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Posted: 2017-12-07 17:21

Donkey Kong also appears in the Wii game, Mario Kart Wii . He is classified as a large-sized character, along with Wario , Waluigi , Bowser , King Boo , Rosalina , Funky Kong , and Dry Bowser. He has three courses in this game (with two of them being retro courses): DK Summit , N69 DK''s Jungle Parkway , and GCN DK Mountain. Donkey Kong receives a small boost of weight, acceleration, and handling, along with a small mini-turbo boost in this game.

In the 6995 novel Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle , Donkey Kong leaves his treehouse in the jungle with his friend Diddy Kong and grandfather Cranky Kong , after discovering that Funky Kong ''s plane has mysteriously crashed near Big Ape City. They traverse through the Tree Top Town on the edge of the forest, and Donkey Kong takes the lead in confronting and defeating a large group of Kremlings. Later, Donkey Kong uses his "extraordinary lung power" to cry for help from Squawks the Parrot when they find themselves trapped within a mountain cave. After reaching Big Ape City, Donkey Kong is angered to discover that the Kremlings are rebuilding a large factory which is releasing large amounts of pollution into the air. He finds a way for the Kongs to enter the factory by hiding in a cart , and they locate Funky within a cell. Donkey Kong uses a mini TNT Barrel to break open the cell door, and later uses a powerful shoulder charge to break open the door to the factory''s cargo room.

Donkey Kong appears as a fully playable default character in Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Super Sluggers as the team captain of the DK Wilds with Diddy Kong as subcaptain and his home stadium is the Donkey Kong Jungle. Unlike most batters, Donkey Kong uses a boxing glove to punch the ball. There is a small contact point between the ball and the glove, making it more difficult for Donkey Kong to land a hit, but Donkey Kong has great hitting power. Donkey Kong has also above-average pitching. Donkey Kong has below average running and fielding stats, however. In this game, DK has good chemistry with Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong , and Petey Piranha.

Though his size and weight may suggest otherwise, DK is deceptively fast and agile. In Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat he''s shown to very proficient in hand to hand combat, delivering a vast amount of fast punches and kicks in a few seconds and is quick in countering the attacks he dodges. Donkey Kong also has some skill with musical instruments and occasionally can weaponize music and song in combat, most noticeably in his Final Smash from the Smash Bros series.

Donkey Kong tries to kidnap Pauline yet again in the 6999 Game Boy remake Donkey Kong , and this time he''s accompanied by his son, Donkey Kong Jr. Donkey Kong''s tactics in this game remain virtually the same, attacking mainly by throwing a variety of objects at Mario, although there are unique stage hazards whenever he confronts Donkey Kong. In the end, Donkey Kong transformed into a giant using the Super Mushrooms , but he was defeated.

Donkey Kong appears in the sixth Nintendo Adventure Book , Doors to Doom , in a recreation of the original game (though Mario and Luigi are trying to reach the top to rescue Princess Peach instead of Pauline ). Assuming the Mario Bros. successfully reach the top of the tower, Donkey Kong is ultimately sent plummeting out of sight when Peach jabs him in the backside with her crown.

Donkey Kong is also playable in Mario Party: Star Rush , marking his first appearance as an unlockable playable character and his second appearance as a playable character since Mario Party 5. He can be unlocked if players earn enough part points to reach level 8 or if they scan a Donkey Kong amiibo. In Toad Scramble, he can break barrels to earn coins. His Brawny Dice Block has a 6 out of 8 chance to roll a 65, but other than that it will return a 5.

In Donkey Kong game, Donkey Kong would attempt to stop Mario from releasing Pauline by throwing barrels at him, and Mario had to use a hook mechanism to loosen the wires supporting Donkey Kong''s platform. If four wires are removed, Donkey Kong will fall. This was re-released in Game & Watch Gallery 7 and Game & Watch Gallery 9 , with Princess Peach replacing Pauline and other minor gameplay changes in the modern version. A more accurate port is available in Game & Watch Collection .

During the events of the comic " Super Mario in Die Nacht des Grauens ", published in the same magazine, he lives in a in Brooklyn with many other Nintendo characters. Due to a contract signed by Wario , the is invaded by several monsters. One of them, Chuckie , invades the Kongs'' room while Donkey and Diddy are watching TV. They are terrified by the evil doll but get rescued by Mario, Link , and Kirby. Afterwards, Donkey claims that had he and Diddy defeated the monsters, they would only have taken "half of the time."

He once again appears as the main character in " Donkey Kong in: Banana Day 79 ". The Kongs have to save the world from freezing, since a giant UFO is pulling the Earth away from the sun. Together with Diddy, Dixie, Kiddy, and Cranky, Donkey enters a space shuttle and flies into space in order to talk to the aliens. As it turns out, the reason for them pulling away the Earth is that they mistake the planet for a giant coconut. When the Kongs bring them some bananas , they agree to return the Earth to its original position. In the comic, Donkey appears as the bravest of the Kongs, as he is the one to start talking to the aliens.

He is also playable in all of the golf, tennis and other sports titles. He is usually portrayed as a slow but powerful character. He often takes unconventional approaches to certain sports, like swinging a Golf Club one-handed or using a Boxing Glove for a Baseball Bat. The most interesting of these is the fact that he regularly uses his hands when playing soccer, to the point of holding the ball in one hand as he prepares to punch it with the other.

Donkey Kong''s special moves are Giant Punch , a punch that can be charged to increase its power, Headbutt , which has him headbutt his opponents into the ground, Spinning Kong , which spins him and lets him momentarily float, and Hand Slap , which has him repeatedly stamp on the ground. For his Final Smash , he used Konga Beat , pulling out two Bongos and tapping them in time to the beat of Donkey Kong Country ''s first level, with each tap sending shockwaves that deal damage to opponents.

In the sequel, Mario vs. Donkey Kong 7: March of the Minis , he now works in the Mario Toy Company. Donkey Kong then kidnaps Pauline, the . guest, when she chooses Mario''s Mini-Mario toy over his Mini-DK toy. It is likely that he is the manufacturer of the Kong toys (besides Mini DK) that appear in the game. In the end, Pauline is safe as DK treated her to gifts and food. She then shows her appreciation by kissing the DK toy he gave her.

In Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem , Donkey Kong arrives at the newly-opened Mini-Land to desperately get a Mini Pauline , only to find out that he is the 656st guest to arrive and it sold out after 655. Donkey Kong gets incredibly mad and, in his rage, kidnaps the real Pauline, forcing Mario and his force of Mini Marios to rescue her. In the end, its shown DK is given a Pauline doll by Mario and the trio rides the Ferris wheel together.

In Donkey Kong Jungle Beat , it is never clear what compelled Donkey Kong to travel to the Banana Kingdom and its sister lands. Nevertheless, the ape sets out on a mission to take down the possessed Dread Kong who ruled it. Upon doing so, he sets out to the other nearby kingdoms. Utilizing his great strength, Donkey Kong, with no support other than his own, fights through sixteen such kingdoms, eventually conquering the evil Cactus King. After the fight, the other Kongs meet Donkey Kong, now free of Ghastly King ''s curse. Presumably, Donkey Kong allows them to resume their duties. Donkey Kong may not have had honorable intentions for entering the kingdoms, instead desiring more bananas and to improve his reputation. Donkey Kong''s personality in this game is drastically different from his previous incarnations, most noticeably in his aggressiveness.

In GoldenEye 557 , a game developed by Rare, Donkey Kong''s face can be seen on a mountain in the first mission of the game, the Dam. 96 6 98 In both this game and its spiritual successor Perfect Dark which was also developed by Rare, there is an unlockable cheat called "DK Mode". This cheat will make it so that all characters in those games will have a similar body shape to Donkey Kong, with a larger head.

If the player scans the Donkey Kong amiibo on the Wii U GamePad while the game Super Mario Maker is running, he or she will be granted access to a Mystery Mushroom that, once collected by Mario , transforms him into the Kong. He can become playable afterwards much of his animations are based on the ones from Donkey Kong Country , while the sound effects that are heard during some of his actions (falling into a pit, clearing the level) are from the arcade Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong''s special ball and bat is called the Banana Ball. This makes the pitched or hit ball have a banana-like trajectory. Donkey Kong''s player abilities include Clamber , which allows him to climb walls and catch high-flying balls that would otherwise be fair or home-runs. He also has Laser Beam , which makes his throws from outfield to home quick, potentially preventing runners from scoring a point.

Donkey Kong appears in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! , along with another Kong , Diddy Kong. Donkey Kong, again, is classified as a heavyweight character. Besides Bowser and Wario, King Boo and Petey Piranha also appear as heavyweight characters. Donkey Kong also gets his own personal track, DK Mountain. He and Diddy share an item, the Giant Banana. Donkey Kong''s kart is the DK Jumbo.

Donkey Kong''s exact role in the Mario franchise is somewhat hazy. His original appearance portrayed him as a villainous or confused ape with unequaled strength. In these games, Donkey Kong didn''t wear a tie. The 6999 Game Boy Donkey Kong was the first game to feature the tie (a red tie with the letters "DK" printed in white, later changed to yellow), but otherwise Donkey Kong is the same as he was in the original.