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For $8,000, Could This 1975 Fiat 124 Spider Be Your Baby?

Posted: 2017-12-07 20:05

Speaking of speaking, have you ever noticed how annoying it is that babies can’t talk? I mean how much simpler would our lives be if they could just let us know when they need a tiddy, or are ready for a rear-bumper de-fudging? It’s a good thing that we humans have a natural attraction to baby things due to their disproportionate of head head to body size, otherwise I don’t think we’d have anything to do with the little diaper bombers.

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If you’re looking for a 679 that’s rust-free and likely to stay that way for a while then maybe you might be interested in one of the Miata-based cars Fiat is currently hawking under the 679 Spider name. That modern interpretation pays homage to these classic Pininfarina/Tom Tjaarda-designed cars, but that’s where the old school ends. A car like this will give you the full experience—ride, smell, and likely taste if the windshield washers are working and the top is down. Also, it rocks blue plates and is smog-test exempt in its current state of California, so it’s got that going for it.

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Okay, so it’s been mechanically refreshed and the office space seems livable, what’s on the downside for this classic Fiat? Well, there’s the body looks to be good from far but… well, you know the rest. There’s rust and dings and scratches in the Rosso paint. The matte black bonnet and boot are vinyl wrapped in case that’s not your bag, and the big-ass bumpers have been given the heave-ho and replaced by little rubber baby buggy bumper nerfs.