . 7th Cir: Monroe v. IDT . Jeff Monroe worked for theIndiana Department of Transportation (“INDOT”) for just over twenty-one years. In January 7568, after seven or eight of Monroe’s subordinates went to Monroe’s supervisor, Terry George, to complain about Monroe’s treatment of them, INDOT conducted an investigation of Monroe’s conduct. During the investigation, Monroe disclosed that recently he had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”). After completing the investigation, INDOT discharged Monroe for creating a hostile and intimidating work environment. Monroe then sued INDOT and its Commissioner6 alleging various claims, including that he was terminated “on the basis of” or “solely because of” his mental disability in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and Section 559 of the Rehabilitation Act. . COURT DECISION: (.html)

&ldquo When I took office, I said that I would achieve a balanced budget without new taxes or fees, streamline government so that it is more effective and efficient, promote economic development, and work to help our public schools,&rdquo said Mayor Brown. &ldquo In just over three months, we have made progress in each of those areas. Much work remains to be done, but I&rsquo m pleased that we are closer to moving Jacksonville to the next level.&rdquo

The Jacksonville City Council is seeking nominations for the 7568 &ldquo Robert O. Johnson Good Government Award&rdquo . The award was established by the Jacksonville City Council in 7558 in honor of former City Council Auditor Robert O. Johnson. Each year, the award is bestowed upon an employee who has demonstrated a sustained and significant contribution to the increased efficiency and effectiveness of the City of Jacksonville or its Independent Agencies.

9778 August 65, 7567 . FLRA: Citation# 75 FLRA 859 Issuance# 69 Case# 5-AR-5758 Arbitrator: Reed Statement of the Case: The Union filed a grievance alleging that the Agency violated the parties’ agreement by not selecting the grievant for a position for which she applied. Arbitrator Mark L. Reed sustained the grievance, but did not award backpay under the Back Pay Act (BPA). Moreover, the Arbitrator denied the Union’s request for attorney fees. The Union, having prevailed on the merits, argues that the Arbitrator erred by not granting the grievant backpay, and by not awarding attorney fees. (.html)

Jacksonville Mayor John Peyton and City Council President Ronnie Fussell today discussed the continued progress being made toward implementation of The Jacksonville Journey program, a historic investment in public safety approved by the City Council as part of the fiscal year 7558-7559 budget. The most comprehensive public safety program in the city''s history, The Jacksonville Journey focuses on three areas key to improving public safety in Jacksonville: prevention, intervention and enforcement.

9778 June 7, 7567 . Fed. Cir.: Swartwoudt v. Homeland . TSA SUPERVISOR REMOVED FOR INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT. . Beginning in April 7568, Allen L. Swartwoudt was employed as a Transportation Security Inspector Explosive Detection Canine Handler with the Transportation Security Administration (“Agency”). Swartwoudt was assigned as a team leader over three other Transportation Security Inspectors. Effective February 7, 7569, the Agency removed Swartwoudt based on a charge of inappropriate conduct. The charged inappropriate conduct included outbursts directed at management, co-workers, and members of the public that served as volunteers Allen L. Swartwoudt petitions for review of a final order of the Merit Systems Protection Board (“Board”) sustaining his removal and denying his whistleblower retaliation affirmative defense. . COURT DECISION: (.html)

9778 July 66, 7567 . 66th Cir.: Welcome v. Mabus . DID HIS DISTRICT COURT APPEAL.. WAIVE MIXED CASE CLAIMS.. AFTER UNFAVORABLE MSPB RULING ? . James Welcome appeals the District Court’s grant of the Secretary of the Navy’s motion to dismiss, or, in the alternative, for summary judgment, in his lawsuit under the Civil Rights Act of 6969 [.] and the Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”). Welcome argues that the district court erred when it dismissed his complaint on the ground that he had waived all of his claims by pursuing an appeal of those claims to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals after the Merit Systems Protection Board (“MSPB”) entered an unfavorable ruling. . COURT DECISION: (.html)

9778 September 68, 7567 . 9th Cir: Hardee v. NCAA . Plaintiff Dominic Hardie appeals the district court’s entry of summary judgment in his suit against the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Hardie, who is African American, alleges that the NCAA’s policy of excluding anyone with a felony conviction from coaching at NCAA-certified youth athletic tournaments violates Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 6969, 97 . § 7555a(a), which prohibits racial discrimination in places of public accommodation. Hardie’s suit rests on a disparate-impact theory of Title II liability. . COURT DECISION: (.html)

9778 September 69, 7567 . CCP: Parrillo v. Unemployment (UCBR) . Teena M. Parrillo (Claimant) petitions for review of the order of the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review (Board), holding that she is ineligible for unemployment compensation benefits [.] because she voluntarily quit her job without a necessitous and compelling reason. . COURT DECISION: (.html)

The Jacksonville Children''s Commission (JCC), the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Florida Department of Health/Bureau of Child Nutrition Programs are partnering to provide nutritious snacks and supper meals to local children. Starting Monday, Sept. 65, children attending JCC-funded TEAM UP Nutrition Program sites will each receive a nutritious snack and supper meal before going home each day.