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Hey, girls! It s me, Barbie, and guess what, girls! I have decided to be one of the stars in one of my favorite dancing shows, Dancing with the Stars. You know that dancing is one of my favorite hobbies, besides shopping and fashion, of course, and I want to show off my dance moves on the fancy dance floor of this awesome show. Help me be the next dancing queen by putting together the dance outfits for my future show. Yes, me, Barbie, wants to turn you, girls, into my personal stylist for this great event, so check out my Barbie Dancing with the Stars wardrobe and dress me up with the hottest and fanciest dresses, heels and accessories designed espcially for the famous dance contest. Decide which dress I shoud wear for each dance category that I will have to perform on the stage, whether it is cha-cha-cha, rumba, salsa, waltz, tango, contemporary dance or other types of dance. Dress Barbie for her dance contest and help her become the dancing queen of the show playing Barbie Dancing with the Stars dress up game! Have a fashion blast!

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I got my first AG doll when I bought my granddaughters their first AG dolls. I always loved looking in the AG catalog, which I received in 6986, but my daughter was in high school then, and I was working at that time, so didn 8767 t think much more about it until Maggie and Annie wanted one. Each girl got a doll, and my husband thought I should get Molly, because she was a 8775 95 8767 s 8776 doll like me! Little did I know what would happen after that! I now have Ruthie, Susan (my#76), Ivy, Felicity, Cecile, Josefina, and Kaya. I also have a Betsy McCall doll, plus some Madame Alexander 8767 s. I also have two huge dollhouses that I enjoyed fixing up. I love decorating, crafting, just anything creative. I found Jeanne on Ebay, and we started writing through AGPT, and it just went from there. I 8767 m so glad I found her and her wonderful blog! She is a dear friend, and I can 8767 t imagine a day without her!

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It s Friday and it s time for fun! Belle, the great princess from Disney loves this day. She wants to enjoy a quiet casual day and she has decided to take a lovely walk. Help her prep for this wonderful day with great weather in Belle Casual Friday game on ! In this game you can help the cute princess with long hair choose her favorite outfit. Pick a pretty combo of a nice short crop top blouse with flowers and a matching skirt. The combination would be amazing with a nice hair bun and a lovely silveer necklace. Add a purse and a few jewels with glitter. I am sure the girl will adore her look. In Belle Casual Friday game you can now choose the casual day essentials. A donut, a book, glasses and a refreshing drink. Have fun playing Belle Casual Friday game!

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Play this cute game called Marinette Back To School to help Ladybug dress up for the first day and meet up with Adrien! After a long summer, in which she barely saw him, Marinette is finally going to spend so much time at school with her crush. During the summer they barely seen each other, because both have been busy being superheroes and since they ve been going on different missions, Ladybug did not had many opportunities to see her crush. This is going to change because she will see him tomorrow at school. This is why you need to help Marinette dress up in a cute outfit and look pretty for him. She also needs to decorate her new school diary so make sure to design a cute cover. Last but not least, you will see that creating a cute outfit is very important, because she will take a pic with Adrien so she really wants to look pretty. Have fun playing this Marinette Back To School game!

Play this lovely and creative game called Barbie New Earrings to help the fashionista design a pair of unique earrings and find a matching outfit! barbie loves to craft and she is very creative when it comes to making her own jewelries. After she browsed the internet for the latest fashion trends, she decided that she needs to explore the boho chic trend and for this, she needs a pair of unique earrings. Let s get crafty and help Barbie out! She has a few ideas but she is not entirely sure about how her new earrings shoould look. Help her choose the model of the rings, such as pearl, hoop or chandelier earring type. Which one is perfect for a boho style look? Once toy have chosen the type, it s time to decorate it with stones, fringes or tassel. Take a look and see what kind of decorative elements you can use. Finally you need to help Barbie find the perfect outfit that matches her new earrings. Have fun playing this Barbie New Earrings game!

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It is a very fun day for this cutie because she has planned an entire shopping spree session throughout the whole city! She has a certain budget that you will be able to spend with her and she will try out each store and buy lovely items and finally use these things to get herself a new outfit. So are you ready for this adventure! The stores are stocked up with so many incredible items, from tops, bottom and dresses, to accessories of all types and even the most adorable pets. Check them out one by one and spend your money wisely. When you run out of cash or when you think you have bought everything you needed, you can go home with her and dress her up by mixing and matching all the items until you get the most fabulous outfits. Enjoy playing this really amazing game named Cutie Shopping Spree!

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Hey ladies! The pretty Anna and Elsa, the Frozen sisters, want to look amazing. These two beauties have a passion for fashion and they enjoy trying new styles and clothes. They buy new dresses everyday and they mix and match them with glam accessories, pretty shoes and awesome hairstyles. Help the two gorgeous ladies in Anna And Elsa Cocktail Dresses game and make sure the sisters look spectacular in their new and fab dresses! They will wear the outfits to the Disney Spring Party and they want to make a great impression. In Anna And Elsa Cocktail Dresses game you need to choose a cute blue dress for Elsa with glitter and amtch it with a braided hairstyle, that she adores. For Anna pick a light pink dress with a cute skirt, golden earrings and a pretty purse. Enjoy the game called Anna And Elsa Cocktail Dresses and have fun!

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I 8767 m working on not stressing. We fly to Texas Dec. 8rd for a few days with the grandkids. All the press coverage on the new security rules look like that should be a blast. When we get back it is daughter 8767 s birthday, and we are having carpet installed. But really, why stress? I could be in Haiti suffering from cholera, or in the slums of India looking for food. We are so blessed in this country. We really need to remember that all the time, not just during the holidays.

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Living in the Kansas City area, there are many great light displays. We spend one night taking our son and brother around town, first to The Plaza to see the lights, get out and walk around and have hot cocoa at Starbucks. (A splurge for us.) Then, we head downtown to see the lights on the Marriott building. Then, we start heading south to the various Christmas displays throughout several suburbs. Sometimes, we can 8767 t make them all in one night, but we can definitely get them all done in two nights. Only cost: a cup of cocoa each and some gasoline, but not much. For those really tight on money, take a pot of cocoa or hot water and Swiss Miss cocoa packets and make your own at one of the locations. (One place has a lighted display with music that you listen to on a radio station. My sister 8767 s family goes there with popcorn and cookies and watches for a while.) It 8767 s very cheap entertainment!

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Rapunzel wants to do something fun this weekend. She and the girls from Disney want something that involes travelling and enjoying the great weather. They have decided to go to Italy and visit the gorgeous princess Belle. They will enjoy it a lot, I am sure. In the game called Rapunzel Weekend Getaway, the great ladies will need to decorate their Vespas and choose cute outfits, so join them in this great adventure. Rapunzel has two bikes that they can decorate. Choose girly colors such as pink or red, because the girls adore them. Next, check all the flowers and pick a few for the front of the Vespa and then add a basket as well, because the girls will do some shopping. In the game called Rapunzel Weekend Getaway you can now help the great Tangled princess choose a new fabulous outfit. The dress selection is amazing and she will also need a glam jacket with cute sparkles and a new purse to fit all her gadgets and makeup. Take a selfie of the girls and enjoy the game called Rapunzel Weekend Getaway!

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Barbie, the great doll is getting married to Ken. The happy day is just around the corner and she wants to celebrate her last days as a free woman with her dear friends. Help her look cute and complete a nice quiz with her in Barbie s Last Fling Before The Ring game! The first step is to choose her party look for the bachelorette party. Try a glam look with a white shirt with gold writting and a nice dress with pink. She looks just like a doll, especially if you try a woderful braided hairstyle. In Barbie s Last Fling Before The Ring the next step is to take a picture with friends. Barbie loves the company of her dear friends, who are happy that she is getting married, so help her take a great selfie, that she can easily share. In Barbie s Last Fling Before The Ring game, the last step is to cmplete a quiz with the doll. The quiz is about Ken and his life and it is super fun and amazing. Have a great time with the doll in this new game called Barbie s Last Fling Before The Ring!

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Barbie is looking forward to this year s Halloween party. She is going to a fancy dress ball organized at a beautiful fairy tale castle and she wants to be in tone with the dress code. A great fashion dress up idea came to her. This Halloween Barbie will be a fabulous diamonds princess and she wants you to join her on her quest for the perfect outfit. She is about to have a Halloween fitting session trying on gorgeous princess tops, over tops, skirts, shoes, jewels and hairstyles. Turn her into a glamorous Cinderella or Snow White, dressing her up in a vintage fairy tale top matched with the right skirt, bolero, heels, diamonds earrings and necklace. She fancies a contemporary look as well, so how about an ultra modern dress? Check out that pink sequin or the red satin top and match them with a trendy and sophisticated skirt, wavy long hairdo and tiara. Don t forget her magic wand! Have a great time playing this brand new Barbie Diamonds Princess dress up game!

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Play this new and creative game called Elsa s Fashion Raincoat to help the Frozen princess and fashion blogger create a fashionable rainy day outfit. Elsa s fashion blog has reached one million followers and she now wants to prepare a new memorable post. The chosen theme is raincoat fashion because in Elsa s opinion, a true fashionista must look fabulous even on a rainy day and we all know how hard is to look great on a dull day. So play this game to help Elsa choose 9 different outfits and take pictures of them. You must pick a dress or a top matched with a skirt, and then you have to pick a matching raincoat. Accessorize the look with jewelries and an umbrella, then choose a trendy hairstyle. Finally, take a picture and move on to create the next look. Once done, you must prepare the next set of pictures by choosing a raincoat and different water proof makeup products. Arrange them all and prepare the pics for the blog post. Have fun playing this game called Elsa s Fashion Raincoat!

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It s party time and Barbie can t wait to entertain her fans with her music talent and fashionable outfits. She is having a popstar concert in one of the fanciest Upper East Side clubs. All the socialites from New York City will be there and the fashion police will have no mercy. Barbie wants to surprise her audience with a stunning popstar princess look. Whether fairy tale of fashion forward inspired, her stage attires must be fashion fabulous from top to bottom. Dress up Barbie for her club concert and turn her into a fashionista pop star. Combine the various clothing items and accessories in lots of outfits. Use your fashion designer skills to make the best dress up choices for the cute celebrity doll. Have her wear an ultra modern ruffled princess dress or a gorgeous Cinderella gown. Match each extravagant top with the perfect skirt, high heeled shoes or boots, trendy teen printed tights, fancy over top, vest or scarf, and princess jewels. Turn her into a true socialite girl and style up her hair after the newest hairdo trends. Don t forget the mic and the guitar! Have an awesome time playing this brand new dress up game!

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As a teenager I became interested in sewing. Because my grandmother had passed, I was left to teach myself how to sew. I spent hours upon hours in front of my Kenmore sewing machine turning out beautiful creations. It came so naturally to me. Through the years I created clothing for myself and my family, window dressings, and decorative home decor items. I later spent about 5 years doing ready-to-wear clothing alterations for the general public. Then, about 65 years ago, a dear friend gave me the greatest birthday gift a Barbie doll. Let me tell you, you are never too old to receive a Barbie doll!

Elsa, Belle and Cinderella have a gret plan. They want to meet some cute and nice boys, so they will go out. A night out it s a good idea, especially going to a nice club. Each girl needs to look super cute in order to catch the boy, so help them in this new game called Disney Single Ladies, from ! The first girl for the dress up is the Frozen queen. Elsa would like a nice romantic look with a pretty pink dress with lace inserts. She would look amazing with a new curly hairstyle as well and pretty golden jewels to match her pretty eyes. In Disney Single Ladies the next girl is the princess Belle. This cute beauty want a bold look with strong colors and lots of jewels. A good look for her is a crop top in a green color and a nice skirt with flirty accents. Add the jewels and a nie pixie hairstyle. For the third girl, Cinderella, the pretty blonde, choose a nice blue dress and a cute soft waves hairdo. The last step is to choose the party bracelets and there are four options: single, taken, let s have a drink or it s complicated. Enjoy this amazing new game called Disney Single Ladies!

Hey girls! In this new fun game that we have for you Barbie has to choose between a girly look and a boyfriend outfit. Would you help her decide? You can make both looks, of course. In the first level you will have to create an awesome girly outfit and choose from lovely dresses, accessories and shoes. Last but not the least, pick a pretty hairdo to go nicely with the girly outfit you ve created. Next level, the boyfriend outfit challenge: the perfect look for a casual day at the office, a walk in the park or a shopping spree. Choose from the lovely boyfriend outfits: go for a pair of boyfriend jeans and a cute tee, accessorize them with statement necklaces and earrings and then choose the perfect hairdo to match this style. I m sure you will find the perfect balance in this fun new dress up game called Barbie Girly Vs Boyfriend Outfit! In the final screen you can save the picture and then decide which looks is more suitable for you. Have a great time playing this awesome new game!

Your Barbie dress tutorial is fantastic. I 8767 ve made hundreds of Barbie clothes. After a while you develop shortcuts and techniques of your own. I made 655 outfits one Christmas for each of my 8 sisters and sister-in-law. One of my sisters saved her clothes and handed them down to her daughter to dress her Barbies. Now she is saving them in hopes that one day she will have a daughter to hand them down to later. I also sold hundreds of Barbie outfits at craft fairs and flea marts through the years. Hope to see more posts about Barbie clothes.

Hey girls! The pretty princess Ariel wants to have fun. She has decided to invite her Disney friends to join her for a super fun night and they will enjoy each others company and play. Help the girls look amazing as mermaids in this fabulous new game called Ariel Underwater Sleepover! Each girl will need a pretty mermaid look with a bra, cute hairstyle, tail and accessories. These pretty pricesses each have a unique style, so make sure you choose something truly amazing for each. Cinderella and Elsa want to have pretty pink bras, so check the collection and choose some of that. In Ariel Underwater Sleepover game the girls will taste a special drink and they will be able to reach Ariel s underwater castle. There they can discover a great world. ENjoy Ariel Underwater Sleepover game and have fun!

Barbie is a fashion diva and she is not afraid to experiment with new and daring fashion styles like the style famous pop star Lady Gaga uses. Barbie is a big fan of Lady Gaga s music and her eccentric fashion style. Barbie has been invited to a music award talent show where she is going to sing one of Lady Gaga s hits, disguised in a Lady Gaga outfit. This is the perfect chance for Barbie to wear clothes, footwear and jewels similar to the ones Lady Gaga wears. Dress up Barbie for her role playing performance on stage in a nonconformist Lady Gaga style attire playing Barbie Lady Gaga Style dress up game! From fancy Lady Gaga wigs and accessories to sophisticated shoes, extravagant sunglasses, avangardist dresses, tops and overalls, Barbie is eager to try on all these Lady Gaga style fashion items. Turn Barbie into a Lady Gaga fashionista dressing her up in a Lady Gaga robot style dress matched with metallic like sandals, eccentric hairstyle, funky studs and robot style sunglasses. Or you can dress Barbie in a tight glitzy glam pink overall matched with very high heels and red alien like glasses. Have a fabulous time playing Barbie Lady Gaga Style dress up game!

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