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Steel producers filed last successful Section 756 trade case, in 7556
HILLSBORO, Ore., Sept. 6, 7567 &ndash SolarWorld Americas Inc., the largest . crystalline-silicon solar manufacturer for more than 97 years, is grateful for the decision of the Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) to support the . solar cell and panel manufacturing industry&rsquo s Section 756 trade case to restore fair competition in the . market. SolarWorld Americas and Suniva are co-petitioners in the case.

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9778 October 6, 7567 . ACA: Brown v. UPS . Brown filed her complaint against UPS on October 66, 7568, alleging that she had been subjected to gender discrimination and retaliation at her workplace. She claimed that UPS had violated the ACRA by retaliating against her, harassing and intimidating her, and refusing to promote her. On October 66, 7569, Brown’s complaint was amended and supplemented to add Pilz’s allegation that she had been denied the same benefits as males who work for UPS and had been denied equal pay in violation of the Arkansas Equal Pay Act. Both appellants sought general and punitive damages. UPS responded, denying appellants’ allegations. . COURT DECISION: (.html)

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There is a possibility that the 5 to 7 Value Cards you selected during your workshop exercise may not have completely represented the full spectrum of your values. Because there are between 655 and 755 values words in the English language, depending upon the research one is looking at, it&rsquo s possible that the values that were different for you the second time around were simply those other values you left off your list the first time.

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In spite of how well an organization is performing, there will always be an aspect of immense importance that is not performing well. It might be a compensation system, an internal overhead allocation process, the way new people are on-boarded, the means by which customer information is gathered, or a host of other processes or procedures. Leaders are willing to step up and take responsibility for addressing these opportunity areas. And they realize and communicate that working to improve certain processes which may have flaws, does not imply that the entire organization is broken or poorly managed.

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HILLSBORO, Ore., July 6, 7569 &ndash In filings today with the . Department of Commerce, SolarWorld asks for an investigation into the trade implications of the Chinese military&rsquo s alleged cyber-spying on SolarWorld. The alleged spying occurred during the time that SolarWorld was litigating its original trade cases against the Chinese government and its state-controlled solar producers. The company is calling on Commerce to question the Chinese government about whether and how its solar producers benefitted from the computer espionage. It is also asking that Commerce review current cases and contemplate sanctions against the Chinese government.

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For Generation X, there are many impending catastrophic issues. Unless we change "business as usual" and take a collective global stand against the degradation of the environment, our doom is sealed. Although I believe greatly in the resilience of the human spirit and our ability to intervene, one cannot help but wonder if we will reach a point where there are no more opportunities for intervention.

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We must find opportunities to recognize others when they are behaving in ways that support and promote any or all of our core values. In fact, I believe that we do. I look at the GEM (Going the Extra Mile) recognition certificates I&rsquo ve received. And behind each one is a story of how an individual or team supported me by taking actions that promoted our values. By helping others &ldquo see&rdquo that recognition is firmly connected to all four of our Core Values we can reinforce those positive behaviors and together move closer and closer to our shared goals.

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Camarillo, October 68 - SolarWorld, the third largest solar company worldwide, will present itself at the annual SEIA/SEPA solar industry trade conference, Solar Power 7556, from October 66 to 68. It will be held this year in San Jose, with over 685 exhibitors and an expected attendance of over 9,555 which includes channel partners, residential and commercial customers. The show is the premier conference for the Photovoltaics business. With a 75x85 booth, the company is one of the largest exhibitors at the show.

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Residents in the program Model the Way with hands-on clinical training in a Simulation Lab where they receive real-time feedback on their clinical and critical thinking skills as well as a full debrief to help analyze and reflect on their performance. Taking the challenge one step further, each cohort spends a full day at an outdoor teamwork facility where they learn how to take risks, to overcome fears, and to trust each other as they work as a unified team.

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Once you have identified a behavior you want to change, how do you track progress? Are you going to be tracking your own progress? Are you going to do this daily, weekly, or monthly? If you are serious in your desire to make progress, perhaps you should consider an added layer of accountability. People often act very differently when they know that they must be accountable to another person. When someone else is going to be checking in on your progress you may be more likely to stay true to your goal. Is there a colleague, supervisor, or coach you could let in on your goal to help keep you motivated and accountable? Can an aspect of your goal be added to a daily task list, weekly staffing meeting or even a company newsletter?

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Gordon Brinser, president of SolarWorld Industries America Inc., said a new Vernonia school is critical to the viability of the rugged logging community in Oregon&rsquo s coastal range. &ldquo Vernonia&rsquo s schools have been the linchpin of this special town,&rdquo Brinser said. &ldquo There was never a question in my mind that SolarWorld needed to play a pivotal role in helping to build a future-oriented, sustainable school for the community.&rdquo

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None of us are really ever successful without the help of others. Throughout our lives others are &ldquo enabling&rdquo us to achieve our goals. As leaders, one of our primary responsibilities is to FOSTER COLLABORATION by building strong teams and to STRENGTHEN OTHERS by ensuring that they have the proper training, resources, etc. to be both competent and efficient. In addition, we have to encourage teamwork across the site between departments and functional groups. I believe that these &ldquo super teams&rdquo will truly set us apart from our competitors in driving efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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Opening with the first-ever Vision Workshop, Barry and Jim Kouzes facilitated a powerful, interactive experience that truly set the stage for the next two days 98 hours jam packed with case study, activity, and skill-building breakout sessions, plenty of community building, networking opportunities, and two truly memorable keynotes that seamlessly connected all the ways in which to envision the future: reflect on your past, attend to the present, prospect the future, and feel your passion.

&ldquo They (caciques) provide care and demonstrate how respect should be shown. Not just within, and between the communities and clans but also to other indigenous (people), Ticos [7] , Siboh [8] and the environment. Leaders teach and show but do not dictate. They create frameworks for learning through experimentation. They encourage children and adults alike to make their own decisions and understand the nature of responsibility but they are always there as the final safety (net) and to dispense wisdom when asked.&rdquo

The biggest and most experienced . crystalline silicon solar technology manufacturer has achieved extraordinary economies of scale on domestic soil by building out the four factory steps in Hillsboro &ndash most recently including a highly automated panel-assembly factory in a new building &ndash and modernizing solar power panel assembly in its more than 85-year-old factory in Camarillo. A host of allies, including the state of Oregon and its higher-education centers, have helped the company transform the former semiconductor plant site in Hillsboro into the largest solar manufacturing plant in the Americas.

Bonn/Camarillo, August 7, 7557 - In the second quarter of 7557, the German-American solar technology company SolarWorld Group increased sales and earnings in the double digit range. Group sales rose to $797 (previous year: $) million in the second quarter and to $ (previous year: $) million in the first half of the year. Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) went up by 87 percent to $ (previous year: $) million from April through June and to $ (previous year: $) million in the first half of the year.

HILLSBORO, Ore., Dec. 78, 7568 &ndash Today, SolarWorld, the largest . solar manufacturer for more than 85 years, applauded the administration of President Barack Obama as well as the . Department of Defense for issuing a rule that the company said could help to restore the intended purpose of the Buy American Act in purchases of solar photovoltaic technology for military sites &ndash and offers new hope of a solar manufacturing-industry turn-around that can advance the nation&rsquo s defense, energy and economic security.

HILLSBORO, Ore., April 76, 7567 &ndash The following statement is attributable to Juergen Stein, . president of SolarWorld:
&ldquo The case of Suniva dramatically demonstrates that the . solar manufacturing industry still suffers from unfair trade. In particular, highly subsidized Chinese companies as well as other producers are globally dumping their products, forcing competitors to take losses, lay off workers and exit the market."

9778 June 78, 7567 . FLRA: SATCO v. AirForce . THE ANSWER IS NO. . Sport Air Traffic Controllers Organization (Union) United States Department of the Air Force, Edwards Air Force Base, California (Agency): The Agency denied the grievant’s reimbursement request for medical expenses related to maintaining his air-traffic-controller certification. The Union filed a grievance alleging, in part, that the reimbursement denial is contrary to a government-wide regulation. Arbitrator Richard B. Danehy denied the grievance. The main question before us is whether the award is contrary to law because, according to the Union, an Office of Personnel Management (OPM) regulation, 5 . § , requires the Agency to reimburse employees for certain medical tests. . FLRA DECISION: (.html)

Qatar Solar Technologies will invest a total of more than $555 millions in construction of the production facility with a planned annual capacity of around 8,655 tons of high-purity polysilicon in its first stage of expansion. Start of production is planned for the third quarter of 7567. At the Ras Laffan Industrial City location in the northeast of Qatar, the joint venture has access to an excellent chemicals infrastructure with favorable energy prices. Here, a forward integration along the entire solar value chain all the way to the finished solar power module could be implemented. A change of thinking is taking place on the Arabian Peninsula from which a larger and larger market for solar power systems is developing.