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Christian Mingle Review 2017 :: Christian Singles Tell It

Posted: 2017-12-07 13:11

I tried Christian Mingle out of boredom. I am out of and over a bad marriage. I know from the pain of a really bad marriage to wait for God. So I didn 8767 t go on there with unrealistic or desperate expectations. I had this girl contact me. She gave me some run around story about how much she liked me. But was out the country with a sick mother. As soon as she was back she wanted to meet me. It really smelled. So I let it play out and sure enough she, maybe a she, asked for . I dropped the whole thing like a rock. I have no problems talking to people I don 8767 t know. I am not trying to be harsh. But if you lack the self confidence and communication skills to talk to people. You shouldn 8767 t marry anyway. Anything less than clear and honest communications will not end well. I know. I married someone that hide all there problems. Refused to talk about them. And assumed everything. I saw how that works out.

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FOR EVERYONE!!!! 6) Seriously! Use it as a network. Maybe you know someone they would like. I did it a couple times. 7) Pay close attention to their religion background. This tells all and will save you time. How do they write about their faith???? 8) It will take 6-5 years to find someone. I know 6 girl 8 years on CM, 86, who got married to my friend who has had difficulty finding someone as well. I have another guy friend who found his now fiance. She was on Eharmony for 8 years. Also very pretty and in mid 75s

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I used Christian Mingle and really dislike it. In my opinion it was a waste of money. When you fill out your profile, you list your preferences. What you get it is lots of matches based only on your preferences. So, I would have to go and look at each person 8767 s preferences and most of the time I was too old or not fit enough. It 8767 s simple enough with computers to see if we match each others preferences.

I would like to put my 5 cents in the discussion. I have been using CM for two weeks and I have received so much attention compare to other dating sites. Unfortunately most of the users located in other states. As about complains I think that it 8767 s a question of luck where you can meet your second half. Actually you just need ONE single man or women and you can meet it everywhere, just don 8767 t give up. I gave a try to CM because moral and family values are very important for me as I 8767 m Christian myself.

I am a good Christian man, small business owner in the community. When I was on Christian mingle not one single woman talked to me. Not one!
Don 8767 t complain about the players when that 8767 s all you go for. Any man who looks that good don 8767 t need a dating site except to broaden his pool and get laid more.
I am an average looking guy, but I am very fit and in great shape. Not one single woman would talk to me. Worst dating site ever! And E-Harmoney is 7nd worst. No one talked there either. You women are too busy looking for that perfect prince that don 8767 t exist.

You can get a cm refund.
i used 6 week extra of the 6 months, and noticed the charge.
under the pretense you have not been made aware of the charfe prior to it taken from your account, you can dispute the amount, and get your refund. If not from them, then from your creditcard company. Cc company will rate them badly, and bad credit ratings is bad for a company.
they offered me to refund my 6 months, but charge me for 6 month but after i filed a cc claim, they refunded me the whole amount.

So, does anyone out there have a positive story about online dating?? cause I gotta say this is looking pretty bleak. I was tempted to try Christian mingle on the advice of a guy friend, but that is so out of my area of expertise. I have never dated someone i have met online, or put myself on a website like that. I am a devout Christian, and i think that is how sites like this draw people in gain users, by tacking the word Christian on it. I am still praying and relying on God to steer me in the right path.

Going to a bar does not mean you will get drunk, or that you must be a sinner. Jesus went to places of 8775 ill repute 8776 ! We are told to go into ALL the world and bring the gospel not just to the 8775 nice 8776 places. These same heathen places are the very places that need to receive the light. While we are bringing the light into the dark places we may well meet our mate. We certainly won 8767 t find him/her while we hide in our homes!!!

I joined CM in 7565 because I was interested in finding a great guy and there weren 8767 t many around me. So, I chatted with several guys, and finally landed on one. His name was John, he lived within an hour of me, and we had had similar upbringing. We FB 8767 d for several days then he called me for about a week. We set a time to meet, and it just happened we were married in August, 7567.
We have our differences, but overall, we 8767 re a great match! 🙂
I understand it 8767 s not for everyone but it works sometimes! Good Luck! 🙂

My wife and I met on cHRISTIAN mINGLE AND RECOMMEND IT ABOVE ALL OTHER SITES. We were both on it for about a year and I met several great ladies with whom I am still friends with, we just did not have romantic chemistry. I had dozens of great dates and found CM easy to use. I never used the prayer wall or chat rooms so I cannot comment on them. If you 8767 re looking for a hook-up, look elsewhere. And Cara, the site 8767 s customer service coordinator, is very good about taking care of concerns (like the couple who were using the site to score threesomes )

Christian Mingle seems to not support interracial couples / marriage, as mostly every inspirational love story they have promoted on their site are with only same raced couples and the women are size 6 and very blonde. I feel if a site is trying to cater to many different people nationwide, it would do more to reach out to everyone. Also, I like the attachment site and the Christian articles / bible study besides that- CM would not be Christian like at all. Not many authentic profiles to choose from especially in your local radius and after you browse the site their pricing format seems not worth it. You maybe entertained, but probably wont meet the attainable realistic Christian man / woman of your dreams there. Better chances off line.

I have used cm two times, with me being a stay at home mom I was really hoping this site could be free since there is other dating sites out there that is free but there is just a lot of weirdos on those sites. Anyhow , when cm did its matching for me the guys wasn 8767 t my type (and I can be a bit picky,yes, but I want to be attracted to a man if I decide to talk and get to know him) but they never had anything in common with me , and if the one or two people did have anything in common , they hurried up and changed the subject (after acting like they wanted to get to know me) only to talk sexual which is a huge turn-off. I just wish meeting people could be easier but im a stay at home so I don 8767 t have time to go out nor do I want to really , unless I would happen to meet someone great.
as someone else who commented had said , its the lords will things will happen as they are meant to but it gets lonely being single.

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Well, I tried both eHarmony and Christian Mingle. Didn 8767 t care for either one. The 8775 matches 8776 they made for me were totally inappropriate. No common ground whatsoever. One gets the idea that they say 8775 you 8767 ll take this completely-wrong-for-you person and LIKE it! 8776 No thanks. Not that lonely or desperate. I figure if maybe one 8767 s not meeting the right people in real time, in the normal way, maybe one is just meant to be single? People should consider that possibility 8776 thy will be done 8776 as they say.

I used this site for 6 year and it was a joke. About 95% of the matches that were sent to me were not even close to my profile. They were way too or were heavy smokers, drinkers, all of which were way out of line of my profile as I was looking for someone more mature and a non-drinker, non-smoker. I have previously been down the drinker route and have extreme allergies to cigarette smoke, so why in the world would I want to subject myself to either of those vices again.
Also, I am in my mid to late 55 8767 s so again, why would I want someone in their 75 8767 s or 85 8767 s?

I 8767 ve tried Christian Mingle, and right now my view is. Its the best of a bad system. Trying to guess people by their profile, and a couple pictures, is not an effective way of doing things, but honestly I rather be able to accept or reject choices based of my own criteria than someone else. While I don 8767 t expect everyone who claims to be Christian, to actually be one, at least all my matches are claiming to be Christian. Its a little bit better starting point at least for me. Their prices are resonable, so I 8767 m giving it a second shot, now that circumstances in my life are looking a little better.

How can you seriously write this article and BASE it on your FEELINGS what happened to the data FACTS! Maybe people want to pray over the internet! Its worked for me! Prayer sites its about btw JESUS is in everything so its not creepy or weird. God madee the universe! So whatever man makes God made it and quit with ur emotions you probably dont even care your bashing Christians. Unprofessional! You live in America I guess you can talk to the people in history man NO RESPECT. If you pray for someone he 8767 ll be there im experiencing that right now.

OKCupid is by far my favorite. The women on OKCupid typically write much more in their profiles, giving me a better taste of their personality and what they 8767 re about. OKCupid also has extensive, insightful questions (I 8767 ve seen people answer as many as 7555, though most people answer 655-855) about your values, lifestyle, and viewpoints, helping greatly in determining if this is a person you 8767 d like to pursue. And with OKCupid 8767 s match algorithms and filters, I can pretty much set it so that the only people who show up in my search results are Christians. Plus it 8767 s totally free! Always. You can send and receive messages without paying.

Joseph, I can honestly tell you that although I would love to meet a nice woman, get married and have children, it seems as though God wants me celibate. It 8767 s not an easy thing to be but it happens. I am 98 years old and have never been married with no children. Of course in the world the first thing they come up with is he 8767 s gay or something that of course is not it either. Anyway, any 8775 real 8776 practicing Christian cannot, I REPEAT, cannot be a homosexual and be a Christian. No matter what anybody believes, it is in the Holy Bible that is 7555 years old historical document (New Testament) and it cannot be changed. If anyone wants to be a queer, they need to abandon all religions.
But in order to not complicate my life, I have just accepted this lifestyle. Jesus is just about ready to come back very VERY soon now anyway, and this is a non issue for me now I guess. I am sorry this happened to you. This is why it 8767 s not worth my trouble.

I just got a screw job for this so called great place 8775 Christian Mingle 8776 . They charged my credit card for another year without my saying I want another year but they told me when you start their program they will keep billing your credit card each year and they don 8767 t need your approval. Then I was told that they don 8767 t give ant refund so you have to eat it!!!!!! So I think that you need to be careful when you start their program. I was on the program and all I got was some lady that they sound like they were selling an old use car. Be sure that they are above board whit you when or if you sign up. DON 8776 T GET SCREWED!!!!!!