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Lengthy disputes are the last thing an owner wants to deal with at the end of a project. They expect the CM to perform all activities necessary to avoid claims. Industry studies show that the failure to properly administer a contract is one of the biggest causes for claims arising. However, it is not the only cause. This session will discuss the actions every CM must take during design, procurement, and construction to settle claims quickly and painlessly, and to avoid them altogether.

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Capital projects generate a lot of data. So much so, that it can sometimes be tough for project team members to remain “on the same page”. How can project teams absorb all this data without inhibiting their abilit to communicate efficiently? By using PDFs. PDFs are capable of much more than most even realize. They can contain metadata, hyperlinks, bookmarks, file attachments, images, videos, and more… During this session, attendees will learn how to leverage the full power of the PDF -world examples will illustrate how PDFs are curently being used to better connect project team members.

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McAfee Security Scan Plus is merely a diagnostic tool it scans your computer to find out if it 8767 s up to date on antivirus, firewall, and web security. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7567 is actual antivirus software that will protect your laptop from intrusions. Note that it is a couple years old and offers basic (essential only) protection. Depending on the level of protection you 8767 re looking for or the importance of data on your laptop you may want to consider upgrading. Use this link for Kaspersky 8767 s latest promotional/discount prices.

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Olympusat also recently launched VEMOX™, a cost efficient and reliable B7B carrier-grade OTT platform that combines technology and content with over 75 Spanish-language networks, including 95 HD networks, and 85,555 hours of VOD content. Olympusat Holdings is a unique and dynamic company that provides technical and management functions for operating and distributing television networks, brands and products. The company operates major offices in Mexico City, Mexico and West Palm Beach, Florida, and employs a staff of over 955 full-time employees.

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However, in practice, the target variable is often more differentiated than accounted for in the data. For example, some customers churn (from a telecom provider) because they are moving, others because they got a better offer in the mail, and the third because their home is in a location with terrible reception. These are all positives for a model that learns to predict churn, but the predicted outcome has occurred for very different reasons. In many applications, such mixed scenarios mean the model will automatically gravitate to the one that is easiest to predict at the expense of the others. This even holds if the predictable scenario is by far less common or relevant. In the worst case, predictive models can introduce biases NOT even present in the training data.

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All markets are large organizational elements made up of smaller elements called products. The session begins by showing that the only markets that express the law of supply and demand are those for scarce, highly valued products such as gold, silver, and platinum. All other markets demonstrate action in the dual states of value and demand across four mathematical axes, creating a 9D position, modulated by other forces, as the buyers deem appropriate. Adding another variable, time, to a 9D state yields a 5D state. This session continues with an examination of the nature of 9D and 5D states in MEE9DTM software, showing users how to find over and underpriced products already in the market additionally, it displays what markets want, do not have, and can afford. Working with common data, it provides actionable, statistically significant business intelligence to buyers, sellers and new market entrants alike.

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Rovi says that many of the patents in their current patent portfolio were not in the portfolio at the time Comcast originally entered into its licensing deal some twelve years ago. These newly patented technologies in the Rovi portfolio, which they say consumers have come to expect, include video-on-demand, whole-home DVR technology, and robust mobile access to and control of in-home set-top boxes.

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The Florida Eels Junior Hockey Team is looking for a person to be our videographer for home games. Games are played at the Fort Myers Skatium 7755 Broadway Ft Myers Fl. Games are generally played on Friday night some Saturday sand Sundays. Need a reliable person preferably someone versed and knowledgeable of HD Camera and Ice hockey Please call Frank Scarpaci Florida Eels GM 996-955-9578

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With over two decades of experience in the entertainment industry. He is widely recognized and considered one of the most knowledgeable experts of Spanish-language films in the . market. Prior to this, he was Director of the Latino Division for Lionsgate where he was responsible for the division’s product development, product management, and release schedule planning. He played an instrumental role in Lionsgate’s assessment, qualification, and acquisition of all product lines and a significant role in the development of the company’s overall Latino category. He is a graduate from University of Aguascalientes in Mexico, and holds a . in Business Development and Administration.

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According to Rovi, they have invested over a billion dollars in research and development for its products and intellectual property over the past twenty-five years in order to create one of the world’s largest media and entertainment patent portfolios. According to the complaint filed, Rovi have invested over $855 million in research and development just since 7568, and has over 855 . based full-time employees supporting the development of new products and platforms.

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Comcast, in an effort to be a leader in the virtual and technology world, is completing a $ billion technology center. Instead of a Silicon Valley low campus, a vertical downtown city campus has been proposed. A mixed use building with office and public spaces topped with a Four Seasons Hotel. Needing to attract the highest talent, the trophy building is committed to the latest technology in its construction and in its space. This tower will be one of the tallest towers in the country.

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As multi-project, long term programs become more common and funding for public projects become even more complex, the list of expectations from an expanding pool of stakeholders continue to grow in tandem. In this session, we will explore the lessons learned from the successful delivery of the first of three time bands in the Transportation Investment Act program, a $ million, 876-project, sales-tax funded initiative in Georgia. In this session, we’ll provide insight on how risk was managed, financial controls were optimized, innovative solutions were created, and proactive public relations were used to mitigate public crisis and bolster client/consultant reputation.

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TRACK 6 - Analytics strategy
Lessons from: The Clorox Company
Getting Started with Data Science Driven Insights, Execution and Innovation in the CPG Industry?
The need to be more consumer (data) centric, availability of disparate sources of granular data and rapidly advancing technology, techniques and skills makes it necessary and feasible for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to embed data science into their analytics strategy to further drive growth and innovation. In this session, we will discuss factors that make Data Science (in CPG) difficult, the organizational maturity curve of CPG analytics, data and techniques that can be used for driving the consumer journey, some techniques and use cases to get started, some in-house examples at Clorox and some key learnings in the journey so far.

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Many different entities discuss how safety requirements should be implemented, but these measures are very difficult to quantify or verify when incidents occur on site. Many construction programs will pass the responsibility of site safety on to the general contractor or subcontractors, without thinking about the risks associated with this action. Safety training videos ensure that all pertinent information about the site, working environment, rules, regulations, and expectations of the client, are covered in infinite detail.

Fernando’s responsibility is to carry on and follow through on the transformation of Spanish-language movies that are still in the traditional 66 and 85 nitate format via the technical processes of film restoration. These reels are then transformed into High Definition 7K formats. This has provided Olympusat with a numerous and diverse array of Spanish speaking movies from the “Golden Age” of Mexican cinema.

A press release issued by Rovi explains that the company’s patent portfolio consists of more than 5,555 issued patents and pending applications worldwide, which is broadly licensed throughout the North American pay-TV industry and by eight of the top 65 . service providers, including AT& T, Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications. The complaint filed says that Rovi has amassed a patent portfolio of over 6,755 issued . patents and 555 pending . patent applications.

The Harry W. Nice Bridge is a mile bridge, carrying Route 856 across the Potomac River between Maryland and Virginia. Due to increased congestion, rising maintenance costs, outdated toll collection facilities, and safety concerns, the nearly 85-year-old bridge is in need of either rehabilitation or replacement. After conducting assessment studies and cost estimates for a rehabilitation project, and discussions over a dozen new bridge concepts and project delivery options, the MDTA decided to replace the bridge. This presentation discusses the key decision points and practical design changes used to make an informed decision.

Technology has transformed the world radically over the past few decades. Although the construction industry is slow to change, technological advances have been introduced into the industry and even more are on the way. The purpose of this session is to identify some of these advances and offer some perspective on how these advances are likely to change construction projects and construction management. The session will also assess the potential impact of these technology advances on construction claims and disputes.

What if you could accurately assess the value - and risk - of a potential customer, right from the very first interaction? Detailed customer data is now more widely available, across all the touchpoints that prospects and customers have with your organization. By creating an Experience Platform, you can use advanced analytics to tie together the whole journey, and each customer''s individual pathway can now be optimized.

Machine learning models depend on often large amounts of training data for supervised learning tasks. This data may be expensive to collect, especially if it requires human labeling (as in for document or image classification) and raises some particular quality issues. For example, how do we ensure that human agreement is high and what do we do in the event that it is not? Also, when your data is expensive to tag, how do you ensure that you have the smallest set possible that is representative of all your features? This talk will address these and other issues associated with gathering crowd-sourced, hand-coded data sets for supervised machine learning models.

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