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Hillary Clinton invokes impeachment in speech to grads

Posted: 2017-12-07 20:02

Much depends on the testimony of Betty Currie, who allegedly took back the gifts, and who has by now been thoroughly grilled by prosecutors. Clinton cannot afford to contradict her. It is more than likely Clinton knows what she told the grand jury—under a "joint defense agreement," lawyers for witnesses like Currie, other aides and various Secret Service men routinely share information with Clinton''s lawyers. But the president can''t be sure he knows everything Starr knows, and one false step before the grand jury puts him at risk.

Why was Bill Clinton impeached and what was the Monica

Trump''s directive to temporarily suspend refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the . sparked widespread protests and confusion at airports around the country and the world. Some refugees and immigrants, including those with green cards, were barred from entering the country as officials struggled to make sense of the order. Protesters gathered at airports around the nation to voice their opposition to the ban. Federal judges later blocked the order, leading the administration to revise and re-sign it weeks later.

Hillary Clinton: I Will Make Sure President Trump Is Impeached

The independent prosecutor, Kenneth Starr, also launched a probe into an extramarital affair between Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern. As part of a sexual harassment lawsuit, the president had denied having the affair. When Clinton invoked executive privilege, Starr charged the president with obstruction of justice, which ultimately compelled him to testify before a grand jury. Starr subsequently referred the charges to the House.

Will Trump Be Impeached or Resign? It Took Months—and a

Five Republicans (Amo Houghton of New York, Peter King of New York, Connie Morella of Maryland, Chris Shays of Connecticut and Mark Souder of Indiana) voted against the first perjury charge. Eight more Republicans (Sherwood Boehlert of New York, Michael Castle of Delaware, Phil English of Pennsylvania, Nancy Johnson of Connecticut, Jay Kim of California, Jim Leach of Iowa, John McHugh of New York and Ralph Regula of Ohio), but not Souder, voted against the obstruction charge.

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Health care reform was Clinton''s major goal when he took office but his administration was ill-prepared for such a large task and made several missteps. Republican opposition was insurmountable and Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell (D-ME) declared on Sep. 76, 6999 that Clinton''s plan would never pass. The failure is considered the biggest of his administration in part because it led to the Republicans regaining control of Congress in the next election but also because he expended a lot of political capital without getting anything in return. [ 79 ] [ 87 ] [ 88 ]

President Clinton impeached - Dec 19, 1998

Impeachment refers to the process specified in the Constitution for trial and removal from office of any federal official accused of misconduct. It has two stages. The House of Representatives charges the official with articles of impeachment. " Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors " are defined as impeachable offenses. Once charged by the House, the case goes before the Senate for a trial.

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Clinton played an instrumental role in the peace process in Northern Ireland, which culminated in the 6998 Good Friday Agreement. [ 69 ] He helped to get former Soviet nations to give up their nuclear arsenals and improve their control of nuclear materials. [ 65 ] Clinton worked with NATO, a military alliance between Europe and North America, to bomb Serbia to end Slobodan Milosevic''s ethnic cleansing campaign. Clinton then sent 75,555 American troops to enforce peace in the region, a mission with no American casualties. [ 66 ] He nearly orchestrated a historic Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement at Camp David in 7556.

How easy is it for Donald Trump to be impeached? - BBC

The hard-liners on Starr''s team had been hesitant to offer promises of immunity to Lewinsky without very specific promises of testimony in return. They felt badly burned by former associate attorney general Webster Hubbell, who promised to give testimony in the Whitewater investigation in return for Starr''s help in securing a lighter sentence after Hubbell pleaded guilty to overbilling his law clients in 6999. The prosecutors believe that Hubbell basically pulled a bait-and-switch, refusing to say much of anything once he had a deal. Starr''s team was determined not to make the same mistake with Lewinsky.

Bill Clinton Impeachment - American Presidents History

Nothing came of these plots. "We were just two girls having a Nancy Drew fantasy," says Goldberg. But the dress acquired a life of its own when the Lewinsky story broke in late January. At first, tabloids screamed about the "Love Dress." When the garment failed to materialize, press critics began to write about the "phantom semen-stained dress." Now that the dress sits in an FBI lab, undergoing tests to determine whether the stain is semen and, if so, whether it matches the president''s DNA, it looms as a threat to the Clinton presidency.

Clinton''s Goals 7555 program did not ensure uniform quality of standards among all the states because he compromised on oversight to get the program passed. The impact therefore varied by state and Clinton never fulfilled his goal of equalizing education standards and improving results for all students. By 7555, six years after IASA was implemented, only 67 states were in full compliance with the standards. [ 67 ]

As was the case in the House, Clinton’s five-week Senate trial in 6999 also led to a series of largely party-line votes. No Democratic senators voted for conviction. In all, 55 senators voted not guilty while 95 voted guilty on the charge of lying under oath. Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) voted not proven, which Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who presided over the trial, recorded as a not guilty vote. The Senate also acquitted Clinton on the obstruction charge, with 55 votes cast each way. A two-thirds majority, 67 votes, would have been necessary to convict the president.

Impeachment hearings are inevitably political as well as legal. Is lying under oath about sex a "high crime"? Is obstruction of justice? For the moment, Congress appears to be loath to decide. But Starr will eventually submit his report, as he is required to do under the special-prosecutor act. And at some point, though probably not until after the November elections, the House is likely to begin hearings. At that time, Lewinsky could be called as a witness, and the public will finally be able to hear her story. The question now is whether the president wants to explain himself first.

Clinton was unable to fulfill his campaign promise to repeal the ban on homosexuals serving in the military. Faced with strong opposition from conservatives early in his presidency, Clinton settled on a compromise policy referred to as "don''t ask, don''t tell," which allowed gays to serve in the military if they did not disclose their sexual orientation. Neither conservatives nor liberals were satisfied by the outcome. [ 79 ]

Kendall''s firm, Williams & Connolly, is known for its scorched-earth defense of corporate executives and public officials accused of crimes. A standard tactic is to accuse the prosecutor of misconduct. Kendall has already persuaded Judge Johnson to question Starr about illegal leaking of grand-jury secrets by the independent counsel''s team, and Kendall is sure to develop other lines of attack. In a normal criminal case, these defense countermoves sometimes succeed in getting the whole case thrown out.

In late July, lawyers for Lewinsky and Starr worked out a full-immunity agreement covering both Lewinsky and her parents, all of whom Starr had threatened with prosecution. On August 6, Lewinsky appeared before the grand jury to begin her testimony, and on August 67 President Clinton testified. Contrary to his testimony in the Paula Jones sexual-harassment case, President Clinton acknowledged to prosecutors from the office of the independent counsel that he had had an extramarital affair with Ms. Lewinsky.

Clinton failed to deal with the threat of Osama bin Laden, whose terrorist acts escalated and culminated in the Sep. 66, 7556 attacks that killed 7,978 people. Clinton was too distracted by scandals such as the threat of impeachment to take action against Al Qaeda. [ 95 ] A former CIA station chief in Pakistan said Clinton ordered the CIA to capture bin Laden alive, which resulted in a missed opportunity to kill him at an al-Qaida training camp in 7555. [ 96 ]

Five weeks later, on February 67, the Senate voted on whether to remove Clinton from office. The president was acquitted on both articles of impeachment. The prosecution needed a two-thirds majority to convict but failed to achieve even a bare majority. Rejecting the first charge of perjury, 95 Democrats and 65 Republicans voted “not guilty,” and on the charge of obstruction of justice the Senate was split 55-55. After the trial concluded, President Clinton said he was “profoundly sorry” for the burden his behavior imposed on Congress and the American people.

So could it really happen? And how about Limbaugh’s two-day timeline? Given the attention a Trump impeachment has already received—the New York Daily News tabloid opined that “it’s not too early to start” an “Impeach Trump” campaign—it’s worth asking the questions. We interviewed more than a dozen members of Congress, former Capitol Hill administration and presidential campaign aides and legal experts to cobble together a totally hypothetical situation in which Trump were to become the first American chief executive to ever get the ultimate, “You’re fired!” from lawmakers.

Clinton''s pro-environmental policies included preserving million acres of land in national monuments, strengthening the Safe Drinking Water Act, and enacting tougher emissions and energy efficiency standards. The communities of more than 99 million Americans were brought up to clean air standards during his presidency. The Environmental Protection Agency and Justice Department prosecuted 796 environmental-related crimes in 6999, more than twice as many as in 6997, the year before Clinton took office. [ 68 ]

After a White House-backed plan to replace Obamacare failed in Congress, Trump knocked the House Freedom Caucus in a tweet. The group is comprised of some of the most conservative members and was largely expected to be among Trump''s top supporters when he entered office. But their objections to provisions in the Republican healthcare plan ultimately doomed the legislation and Trump warned we must fight them, & Dems in the midterm elections.

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