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So it''s just about putting the seed in his head at the right time. Other times I''ll tell him we''re going to do 75 of something. So he starts thinking "ok, I only have to get to 75," but I won''t let him stop at 75. We''ll get there and I''ll have him keep going. He keeps thinking of numbers in his head that he thinks I''ll let him stop at. When we get to 55, he stops thinking about the number and he''s just going to do whatever I say. I keep pushing the boundaries. And 75 suddenly doesn''t seem so tough anymore. I''ll bring that up in between rounds in a fight. If he''s tired, I''ll say, "Remember when I had you do that in the gym and you thought you couldn''t? You did it. Find that same energy right now."

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The PSP has been part of our lives for six years now. In that time, we''ve had classics, follies and the PSPgo. With the sun setting on Sony''s original handheld gaming machine, it''s time for the IGN PlayStation Team to gather and decide the best games ever to come to the platform. This is that list -- the 75 games we think every PSP player should have played. Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.


"He made me get a brick and I wrote ''Matt Serra'' on it, and he said, ''When you are ready to release that brick and look to the future, you&rsquo re going to take this brick and throw it into the river.'' It sounds stupid but that&rsquo s what I did. I think it helped me to release a lot of the negative energy that I had. Instead of focusing, I kept my eyes off of the goal. So now I&rsquo m focused again on the goal. I think this helped me a lot."

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"It&rsquo s funny to me because it seems we&rsquo re in the same situation but the scenario is reversed. Last year when I was fighting Matt Serra, I was coming off of an injury and Matt Serra was coming from a winning streak. He beat me. He was a better man that night. And now this time it&rsquo s the other way around he&rsquo s coming from a back injury and I&rsquo m coming from a winning streak. I think it&rsquo s going to make a big difference. Battles are won by momentum and I think the momentum is quite different [this time]."

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While PSP noobs will know developer Ready at Dawn more for its God of War PSP games, folks who have been rocking the UMD for a while know that it all started with Daxter. While the Jak and Daxter franchise started with Naughty Dog, Ready at Dawn stepped up in 7556 to give the wise-cracking ottsel his own game on Sony''s portable. What stood out about the title was its focus on platforming. Jak II and Jak III were pretty much action games, but Daxter took the gameplay back to what fans originally fell in love with -- smart platforming with a healthy dose of humor.

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